The WarZ Cheat Update News

Our WarZ cheat is simply the most popular cheat we ever had online here at ilikecheats. We wanted to give you update news and tell you what we are currently working on. The aimbot already is amazing because it will show you players at distance and make them turn green when you can lock on and kill them. So you simply wait, press your aimbot key and then lock on to the players head for the kill. Once a player is killed in WarZ they drop every item they have, meaning you can collect their weapons, food, ammo and medical supplies without having to run around the world for hours on end. No other WarZ hack has features we produced like “night to day” which allows you to turn the world into day and keep it that way 24 hours. We also provide you with “superman view” which allows you to fly up high and get a 180 degree view of the map ahead, players, buildings and more. This will really help you when you want to decide which way to go next. One of the worst things in The WarZ is trying to run all over the map as your stamina seems to give out in 40 seconds. You won’t ever have that problem again with our War Z Hack, we include infinite stamina so you can run forever. Check out the amazing video below showing you our Warz Cheat in action and I also posted up a few screenshots. To download instantly go to our registration page on our forums and then once you sign up select a VIP package.

We just added the new WarZ noclip to the hack which allows you to run through any wall or object on the map. Having this feature allows you to get away from other players as well as all the zombies coming after you. Sign up right now and get instant access to the cheat. Also make sure you check out all the user reviews on our website.

51 Response to “The WarZ Cheat Update News”

  1. Retrospect says:

    Being a long time cheater, first time user I was somewhat skeptical of making the leap for the WarZ hack. However all my worries were appeased the moment I actually got the hack. The installation and set-up process was relatively painless–everything went very smoothly– and I was hacking in a matter of minutes. Let me say that his hack has improved my quality of game playing SO much in WarZ. I no longer am traversing the world blind and scared. I have been empowered with the ability to help players who I can see are obvioulsy not armed or a threat to me and smite my enemies! The hack is simply awesome and it only makes sense to purchase this rather then waste money in the micro shop. I went from struggling to survive and taking hours to get very little to amassing an arsenol of weapons and ammunition and ration in two days. The hacks are updated very quickly from what I have seen and there is very little down time. The price/performance ratio of this hack is exceptional as well when you compare it to competitors hacks. ilikecheats rules and de.bug is an excellent programmer. This is the best WarZ hack on the market forsure!

  2. GeneralBr3tt says:

    If you are here and reading this! READ IT ALL! I recommend this hack totally so I can kill everyone on servers, rule big cities, see before they see me, watch the video ^^^^^^^^ I love the song to it and I love watching it, I show it to all my friends so they can get the hack and play with me while hacking! We rule with our M107’s and M4’s I am serious! DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME OR NOT?!?!?!!?!! This is amazing Buy Now!, Cheat Now!, Win Now!!!

  3. I initially downloaded this cheat because I got tired of being killed by people who knew exactly where I was even when hiding out of sight and making no sound. I have to say i have more than got what I paid for. The ESP alone makes this cheat worth while, and although I don’t use the aimbot I am sure that and the other features are fantastic. The staff is always quick to take down a cheat to prevent a ban from detection and answer any questions or concerns on the forums in short time. War Z itself still has a lot of work required before it will be a great game but the fun and potential are there if you know where to look.

  4. TheFlipKid says:

    Best Hack Ever! Cheapest one out there but has all that you can ask for in a cheat! Undetected too! 😀 Thank you!

  5. izvidnik says:

    def. best WarZ hack out there,with a lots of new features including aimbot.
    hack is really easy to setup and all features work great.
    there is a super fast and polite support staff on forum if you having any kinda trouble with hack,but as i said all working flawless.
    get in and try it,best bang for your money

  6. sgtzero says:

    Very satisfied with this hack. Ever since I started playing WarZ with this, it just made life so much easier! Thank you team and staff for this sick contribution. I would surely look forward to this site for future games. Thank you. GG, are you sexy? You can answer that yourself 😛

  7. TheFlipKid says:

    Best hack ever, hands down! 😀 I can finally stay alive longer than a few minutes! This is the best hack out there! Good job de.bug! Buy this hack guys! You won’t regret it!

  8. bancanet says:

    This is the best hack ive tested so far, the ESP is flawless.. It has no bugs, And the coder is constantly updating it with new features and improvements.. Its security its top of the line and everything work like a charm, im not getting another hack after this one.. I 100% recommend it.. Buy it now :)

  9. Tevis G. says:

    By far the best hacking client for any game I’ve stumbled upon. The dev(s) do a wonderful job of keeping the game up to date with every patch that comes out – and disable the current hack if it’s detected/not functioning properly.
    Featuring everything you could possibly need from aimbot to insta-grab for items and more;
    ~Item 1 and 2 detection on enemy players
    ~Item distance & detection
    ~Zombie distance & detection
    ~Player distance & detection
    ~Bandit/Neutral status detector
    ~Instant item grab
    ~Sky view
    and many more that’ll make you regret every second you waste not using the amazing hacks has to offer!

  10. thecber says:

    warz made simple safe been useing it for month now no worries to good and cant pass up for how cheap it is.
    great staff always updates promply when required. always there to answer questions
    and hacks arent hard to use . and give a great advantage over everyone else

  11. Omnius0001 says:

    Keep the updates coming! The aimbot is great and with the support for the hack being exceptional, I fully anticipate every feature being tuned to perfection!

    Since getting the hack, I have actually been able to move around the map with ease, avoid threats, get some loot, and have fun! I have recommended the hack to friends and will continue to offer my support to the great staff for their dedication and hardwork!

  12. Joseph1112 says:

    Being able to change night to day makes the night bearable now. Without nightvision goggles, which are easily aquired with these hacks the night is impossible to play in.

    And if i honestly want to play in that kind of condition i can easily change it back in a matter of moments.
    Well spent money.

  13. ShadyLTD says:

    Best site, best hacks, best service. If you have any problems with your hacks they will help you instantly. I have never been disappointed with I’ve been using there hacks for years and the service, time patching hacks has never failed.

  14. Maxifinki says:

    One of the best hacks in the WORLD !! The ESP is perfect and with the Aimbot one of the best!

    Nobody can kill you with this fantastic Hack ! I got a lot of weapons like m107!

    GUYS ! BUY IT !! 😉

  15. Applesaucepasta says:

    I love the always day feature of this hack. I run around with the ingame time at 8am all the time because it’s not to bright but it’s not so dark that I can’t see anything. The superman view is great for when you are in those tight spots surrounded by 4 people and need to figure out a plan for how to take them out before they get you.

  16. Venterx says:

    “ilikecheats” War Z cheat is just so AMAZING,its safest cheat i have seen,never been detected! i have been using it now about 1 month and gonna continue paying for it and using,really cheap for safe and working cheat :) coders are doing great job keeping it updated and undetected.It also has A LOT of helpful features :)
    I’m not going to say “one of the best warz cheats” bcs it IS THE BEST :)
    Thanks again “ilikecheats” !!

  17. Vurczi says:

    This is the most impressive hack ever, but the best thing about it is the support you get for it! It’s always up to date, even if there is an update De.Bug is already on it to make the cheat undetectable! Incredibly easy to use and very useful! If you are looking for cheats, this is the cheat for you!

    I personally would recommend hacks for surviving, not for PvP.

  18. TonyOD says:

    Loving the HACK ZZZZ , Hammer point is making a terrible game and taking our money, But De.Bug and Ilikecheats make it playable.

    The Dev and forum team here take care of us extremely well and want nothing more then us to enjoy an Unfair advantage in the games we play.

    Also ever have an issue I have never seen a team more into fixing problems there members have Seriously great customer service.

  19. Lafa says:

    Hi all,
    I can really recommend you to use this cheat, it is very safe, got tons of features and is working very good.
    I tried many cheats before, but i never faced a WarZ cheat that works so good.
    iLikeCheats are very famous in their AimBot, it is the fastest you will see and when used, you will be unstopable and be very rich in-game 😉
    Not to mention, i am playing already for few weeks with the cheat and got never caught.

  20. Banhaum says:

    I could say that I Like Cheats is great, but it would be a compliment least.

    ILC is the best of all! Practical, simple, easy, functional, stable.

    There are several qualities! Those are qualities that make me increasingly passionate I Like Cheats.

    The best!

  21. andyspam says:

    I absolutely love this hack, I have so much loot that I have acquired and so many kills that I simply would not have without it. The combination of vision check and enhanced esp allow me to find other players before they know I am there and to win fights against other hackers leaving them very upset with the hack that they decided they would go with wondering where I got mine.

  22. Deluxor says:

    This is the best hack for warz out there! Believe me, you have a lot of features to use, you can adjust the settings as you need.

    You should get the hack, you will like it!

  23. Fully says:

    WELL !!!

    Let me tell you! I have been gaming on P.C. since the early 90’s. I have prided myself in never having an unfair advantage, BUT since I have decided to embrace the DARKSIDE! it has been nothing but inglorious satisfaction.
    A friend and I had been playing the toatally addictive game, THE WARZ. We also were getting slaughtered & couldnt figure out why, 57 deaths later we came to the simple conclusion that %80 of the people where hacking.
    Another friend who we had been playing with; and doing very well; as well as dissappearing all of a sudden during raids in the game; came forward and admitted to being an subscriber for quiet sometime. One hour later several friends and I where on the site ourselves.
    I was a bit hesitant because I was afraid of being ripped off or even worse; infecting my computer with some crap from an untrusted site or raped by a trojan without a condom.
    Well needless to say!! After knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.

    Unlike other hacks, keeps you safe.
    They only allow mods that wont get you caught.
    They constantly keep up to date on any front end updates. (by the hour)
    There staff is extremely helpfull! EXTREMELY!!!
    There prices are very resonable.
    There forums are ….Informative! I actually like to hang there and learn as well as contribute.

    One thing though,there Senior admin GIRL GAMER! She is hard to look @

  24. boomtnt says:

    DeBug is an amazing coder and he made this cheat for WarZ. It extremely safe if use careful, and it has a lots of great feature. Also, the staffs are sexy and helpful.

  25. YungClick333 says:

    Best cheating site on the net, their is nothing outdoing or beating this hack period they make sure to keep you safe while playing with their hacks and enjoying yourself, it’s fun and useful bigtime especially on WarZ anything you need help with aswell, they have a forum site and you can ask anything and they just don’t provide hacks for WarZ but for many other games.

  26. tkhavik says:

    From what iv’e heard/seen from friends this hack is very useful. The aimbot is great along with the esp. I recommend this hack to everyone becuase it is also very cheap!

  27. Askerox says:

    The hack is awesome i really enjoying playing with it. I ended up dying all the time without it. Its much more fun like this

  28. captaincommando says:

    I love using this hack, not for hunting others personally. I prefer to look for items, and avoid others with it! I suppose if you were to use it for hunting players, it would top all other hacks out there!

  29. Dark says:

    I cant believe I had this game for so long and hadn’t realized this cheat existed! Not only is the cheat amazing, but the community behind it is very talkative and friendly! Answering any and all questions and the staff behind the cheat is always keeping it up to date and there purchasers happy! (more so then War Z i hear =P)

  30. Steveo says:

    Best hacks ever from ilikecheats, will continue to use all the time!!!!

  31. Dark Adonis says:

    I like cheats has been a reliable cheating company for as long as I’ve had it. I was leery to decide which one to go to but I am glad I made the choice for ilikecheats. All your needs or questions are there on the forums and the cheat is undetected, reliable, and has new features frequently!

  32. D4rkuz9999 says:

    Best hack on the market is all I can say.
    Cheat is simple and dead easy to use every single time.
    Very helpful when your new or a pro at WarZ. :)
    The cheat show’s you where you can find weapons – NO NEED TO LOOK FOR THEM- LOL. XD
    AD – ESP = Easy Farm For Loot

    RATING 10/10
    WELL DONE GirlGamer and De.Bug – You Sexy Beasts

  33. ninja says:

    Omfg I Love this Cheat so dam much. The Video in the description says it all. You get everything and on top of that it is 100% Safe to use.

    Without this cheat I would always get killed from behind but with this cheat the ESP tells you how far away the nearest person is so you don’t have to worry.

    Scared of getting Baned? Don’t Worry because the Cheat is always up to date. ILikeCheats is always on top of their Cheats. The Sexy GamerGirl and her staff is so nice. They answer all your questions and satisfy your needs at all times.

    I’ve had so much fun every since I started using this. It is so simple to use. Load the Cheat, Start the Game, Choose your Settings and kick some ass.

    Become a V.I.P and you’ll really feel like one :)

  34. Madmansam says:

    I have to say this hack has made my experience on WarZ amazing! The aimbot is brilliant! and has given me loads of kills and my computer cannot run the game at 20+ fps at the best of times. so the hack must be amazing to get me kills at that low fps :)

    Other than that it’s always up-to-date. I never got banned during the “ban wave”

    Keep the updates coming. you’re doing an amazing job at making the game a bit more fun!

    Merry christmas and happy hacking

  35. miheat1 says:

    very good hack works well.
    the hack is safe and reliable
    support helps fast and the stafff gets the hacks back up and running quick

  36. Cult says:

    The WarZ Hack from ilikecheats has been nothing short of phenomenal. They update it as soon as a new patch rolls out, they always add new features, and even help set up the features that are a little tricky to set up. De.Bug added some very nice features like the enhanced ESP, and the prompt telling you not to shoot while in “superman” view. He also tweaks the cheat frequently so there is always something being fixed, adjusted, or added.

    Overall, the communication this staff has with its subscribers is amazing. I’ve never experienced such helpful staff on a website like this before, which is how you know this is well worth your money.

  37. Faded says:

    I haven’t had so much fun with a hack before. I have been using this War Z hack for almost a month now and couldn’t be happier. The ability to see where other players are, what they are carrying for weapons, and the display of items from so far away.. Farming has never been easier.

    If you want a good hack that’s not as obvious as others (ie: no clips or teleport) then this hack from Ilikecheats is the one for you. You will not be disappointed!

  38. guitarmastr7 says:

    I. Love. This. Hack. When the servers go down and WarZ gets patched, I don’t even play until the hack gets updated. It’s basically a necessity. ESP/aimbot/inf stamina/change night to day!? and those are just my favorite, there’s loads more. Definitely worth it to drop the money for this. Prompt and useful help/advice from both staff and members alike on the site. Don’t waste another minute.

  39. Cloudus562 says:

    Most popular hack out there, and the most safest. Mods are nice and help you on the forums daily, you dont have to wait forever to get a response there are always mods to offer assistance ! You will not find a better hack with this good of a community, you will not regret going with these guys. The patch is updated really fast so you can keep owning the noobs. Highly recommended !

  40. bastiansenf says:

    I love this hack its so great.

  41. colin92 says:

    Always reconfirm what I said .. :) Ilikecheats are the best around …. for the team and all the staff thank you very much you are very open to any questions or problems you can help us and give us support and this is good! the hack and great distances Customizable for every need, aimbot, time, ESP hack … like your there and your unique and spectacular .. the things I like best are the top view, and know that weapons have enemies … =) in short if you want fun this is for you I spend my days looking for weapons hack with something easy and fun with my friends … besides the beautiful and the hack updates itself … thanks so much for the support and for the work they performed for us! thank you!

    PS girlgamer you’re a girl?? Sexy?? Hahaha

    colin92 bye ..

  42. k00tj3 says:

    I dont think you will find any better hack somewhere else. When I stumbled upon this hack I was in love. The perfection it has is awesome and I’ve never been detected. Playing a long time and the function from aimbot, chams to esp is working great. You won’t find anything better on other sites. iLikeCheats is the place to be my friends!

  43. happyfun says:

    The best cheat on the web with full update and great support. I can recommend it to everyone, the game makes more fun and you will never again get owned by other cheater! You can earn free cheat time for every friends recommended :) Come join our great community now

  44. D4rkuz9999 says:

    Lots of fun , you can actually play the game , and be as good as the other players :) fun community , and lots of events on the forum

  45. STELLARVORE says:

    Superb hack with loads of features. Hack is updated regularly so the features you already love only get better and you never get caught. Customer service is unbelievable. The best!

  46. vaultdweller96 says:

    If you want to enhance the fun of playing WarZ then you have to get this hack. For just $12 you get aimbot,full esp, daytime hack, no stamina,triggerbot,zombie detection and more! I totally recommend ilikecheats WarZ hacks if you want more fun with your game.

  47. alexdive1 says:

    So as many members know, we just added the safest noclip, my thought because the noclip feature is just I mean just amazing, thanx to De.bug again for it. And all the feature are amazing and safe that’s the little thing that is really important safesness with the hack during game and that’s what ILikeCheats is offering safe hack undetected . So you should eally buy this hack because if you don’t you are missing an AMAZING THING ! It’s been more than 2 month that I am hacking like a pig and nothing happened to me, not even ban once !

  48. Ebilguy says:

    When I first came across I was rather skeptical about the hack and how well it really works. Now, weeks later I’m enjoying a much improved WarZ experience; The Aimbot and ESP are great, with visual queues to let you know when your target is in the open and ready to be fired upon, or even when they are standing outside of the safe-zone, allowing you to pop out and nab yourself a quick kill!

    Do yourself a favor and get VIP. It’s cheap, it’s easy and most importantly, it has great customer service!

  49. kickbout says:

    I never ever wanted to buy this hack, but my kind brother decided to pay for me, since it was so cheap. To be frank, i thought it would be a scam and shitty program, since it was so cheap. I also thought this installer would be really hard to install/stressful to manage. However it was quite easy, yup very easy as well. I never expected it to be so small, i honestly expected 10-30min to dl this. When i opened the hack and injected it into the game, I was simply amazed, and surprised. The menu is so easy to manage. Never came into a hack that’s got a good menu as this one. If you have trouble, just hit up on the forum, people are also quite friendly. They’ll help you with the problem your struggling with. This hack is totally worth buying.

  50. Joeham says:

    I dont have it but im getting it, It looks AMAZING! Defenitley worth the 12$

  51. meatpopsicle says:

    This is by far the best investment I have ever made, this took my boring gameplay to exceptional levels! I have never had fun with this game UNTIL I got this!

    Thanks so much for turning my dreams into reality!

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