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Rust Cheats Hacks Aimbot

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NEW FEATURES: Our full Rust aimbot is now active with speed hack, no sway, no recoil and even a new auto gather feature!

Our brand new Rust Cheats Hacks Aimbot is online and ready for you to use. If your one of the crazy Infestation / WarZ fans or just a massive MMO fan you really need to grab Rust and then sign up for our Rust hacks. Our new Rust cheats allow you to activate super speed and sprint across the entire map as fast as you like. Never worry about a bear or some other animal that can kill you, our ESP hack allows you to see every animal, every player and every weapon in the game. We are also the only website that offers full sphere ESP where you can mark targets with a box or a round sphere. So sign up now and download today. Click here to register on our forum.

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Rust Hack Features Include
Added Aimbot: Lock onto their head and kill instantly
Added Auto Gather: Gathers wood for you while you play
Added SuperJump: Jump as high as you want to jump
Added AntiFall: Don't worry when you fall, you won't get hurt
Added NoFallDamage: Jump off any high object and never take damage
Added SpeedHack: Adjustable speed run as fast as you want
Added Daytime hack: Keep it daytime at all times

Sphere ESP: Put a round ball (sphere) around objects to see them easier.
Box ESP: Place a box around objects to see them easier.
Animal ESP: See every animal anywhere on the map at all times.
Weapon ESP: Find any and all weapons and see them at all times.
Enemy ESP: See every player on the map at all times.
Zombie ESP: Spot every zombie and see them at all times.
Color Selections: Pick any color you like for ESP and configure it.
Save Settings: Save your setup once you have it configured.
Undetected and Safe: This cheat is undetected and safe to use.
Speed Hack: (patched in updated, fixing now)
Speed Hack Setting: Set your speed hack to be sorta fast or really fast it's up to you.

Just Released
Aimbot: Full aimbot that allows you to lock on the enemy and kill them dead in seconds!
Dupe: Rust dupe has been patched so it's not possible like it use to be.

Click Here to Register Now and Get Instant Access!

Check out the screens below, they show you all the features working inside the game.

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We used Rust god mode and other cheats to call in massive air drops, check it out.

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  1. AbuseTheSystem's Avatar
    I can't seem to get the speed hack working?
  2. GirlGamer's Avatar
    Hey AbuseTheSystem, the speed hack works by pressing "F" while your moving forward. If your still having issues after that try letting us know in the official Rust VIP forum for a quicker reply.
  3. funnyfacez's Avatar
    Hey is there any approximated date of when the aimbot and dupe glitch get released? I'll be very interested!
  4. GirlGamer's Avatar
    We are testing the full dupe hack for Rust as well as the aimbot and will update here and everywhere else when the new features are added.
  5. ogcookie94's Avatar
    when will it be out
  6. GirlGamer's Avatar
    The Rust hack has been out, just click the link in my post to register and download!
  7. ogcookie94's Avatar
    aimbot and dupe when will it be out omg
  8. mywar's Avatar
    add no clip and i buy it 50$ easy
  9. mywar's Avatar
    if we use a second steam account for hacking on same computer , did i have a chance to be both banned ?
  10. GirlGamer's Avatar
    Aimbot and dupe as well as no clip is coming VERY soon.

    We have had no bans at all so far, not even one.
  11. leon101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cialdo
    wheres the download link
    Please visit your VIP forum section.