Star Wars Battlefront Cheats, Hacks & Aimbot

Star Wars Battlefront Cheats, Hacks & Aimbot

star wars battlefront cheat

ILikeCheats released our full Star Wars Battlefront Cheats to the public the day the game hit the market. The Battlefront Hack engine is based on the old Battlefield engine (Frostbite 3) and we have over ten years experience with it. We promised to produce the best hack with the most features out of any other website. We have also implemented brand new code in our cheat loader to help keep you undetected by anti-cheat.

If you want to use Darth Vader or Luke all the time and win every single round you need to register now and become a VIP ASAP! When you played the Battlefront beta or the full game you may notice enemy players who can keep killing you from every corner of the map. You may also notice players can always find you when you hide, that’s because they are using our cheats! The Star Wars Battlefront beta was played by 9 million people, so cheating in the game helps you stay on top.

starwars battlefront played by 9 million people

You can play any game type and any map and always see the enemy with our hack. Check out the picture below from a random screenshot, it shows you how the enemy always appears in red and you can always see them. Simply click the aimbot key you setup and fire, you’ll kill them instantly. It’s really fun when all the weapons and vehicles hit dead center every time you fire.

star wars battlefront hack

battlefront small image

ilikecheats battlefront small image

star wars battlefront small image

starwars battlefront small image

Here is a current list of the features included with our Battlefront Hack, keep in mind these features do change on a regular bases so it’s always best to check our forums for the up to date feature listings. More Features Added Weekly.

Star Wars Battlefront 4 Hacks

Full Feature List:


  • Movement Prediction
  • Bullet Drop Correction
  • Auto Switch Target
  • Visibility Checks
  • Smart Target Select
  • Aim at Cloaked Targets
  • Aim Point Critical Distance
  • Max Distance & Aim Angle
  • Prediction Limit & Bones
  • Auto Fire
  • Friend List


  • Bounding boxes
  • Adjustable BB width
  • Health bars
  • Distance
  • Name
  • Vis Checks
  • No Sky
  • No Sky Fog
  • No Sun Glare
  • SS Cleaner
  • Display Time
  • Display FPS
  • Display Ping
  • Display # of SS requested
  • Beep on SS option

Anti Cheat

  • SS Cleaner
  • Punk Buster ByPass
  • FF Tips & Tricks

Simply click the “Download Now” button below, sign up, select a membership level and download your The Star Wars Battlefront Cheat in less than 5 minutes. No other cheat site has a better community, support or hacks. Our aimbot will take your game to the next level, sign up now.

game hack

Superior Killing Accuracy with our Wallhack Aimbot

In any first person shooter game you need to be laying prone, not moving and aiming to get the best shot. Whenever you play Battlefront using our cheat you can simply click one button, lock on the enemy head and take them down. After you kill one person the Battlefront aimbot will immediately move to the next enemy so you can kill him as well.

We help you rank up fast, unlock every weapon and add-on and be among the best ranked players in the world. So many players were even asking me where I got my hacks because I could kill them from the other side on the map using my sniper weapon.

star wars battlefront aimbot

Safe from Anti-Cheat & Detections

The great news is ILikeCheats has so much experience with the engine that you and the CDKEY you paid for will be safe using our cheats. Most of our game cheats have never even had one detection while others have had a few. We keep you safe with four sets of features on our website includes.

Our Anti-Cheat is More Advanced than Any Other Website

  1. The protection system had a development time of approx 11 months and still gets updated every few days.
  2. Our protection system is completely untraceable.
  3. VAC undetected for over 4 years running.
  4. PB undetected for over 2 years.

Many cheat sites actually have detections every week and they can never figure out the problem. We keep you in game longer and keep you playing without having to lose a key and player you have so many hours using in game.

battlefront hack

More Info on Star Wars Battlefront

The Star Wars movies have existed for more than 3 decades now, and the fact that they still want to create a new franchise clearly show how passionate the fan base is and how much they care about the franchise, be it in the form of movies, games or animated TV series. Star Wars Battlefront is no exception, as this is one of the many Star Wars games out there that were created specifically to nurture the demand for high quality Star Wars-themed titles in the video game world.

This is also the latest game in the series, and it manages to bring us one step forward with the amazing, high-quality experience that’s Star Wars! What makes Star Wars Battlefront so impressive is the sheer amount of visual details that you can see here. You can visit four of the most iconic planets in the movies, and at the same time these are designed in order to bring you high-quality graphics all around.

Not only do these maps try to bring a photorealistic experience, but they are also a reminder that a wonderful, exciting adventure is coming in front of us.

The beta took place recently and millions of players wanted to take a stab at it, with the trial being a massive success. Maybe the thing that appeals the most to the entire gamer base is the fact that this game is designed with a multiplayer focus, so you can easily customize your character from the way it looks to what it wears, the race that is has and at the same time you can change weapons or the loadout based on the stuff that you grab inside the title.

You Can Use Vehicles

Some of the maps allow you to explore the region with the help of land and air based vehicles. These are designed in order to bring you an alternative to the normal movement patterns, but at the same time they are very helpful if you choose to combat enemies in a more precise manner. Even if you can’t explore the space in this game, there’s a ton of stuff that you can access, all of which is created with the utmost detail. In fact, the textures in this game are so amazing that you will truly find them realistic and impressive.

star wars battlefront hacks

While many criticized the prequel movies, the original trilogy received a lot of praise, and this is where Star Wars Battlefront wants to focus on. You will get iconic locations and actions from the original movies, all of which are offering you an authentic and exciting feel unlike never before. The gameplay is very similar to Battlefield, but there are a few major changes that make Star Wars Battlefront a fresh formula on its own. The game worlds are smaller, albeit a lot larger than what you can find in most of the games nowadays, and the weapons are designed to specifically mimic what you see in the movies.

Photorealistic Graphics

The game also manages to make complete and stellar use of Frostbite 3, offering you maybe the best and most impressive set of graphics that you can find out there. Not only does the game manage to bring in front a stellar charisma, but it’s what you would expect from an action packed shooter in the Star Wars universe. It doesn’t hold your hand, so there is a learning curve if you want to be the best, but this is one of those things that will always make you come back to the title again and again. It’s the extraordinary combination of old and new that makes this game so good and exciting for people of all ages, so even if you have the smallest interest in shooters, thus is one of the best games that you can play right now.

battlefront aimbot

On top of that, you can play either in first or third person shooter, something that brings in front a whole lot of interesting abilities on its own. It’s a game created to suit all types of players and it brings in front a multitude of cool gameplay ideas, all of which are combined into a stellar, exciting experience that you can enjoy as you see fit.

There’s no iron sight in the game, which you can find in most shooters, but the title replaces it with a zoom in that allows you to increase your accuracy. This works a lot better and it offers higher quality control over your shooting, something that you will enjoy time and time again.

Authentic Star Wars Gameplay

The title is designed in order to offer you multiple ways to explore the Star Wars experience, but at the end of the day it’s a stellar shooter that was created to fulfill the need of a wonderful, exciting Star Wars gameplay that you crave for.

Sure, there’s no campaign mode, but the fact that you get cooperative gameplay and the ability to play time and time again makes this title fun, immersive and truly impressive. It’s the entire gameplay that manages to add up in order to provide that authentic feeling, and you can see such a thing right off the bat.

It’s an extraordinary combination of elements from the previous games, but at the same time it does manage to offer a whole lot of interesting and exciting mechanics on its own. It’s a game that focuses a lot on having a neat gameplay, all while offering a charismatic presence, the ability to customize just about everything that you see and all of it just makes sense even for the die-hard Star Wars fans.

battlefront cheat

With Star Wars Battlefront, you get to live the unique moments of the franchise, all while having the ability to pave your own way. Having the ability to play as a rebel or a storm trooper has never been so realistic and fun like this, but at the end of the day all that matters is that you get that wonderful, action packed Battlefront feeling, and this is amazing!

So, should you get Star Wars Battlefront? Let’s face it, this is the ultimate shooter that not only manages to look photorealistic, but it’s also really fun to play, has a whole lot of game modes that you can choose and at the end of the day it’s just an immersive, exciting title that was created from Star Wars fans to Star Wars fans. It’s a labor of love and you can see that right off the bat. It’s a lot more than just a single game, it’s an amazing experience that allows people to live their childhood dreams, all while having the ability to customize the way they look and play. If you are a fan of cool, action packed games and you even remotely like the idea of sci-fi, then Star Wars Battlefront is exactly what you want and so much more.

You should go ahead and purchase the game immediately, it’s one of the best shooters that you can play this holiday season, so you should totally give it a shot.

star wars battlefront cheats


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