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Take it back old school and use our hack to show the Vietcong your vengeance with our amazing Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam hack. Use your pistol or any other weapon and take pilots out as they fly around in helicopters and have fun blowing the head off anyone driving a Jeep with our killer aimbot, no recoil and no spread. Sometimes you need a little old school fun when your taking a break from BF3 or waiting for Battlefield 4 to release. So sign up now and use the best Bad Company 2 Vietnam hack in the world! You can get instant access when you registering on our ilikecheats forum. In March 2010, EA Digital Illusions CE released one of the top shooters of the year: Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Not even a year later, DICE put out Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, a major expansion to the game. A multiplayer-only game, it was released as a $15 download for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While players must own a copy of Bad Company 2 to use Vietnam, it is very much its own title, with a completely separate multiplayer experience. The content is totally different as well, with maps, weapons, and vehicles authentic to the Vietnam War.

Bad Company 2 Vietnam

Here is a current list of the features included with our Bad Company 2 Vietnam Cheats, keep in mind these features do change on a regular bases so it’s always best to check our forums for the up to date feature listings.

Full Feature List:


* Full Aimbot Locks on and Kills Instantly
* Auto Fire and Auto Bot
* No Spread makes bullet hit dead center
* 360 field of view to see all around you
* Always hit a hiding player with bone scan
* Varied kill boxes include head, neck and waist
* Kill your enemies or select friends for fun
* Look like a true player with smooth aim
* Full visibility checks to kill when locked on
* Auto knife bot will kill for you when close
* Pistol auto firing mode to kill super fast
* Hate list to kill one target every time they spawn
* Kill by distance or 3 other options


* Always see the players name displayed
* Always see the health of the players
* Box draws an outline around each player
* See how far away each player is from you
* Full color adjustment on each player
* See UAV at all times and warnings


* Change distance from close or view the entire map


* Remove shell shock and explosions
* Remove all the grass and other objects
* Remove the sky to see everything better
* Remove smoke and fog from the map

2D Radar

* Always shows the position of your enemy


* Show the current frame rate your running
* Shows the ping you have to the server
* Always see the current time on screen
* Get a warning when the enemy is aiming

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Bad Company 2 Vietnam Hacks

The focus of Bad Company 2 Vietnam is strictly online multiplayer – there is no single player mode or story to be had. It brings all-new content to Bad Company 2’s multiplayer experience. Set in the Vietnam War era, there are updated characters, levels, and even music. The bulk of the updates are in the new content: 16 weapons, 6 vehicles and 5 maps. Some players also user BC2 Vietnam Cheats to add hidden features to the game. While some minor gameplay tweaks have been made, what sets Vietnam apart is the authentic battling experience and closer, more intense matches!

Gameplay in Vietnam remains largely the same as Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Players choose from four different classes that compliment one another: Assault, Recon, Engineer and Medic. Matches include four different game types which involve destroying M-COM stations, making kills or capturing flag points. However, a few small changes have been made to the gameplay for Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Weapons now do slightly more damage than in the previous game, and helicopters can take damage from smaller weapons. Kits have been balanced somewhat, and levels have been altered from the usual design to avoid long lines of sight. Now, maps are much tighter with a greater focus on close combat and hiding. Most weapon sights have also been taken out of the game, forcing closer combat as well. The Recon class is now the only one that can take advantage of scopes, which are included in their kits with sniper rifles. Although long distance aiming is now more challenging for most players, Bad Company 2 Vietnam cheat help with finding and targeting enemies.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam comes with all new maps that take advantage of the Vietnam theme. The five maps are each available to use on all four multiplayer modes: Rush, Squad Rush, Conquest, and Squad Deathmatch. Of course, they are all located in Vietnam and take advantage of new features specific to the nature of that historic conflict. Useful scenery such as tunnels, trenches, and rice paddies make for crowded maps that emphasize close quarters combat and stealth movements. One of the maps, Operation Hastings, was not included with the game, but rather released later as a special download. It is also the only map that wasn’t created specifically for Battlefield 2 Vietnam. It was originally featured in Battlefield Vietnam, the PC-only game from 2004.

The people at DICE did their best to bring an authentic experience to Bad Company 2: Vietnam. For instance, even the included music had been carefully thought out. Vehicle radios play 49 songs from the Vietnam War era, by artists such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and John O’Brien-Docker! New voiceover work is featured as well, with dialog based on real quotes from the Vietnam War.

DICE wastes no time giving its fans more to do, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is another huge push of content. Our Bad Company 2 Vietnam hacks add even more features and exciting gameplay to the mix. Besides the lack of a single player mode, the game is worthy of a standalone title and is well worth the $15 price tag. It delivers another powerful multiplayer experience that gamers won’t soon forget!

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