Battlefield 2142 Cheats

Battlefield 2142 Cheats

Battlefield 2142 Cheats

Our very first cheats on the site were Battlefield 2142 Cheats. We covered exploits, glitches and more and had the most popular site ever. We started offering VIP memberships and had over 30,000 new online users the first year. The BF2142 Hack is our flagship aimbot with amazing features such as full chams (glowing player models), vehicle aimbot to shoot flying vehicles from the sky and a perfect aimbot to use any weapon and take out the enemy fast. You can even use the sniper rifle and take someone out all the way across the map, it’s that accurate and good. If you never tried Battlefield 2142 pick it up now and give it a go, flying in the rocket pods is pure fun on it’s own. Get the De.Bug Pack and start using our Battlefiled 2142 Cheats today. Sign up now by registering on our forum.

Here is a current list of the features included with our Battlefield 2142 Cheats, keep in mind these features do change on a regular bases so it’s always best to check our forums for the up to date feature listings.

Full Feature List:


  • Deadly Accurate Lock On Aimbot
  • Auto Aim and Auto Fire Feature
  • Triggerbot let’s you look more natural
  • Full No Spread so all bullets hit dead on center
  • Full 360 FOV Aimbot can even see behind you
  • Bone Scan finds a bone to hit when the player hides
  • Aim key can be set to use any aimkey you choose
  • Head/Neck/Chest/Waist Kill Boxes for variations
  • Select Enemies, Friends, or Everyone as your target
  • Smooth Aim slows the movement to look natural
  • Visibility Checks only locks on when player can be hit
  • Target by closest to distance or closest to crosshair
  • Knifebot with boneaim to take out the enemy on auto
  • Auto Pistol, just hold down the fire key and watch
  • Auto Target let’s you pick one guy and keep killing
  • List the names of friends you don’t want to kill


  • Smart Bounding Boxes with Colors
  • Name Tags show names of all friendlies and enemies
  • Health Tags show health of all friendlies and enemies
  • Class tag shows the enemy class they selected
  • Visual Tags shows an icon or frame around enemies
  • Distance Tags show the distance to enemies
  • Two tone chams makes player models glow
  • Spawn beacons glow so you can find them easier
  • Smart Bounding Boxes with Colors
  • Name Tags show names of all friendlies and enemies
  • Health Tags show health of all friendlies and enemies
  • Class tag shows the enemy class they selected
  • Visual Tags shows an icon or frame around enemies
  • Distance Tags show the distance to enemies
  • Two tone chams makes player models glow
  • Spawn beacons glow so you can find them easier


  • Remove Blur will remove shellshock effect
  • Remove all grass and other vegetation
  • Remove sky to reveal enemy and gunship easier
  • Remove Fog for better distance views
  • Remove Smoke from grenades and objets


  • Three varying distances to allow you to see the entire map.

2D Radar:

  • Reveals enemy positions.


  • Kill sound packs are supplied in our forum
  • Enemy aim warning when they aim at you
  • Turn off EMP strikes so they don’t blind you
  • Show FPS show your frame rate inside the game
  • Show Ping displays your ping on screen
  • Show Time display the current time in game
  • Enemy Aim Warnings to warn when your in danger

Simply click the “Register Now” button below, sign up, select a membership level and download your Battlefield 2142 Cheats in less than 5 minutes. No other cheat site has a better community, support or hacks. Our aimbot will take your game to the next level, sign up now.

Battlefield 2142 Hacks

When the original Battlefield game was released in 2002, gamers were introduced to a realistic first-person war shooter. The series has several traits that set it apart from other shooters, including its array of playable classes, vehicles, and the trademark Conquest mode. In 2006, EA and DICE brought the series into the future with Battlefield 2142 for PC and Mac. The game features a new game mode in addition to Conquest, and new features and weapons updated for the futuristic setting.

Battlefield 2142 operates using the same basic formula. It is mainly an online multiplayer game, with BF2142 Hacks as common as they are in other shooter titles. Players are split between two teams, which can each be up to 64 players in size. The two battling factions are the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition. Each team has a Commander, usually the person with the highest rank. This player has added strategic abilities, such as being able to give out orders to squads and view a special map of the action. The teams are then divided into squads, with a leader for each. As for individual units, there are four classes that players can choose between. These are the Assault, Support, Recon and Engineer classes. Each of these has different attributes and weapons. For example, the Engineer focuses on vehicles, and can destroy them with a rocket launcher or repair them for his own team.

Similar to the past three installments, Battlefield 2142 includes the Conquest mode. Here, two teams battle to control a series of flags, which also act as spawn points. Therefore, the less a team controls, the fewer options they have for respawn. The goal of the match is to wipe out the opposing team’s tickets, which can be done by getting kills and controlling these points. There are a few variations that can be played, which add different options such as playing without any vehicles, or giving each team a fixed control point. Battlefield 2142 Hacks can enable further variants of the game, including a new interface of special options.

The mode new to the series with Battlefield 2142 is called Titan. In this match, a Titan, an enormous warship, is given to each team to protect. There are five missiles which, when captured by a team, help to bring down the Titan’s defenses. At this point, the controlling team has the option of infiltrating the Titan to destroy it more quickly. The Titans themselves are able to move and have various weapons that can be used to aid their team. The Commander of each team are the only ones who can control them. This new mode provides a lot of strategy different than the usual Conquest, so gamers can enjoy a new challenge.

Along with the Titans, there are several new vehicles that take advantage of the advanced technology in 2142. One example is the Assault Pods, which are capable of carrying a single unit at high speeds. Seemingly right of a Star Wars film are the Battle Walkers, which each side has access to. They can hold two units, one controlling movement and one using weapons. The Battle Walkers have several built in weapons. The T-20 Bogatyr, available to the PAC, includes deadly plasma cannons, while the EU’s L5 Riesig has onboard missiles than can hone in on the enemy. Battlefield 2142 Cheats can also make aiming weapons much easier and more accurate, including those that aren’t homing.

These new vehicles provide gameplay not possible in most shooters. The new mode, Titan, also provides a twist to classic Battlefield matches that players will enjoy. For those looking for even more content, an expansion, Northern Strike, added a new game mode and other content. The futuristic setting of Battlefield 2142 has brought a lot of new gameplay never seen before in Battlefield, making for a solid entry that is truly unique.


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