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Battlefield 3 Cheats Rage Kill
Our Battlefield 3 Cheats now feature a new Rage Kill option which allows you to kill the enemy without firing your weapon. You can hide behind a rock, lay in the grass or ride in a helicopter and take the enemy out, it’s that easy. Set our Battlefield Cheats rage kill option to kill the enemy on respawn or set it up to kill them when you point your crosshair at them. Either way it’s hilarious to watch the enemy team die over and over again. When they spawn, they think you are in their base killing them. This is because, they have no idea how they keep getting killed instantly on spawn. Check out the video below and sign up for our Battlefield 3 Cheats now in the forum, just click here to register now.

Battlefield 3 has come out with over 5 expansion packs and our BF3 hack helps to take you to a new level of playing. With End Game comes the new game mode Air Superiority, letting you take part in epic 12 vs. 12 dogfights above four vast new maps. Learn all about the return of this fan favorite game mode below.

All pilots in this 24 player affair spawn in mid-air, leading to quick action and eliminating any concerns over jets being bombarded before they have a chance to take off. In fact, even though a skilled pilot will have use of his full range of tricks in Air Superiority mode, it’s also possibly the best place for a newcomer to rack up large amounts of air XP and get their first unlocks going. There will simply be too many juicy targets available to miss!

Air Superiority is for players who want to engage in epic dogfights. It was first introduced in Battlefield 1943, and has been widely asked for in the community ever since. Now, we are happy to reintroduce it to old fans and newcomers to the Battlefield series alike. If you haven’t already viewed it, check out the End Game launch trailer below for a look at this new game mode.


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