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Precision Firing

What Is An Aimbot & How Do They Work

Want to get better at aiming and shooting in games? Well, an aimbot is for you! A game bot can assist in first-person shooters. With an aimbot your cursor will automatically lock on the target of other players, letting you kill them in seconds which allows the player’s accuracy to improve. Check out the aimbot video below showing off a cheat in action using our Apex Legends Hack.

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What Is An Aimbot & How Do They Work

Advanced Game Settings

Instant Lock-on

Improve K/D Ratio

Easy Headshots

Top The Scoreboards

Snap To Targets

We support a fully comprehensive list of PC games with our outstanding Aimbot product. Not only do we provide an Aimbot, but we also have ESPs, Wallhacks and Radar Hacks amoung even more features that are available within our packages. Join the community and find out how much fun gaming is With IWantCheats. Go view our entire list of online game cheats today!

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Try our advanced Aimbot for any shooter game. View our game hacks and make your purchase.

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Once you purchase a game cheat you will receive instant access to download the program with your license key.

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Start up your game and use the in-game mouse-driven menu to setup any of the 50+ features we offer.

Accurate aimbot IWantCheats


Increase accuracy to 100% and kill enemies instantly. Aimbots allow you to fine-tune when and where you hit the enemy. Rage kill everyone or set it up to look legit.

Unlock aimbot with weapons


Using an aimbot gives you increased accuracy, more kills, and a better skill level. Unlock all items, weapons, and add-ons faster in any game using an aimbot.

Always online aimbot deadly kills


When you use an aimbot you’ll be the best person on the squad. Become top of the leaderboard with your new skills acquired overnight. It’s time to rule the world!

Perfect Accuracy

Aimbot Features Explained

The most advanced aimbots today are incredibly complex and boast a wide range of features. When playing ranked modes where you might be spectated by other players, you can often enable features like aim smoothing to slow down your aiming so that it appears more natural or customize the Field Of View (FOV), With the power of a computer, an aimbot can shoot your opponents blind.

Use your aimbot and lock onto the enemy to instantly kill them and win every round you play. Our code allows you to play so you look legit or you can choose to rage.

Look legit with our smooth aiming feature. Nobody will be able to tell you are cheating because you look like a legit player.

Set the cheat to auto-fire so when you lock on the bullets fly without you having to do anything but watch. Become the best player on any map with our aimbot cheat.

Kill the enemy and watch the bot switch to the next closest target without you having to do a thing. Own the battlefield now!

Dominate Every Round with An Aimbot! Use Perfect Accuracy and Stay Locked onto the Enemy at All Times to Win Every Single Round.

With advanced prediction features that account for current game FPSs and network pings as well as weapon velocities with dropoffs based on their distance from target points in 3D space (projectiles), these programs have been proven more accurate than humans at feats such as killing enemies.

In the case of iWantCheat’s cheats, these features can all be configured through an in-game menu and you won’t have to do any pesky reading because we’ve got your back! A great benefit of using our software is that it will save time when customizing yours. You’ll only need a few clicks for everything instead of loading up another webpage or waiting on hold with tech support.

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Common Aimbotting Features

Got a game that you love playing? Want to top the scoreboards, boost your kill-to-death ratio or rank up and advance faster in this favorite leisure activity? There are many ways people do it! One way is by using an aimbot which can automate all aspects of gameplay for users looking beyond manual control options like pointing & clicking on enemies with relative ease of an aimbot.

Battlefield Domination

Configure Aimkey

Visibility Checks

Set Field of View

Smooth Aiming

Lock-On Indicator

Configure Aim Point

Target Stalking

FPS Prediction

High Kill/Death Ratio

Auto Target Switch

Targeting Types

Auto Aim Style

Auto Fire

Auto Fire Delay

Ping Prediction

Bullet Speed Prediction

Bullet Drop Prediction

Why Use Aimbots In Online Games?

Every first-person shooter game uses an Aimbot! Get access to the IWantCheats Aimbot now and dominate every game you play! We have the most experienced team in the Industry with 27 years of combined cheat coding.


If you’re looking for a way to instantly enhance your gaming experience, an aimbot is just what you need. It can react faster than any human and interface with the game data so that it has an in-human edge!


Auto-aim cheats can help you get more kills in a match to rank up faster and power level, or grind through missions easier with the looter shooter mentality.


Get in the game with a nice, legitimate-looking aimbot. If you play games competitively and want to improve your ranking then climb up through rankings by using this tool for success!

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