R6S Hack | Rainbow Six Siege Undetected Aimbot | ESP Cheat

R6S Hack | Rainbow Six Siege Undetected Aimbot | ESP Cheat

rainbow six siege hack

Our new R6S Hack has been released, and it’s online, just one day after the full game got released. We have NEVER had a detection, so play knowing you’ll stay undetected.

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One of our EXCLUSIVE features in the hack is with the Rainbow Six Siege ESP; we included “Undetected BattlEye Code” which allows you to kill the enemy instantly without the anti-cheat ever detecting you!

Never worry about being banned when you use The R6S Cheat from ILikeCheats. Our coding staff added superior anti-cheat technology that keeps you undetected from FF, Steam & BattlEye and any other detection devices the developers try to use.

Other cheat sites with less experience will get you banned, and you will lose your entire account and game, you don’t want that.

We haven’t had a detection on any game we support here for over two years, so you can hack with confidence.





– Player ESP: Always see the enemy players movement on the map.
– Name ESP: Displays the player names under each player.
– Bot ESP: Shows all bots for SP and other modes.
– Display Player Class: Shows the chosen class of every player.
– Wallhack: Allows you to see players behind walls, vehicles or on other floors.


– No Down Time: Cheats are updated in minutes not days.
– Patched Fast: New patched games are fixed in a few hours.
– Works for All Packs: Every game pack works with our R6S cheat.


– Clean Screenshots: Screenshots can’t show the cheat.
– Clean Videos: Game videos won’t display the cheat.
– Undetected by FF: Fair Fight undetected.
– Undetected by Steam: Steam Guard undetected.
– Undetected by BattlEye: The ONLY BattlEye cheat for R6S!

No other website in the world offers undetected R6S Hacks, sign up with ILC now and win every round, let us show you how to enjoy the game!

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How Do the Rainbow Six Siege Hacks Work?

Once you register here at ILikeCheats you can subscribe to the R6S Hacks and get setup instantly by our system; then you go to the R6S VIP Forum where you can download the hack and install it, the entire process takes about 4 minutes. Once installed you simply run the cheat and the game, when you appear in the match, you’ll notice every player moving around with markings showing their name and class type. It doesn’t matter if they hide behind objects or not you can always see them, check out the image below for a great example, in the screenshot you can see the enemy behind the wall of the garage with our hack. =)

rainbow six siege aimbot

How Can I Stay Undetected Using the R6S Hack?

Our code team put a triple layer of protection behind every R6S Hack we released, that’s how we stay undetected while other websites keep getting people banned. We don’t make any changes to R6S, and our cheat is running outside the game itself, so you’ll never get banned if you follow our directions. Check out another image below showing off the ESP wallhack where you can see everyone behind the wall inside.

rainbow six siege esp

Rainbow Six Siege Game Review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Series is Back with ‘Siege’ as the Latest Installment

Rainbow Six Siege, first-person shooter video game by Ubisoft Montreal, is a sequel to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots. The game focuses on environmental cooperation and destruction between different players. It features several missions known as ‘situations’ in addition to an online mode, which was missing in the previous games of the series.

The game gives you control of the counter-terrorist unit of Rainbow team through an operator. You can have different nationalities, bombs, weaponry, and skills according to the operative’s characteristics.

The Counter Terrorism Units include FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, Germany’s GSG-9 and France’s GIGN each featuring four operators per CTU. Siege has also added Canadian, and US players from the Joint Task Force 2 and US Navy SEALs recently.

You have the option to choose from a wide variety of gadgets and gears by accessing the “Recruit” operator. You can pick an operator at the start but have to stick to the operator during the round. You can also purchase operators through the in-game’s shop using game’s currency known as “Renown,” that is earned by performing certain actions in the match. Killing your teammates will deduct the amount of Renown you own. An operator purchased from a single counter-terrorism unit costs 500 Renown.

r6s cheat

The game maps are designed to fortify close quarters combat. The game’s character does not respawn until the round ends; this helps you to employ teamwork tactics to maintain certain tension through an entire round. Matches are short and last only a few minutes. Siege encourages cooperation and collaboration, so you take advantage of different abilities to defeat the opposing team. You can also communicate with other players.

Siege puts a lot of focus on the environmental destruction. It also features procedural destruction system. You can break a ceiling, wall or any other structure with the help of explosives. You can also shoot walls, which will make bullet holes. The game’s environment features a layered material system showing different reactions against a player’s attack. You gain certain advantages through the environmental destruction. Overall, Siege encourages you to get creative and strategize everything correctly.

The bullets do less damage to enemies if they are hit through structures for a realistic gameplay. You can also build shields and substantial barriers for protection. The opposing team can destroy the shields by using weapons such as sledgehammers. You can stop the attacker’s moves by placing barbed-wire around the maps.

Moreover, you can destroy floors and ceilings by breaching charges. Powerful weaponry is also available in the form of grenades, whereas breach charges are quite valuable against the enemy. However, only a handful of them can be used in each round.

r6s aimbot

Rainbow Six Siege Game Modes
The game features 11 maps with five different game modes. Featured modes are as follow:

  • Hostage
    This is a multiplayer mode in which the attackers extract hostages either male or female from the defenders. The defenders need to prevent the hostages from getting rescued.
  • Bomb
    Bomb mode is a challenging multiplayer mode in which the attackers need to find the bomb location to diffuse it accordingly. The defender’s job is to stop the attackers by killing them.
  • Secure Area
    Secure Area as the name suggests is about protecting a room with biohazard container from the attackers, who on the other hand need to find their way inside. The battle ends when the attackers penetrate through the room in large numbers than the defenders.
  • Terrorist Hunt
    Terrorist Hunt is the cooperative multiplayer mode that accommodates up to 5 different players. Players take the role of defenders and attackers and have to fight against the group of enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. This mode also allows for solo play.
  • Situations
    Siege does not include a single player campaign, but Situations is the game’s most significant single player component. It features 11 different situations serving as tutorials and introductions to educate players about the mechanics of the game.

R6S Reception
Rainbow Six: Siege has received mixed reviews from the fans within a week of its launch. The fans have acknowledged it for its challenging, intellectual and competitive battles. The game features both men and women as the shooter and is unique compared to Call of Duty, another popular first person shooter gaming series. On the other hand, those who have disliked it are of the view that Siege has deviated from the original game series and has therefore fallen short of what they were expecting from the Rainbow Six’s next game in the series. The critics have a valid point, though; the story has gone far from the original game series, but looking at it positively, it has reinvented itself in a fantastic manner.

Game Analysis from Both Critics and Fans Perspectives
According to critics, the game is more action-oriented, while the fans say that it requires minute by minute gameplay, unlike the previous games.

r6s esp download battleye

Rainbow Six Siege does not feature Counter-Strike as you would usually expect from Rainbow Six series games. The game’s inability to offer a robust single-player campaign has disappointed many fans. The graphics are just average and does not contribute positively to the game’s cause with generic looking architecture, bland-decoration, and under-average lighting effects.

Siege does not require a lot of planning and active battle strategy such as checking the floorplans and marking entry points but still offers enough content for dangerous, challenging and suspense-filled adventures from the word go.

Similar to Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six is about fatal moves, staying vigilant and strategizing on the map to avoid getting killed. You must think wisely before making a move else you pay the price.

As mentioned earlier, Rainbow Six Siege does not feature a single proper campaign like other first person shooting games but renders multiple tutorial missions taking you through the key concepts of the game with unique star operative skills, well suited for those of you interested in solving short stories and set-pieces. On the other hand, if you want a co-op and challenging online battle, better to stay away from Siege.

Graphical Front
Overall, the graphics are not extremely exciting, yet you will experience gunfires, explosions tearing out of stud and stone walls pretty accurate to real life situations. The game has mastered the art of showcasing destruction to provide a real life experience.

Critical Reception
Siege has received a positive response and has been acknowledged by the critics for its challenging matches and damage design. It has been nominated for 4 Game Critics Awards including Best Online Multiplayer Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game and Best of Show, but only acclaimed the Best PC Game title.

r6s cheatGame Sales
Ubisoft expects Rainbow Six Siege to cross the Far Cry 4’s sales over the course of time, as it continuously receives updated content from the development team. The game managed to sell 76,000 copies at its launch across the three most important gaming platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It was ranked at 6th position in the UK Software Charts.

Best R6S Mode
Siege is very exciting for its several tutorial missions and situations. Terrorist Hunt is the most challenging co-op game mode that allows four players to take on each other through a smart, responsive terrorist force. This provides a full actionable experience to make somewhat up for the one long game campaign.

You only have one life to work your way effectively, but slowly and carefully by fighting as a team. There are different operatives equipped with specific capabilities and load-outs to work as a masterstroke with their style of play. Playing with them will help you to recognize special moves of each operative, so you use them against the enemy by joining forces with your teammates.

Terrorist Hunt is a fantastic game mode, which will let you unlock more operatives, weapon modes and then do customizations for each operative. The competitive multiplayer mode is the biggest boon of Siege.

The Multiplayer Siege is not easy to manage, as it requires real teamwork with a proper strategy to solve the missions. You need to synchronize your moves properly, or you will end up killing your team players.

When everything is properly planned, the game provides for an amazing team vs. team action, as the players hustle to ambush, improvise and breach with some breathless moments. No wall in the game is strong enough to keep the enemy forces at bay; in fact, your enemies can burst or blast through the floor.

While many of you will leave the Siege Multiplayer mode as it gets tough, the committed fans, on the other hand, will work on developing their skills to experience a brutally challenging gaming experience. To conquer the game, you need to stick with it. Every time you die, you will learn a lesson. Sometimes, it happens because you are not fast or accurate enough. Other times, you are just missing the right weapon to bang in at the opponent. Distraction from the current situation can also lead to your character’s death, which means you need to stay vigilant at all times. You will learn about different tactics and survival by playing through the game.

Bottom Line
2017 is the year of multiplayer shooting games. You may think that among Call of Duty WWII, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds & Star Wars Battlefront II that Rainbow Six: Siege will be overshadowed, but that’s wrong. It stands out from the rest of the pack for its exciting missions.

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