About iLikecheats

About the ILikeCheats Staff

ILikeCheats is currently run by six team members here at the office and twelve staff members working from home on the forums.

We have three main coders who make our game cheats, one web guru and two admins who help with everything from the server, forum and back end.

We do actually hire new coders if you end up being good enough, so jump over to the forums and contact us on the public pages. You will need to register to post but it only takes a few minutes.


ABOUT: Crazy, fun, sports minded and a video editor to boot, GirlGamer is the heart and soul of the site and created everything you see around you. Youíll usually find GG in the field on weekends firing her AR15 and AK47 at AR500 targets. Currently, you can find GirlGamer on the slopes of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates!
VIDEO: GirlGamer loves to show off her body, watch this video and see her all oiled up and dancing on the beach. GirlGamer isnít all about gaming all the time; she enjoys her sports and downtime.


ABOUT: Our expert Call of Duty coder has been around for six years now and is always the first one to get new COD cheats out to the public. His cheats have been featured on TV and major news sites around the world, even making headlines with MTV News and CNN. R4Z8R is awesome at tricking the staff; he likes to say ìIíll be back tomorrowî but we wonít see him for months on end.
VIDEO: R4Z8R is the prankster here at the office, check out this video where he scares the hell out of our maintenance staff member Steve.


ABOUT: De.Bug is our mad coder who sits and looks at his computer screens for days on end. We recently found out that De.Bug is responsible for creating The Atlas detector at LHC and sending the first manned mission to Mars later this year. De.Bug is super famous for his WarZ hack he created the first day the game released in Alpha. We love this guy!
VIDEO: When De.Bug does have a few minutes to get off his computers he likes to hurt the staff around the office with his spud gun. Check him out shooting Silent Runner in the testicles.


ABOUT: One of our admins and a top secret agent in charge of secret Government missions abroad, Hacker98 found his way to us almost six years ago and has been a trusted staff member who helps to train the new recruits in our program. Please make sure you treat Hacker 98 with special reverence or he may hunt you down and leave you where nobody will ever find you again!

VIDEO: Hacker98 actually can fire his weapon using his privates. Check out the video we caught of him in action ñ he also hacks like this!


ABOUT: Wootang is the newest member (coder) here at the office, he already got duct taped to a door, drunk with the guys and written all over with permanent marker. Plus some code he worked on for a few days was deleted by De.Bug. We welcome you to the team Wootang and hope you enjoy the ride. Wootang makes some mad Rainbow Six Siege Cheats for everyone to use and rage kill with in the game!
VIDEO: WOOTANG works all the time and has to find new ways to relieve stress due to all the medication not working. The other day he shoved his face right into the fan! It hurt, but he said it fixed the stress and anxiety right away. =)


ABOUT: Backstab was one of our crazy staff members who worked the main forums on all of our sites, we donít know if the guy ever actually slept. Backstab left the office one day and never came back, were still searching for him.
VIDEO: We usually donít want to let Backstab out because we always have problems with him, check out his video to see the type of things he does. This video was captured by us one night after Backstab had been using our aimbot for 18 hours straight.


ABOUT: Isabella is our second female working on the site and the hottest brunette we all like to look at all day long. Donít let her sexy looks and kitten fool you (yes she brings the thing to the office) her favorite hobby is firing assault rifles and running all the men down on the obstacle course. Isabella can run a mile in a little over 5 minutes and is prior military in the United States Marine Corp.
VIDEO: Isabella has a way with the men and just doesnít put up with much, but always takes what she wants. After a long day on the gun range, she gets tired of waiting and uses her assets to get what she wants.


ABOUT: BOFH is our server admin who we look for in times of trouble, he came up with the name BOFH (Best Overall Friendly Helper) after working on anti-DDOS issues for 36 hours straight. BOFH is very reclusive, and we donít see him around unless he comes out of the server cave to say hello. BOFH is also an avid nature freak and loves animals, especially cats (watch out Isabella).
VIDEO: BOFH likes to rub on the ladies and show off his skills when we hit the town. This video was taken right after we had a business meeting at the pub; I think he had a few drinks too many.


ABOUT: Panned is our cook and all around ìgo to guyî for barbecue cooking when we visit the South! As you can tell from his profile picture, he takes his food seriously. Want the latest recipes or ideas for your next feast with friends? Just visit our forum and check out his tips and tricks (Iím not joking).
VIDEO: Panned loves to party and throws the ilikecheats Canyon boat party every year, here are a few clips from 2015 gathering. The guy you see doing a back flip off the rock is Panned.


ABOUT: Aft4rlife is our old gamer and the oldest guy on the staff right now. During Christmas time Aft4rlife actually plays Santa because he looks just like him. Aft4rlife loves the forums but seems to have an OCD issue with the spammers on the site. Donít try to spam or Viper will find you, we promise.
VIDEO: Aft4rlife works weekends as a volunteer fire fighter. Check out this video a local news agency filmed last night, Aft4rlife seems to have inhaled a bit to much smoke. Make sure you watch until the end!


ABOUT: HeadZ is a major energy drinking junkie, he loves to drink a case or more for breakfast and then work on the forums. HeadZ also has his a band and loves to make videos with other staff members, his relatives, or anyone who will make some noise.
VIDEO: HeadZ had a little to much fun in college with his roommate and bunk partner Leon101. We still have no idea if this was for the ladies or if they did it for each other. They both currently love to clog.


ABOUT: Killcam is from Japan and currently in a University with plans to complete a degree in Software Engineering. Random works at all of our top network sites and enjoys weekly back and foot massages at the local Japanese massage center. If you canít find him at the massage center, he is usually down at the local arcade playing one of those dance games with the locals.
VIDEO: Killcam has a panda fetish, he likes to dress up in a panda costume on the weekends and mess with people around the city. Our camera followed him around to get a few clips for you.


ABOUT: Littlefokr loves sports, his favorite sports are water polo, cheerleading, tennis, and wakeboarding. Littlefokr likes to play with his balls during the week to make sure he is ready for the weekend. You can always catch Littlefokr with his balls in hand just about anywhere you see him; the guy is a major ball fanatic, and it helps him to stay in the game.
VIDEO: Littlefokr is also a part-time police officer, he made a mistake this weekend when he had some homemade brownies and then called the cops himself, check out the video to see what happened.


CALL SIGN: FluffyHamster
ABOUT: FluffyHamster is our new movie editor who works to make the website intros & all the movies you see for every cheat. Fluffy recently left his job as a nuclear engineer to work full time for us promoting the site and showing off his mad skills using our cheats in-game.
VIDEO: Fluffy LOVES to make videos for the site, he recorded and edited 30 gaming videos for us in three days time without sleep. Check out the video of him writing his latest masterpiece.

Snake Pliskin

CALL SIGN: Snake Pliskin
ABOUT: Our new staff member Bobby likes to go by the name of ìSnake Pliskinî because heís watched ìEscape from New Yorkî over 892 times. Bobby has every poster, bed sheet, pajama bottom, t-shirt and every other type of Snake Pliskin merchandise. We think he may need some real help.
VIDEO: Bobby *cough* I mean Snake Pliskin tries his best to act like a badass, just like Snake in the movie. Check out this video of him at our recent paintball outing. He made need a little more work on his skills; I guess our aimbot will help him. =)


ABOUT: Takumi is from the United States but grew up in Japan where he went to The University of Tokyo for college. Living in Japan for college bothered him because he had to stay in the dorms with Japanese friends who did nothing in their free time except act like they were signing the Back Street Boys. As a result, he decided to join the US Marines after college where he became one of the best snipers in his squad.
VIDEO: In this video you can see Takumi trying to code in the background while his friends started singing the Back Street Boys for the 487th time. They were both beaten to near death shortly after.


ABOUT: leon101 is also known as ìBig Faceî because his cheeks are the size of chipmunks and the guy is always smiling. We finally figured out why he was always happy; he told HeadZ he loves to drink a little, sit on the grass by the windmills and clog for fun.
VIDEO: leon101 has a way of speaking to the staff, his communication skills lack a bit. Check out this video his mom sent over where he is trying to tell her about a dream he had and youíll understand.


ABOUT: Zerotime loves just to sit and stare at you for no reason at all. Seriously, Iím looking across the office at him right now, and heís just looking right back at me. Iím not sure why, but he always tries to freak everyone out with that stare, and itís working.
VIDEO: Ok we just figured out the problem, check out this clip of Zerotime when he was a baby. Seems his mom always scared the hell out of him, and he would freak out and then laugh hysterically. No wonder he just sits around and stares at everyone.

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