Battlefield 4 Hacks and Cheats

Battlefield 4 Hacks and Cheats

Free Battlefield 4 Hacks


Instant Kill Aimbot

Our BF4 Hacks are online now, you can sign up and see all the info on them in our forums by clicking here. The brand new Battlefield 4 reveal trailer is online, check it out below and make sure you crank up the HD on it, this is going to be game of the year for sure! We have over 17 minutes of footage for everyone to look at. We will also be getting some images from this footage and posting it below so keep checking back. Remember, our Battlefield 4 hacks will be released as soon as the beta comes out this summer so keep checking back everyone. We also just updated this page with every known Battlefield 4 video we could get our hands on. The good news is we actually have the Battlefield 4 alpha so we should have one of the best BF4 hacks in the world released once the game goes live.

Our BF4 Hack Live and In Action

Battlefield 4 Levolution Video

5 Minutes of Battlefield 4 Gameplay from E3

Battlefield 4 – 17 Minutes of Game play Footage Leaked

First Ever Battlefield 4 Hacks

Everyone we talked to is super excited about Battlefield 4 and the new release. With 64 player rounds and levoloution this is set to be one of the most amazing multiplayer PC games in the Battlefield Franchise history. I was actually able to play the Battlefield 4 alpha and I have to say the game feels so much better and plays better than previous versions of Battlefield. The team play and battles feel like they did back in Battlefield 2 when everyone simply couldn’t put the game down. Another amazing thing is the vast area these levels have for the teams to fight in, I have no idea how the developers did such a good job, I posted a few of the new screens below for all of you to check out so you can see for yourself how good and detailed the game really is compared to other PC related games. I have Battlefield 4 beta access as well and plan to start making the first ever Battlefield 4 hacks as soon as I download the beta.

Battlefield 4 Characters

Here are some brand new character renders we just got our hands on, click on each image to see the full detail of the new Battlefield 4 characters. You can really tell the developers at DICE really had their model department put in some major time working on these, they almost look real. One thing I noticed when playing the alpha was all the new animations look very fluid and life like, they don’t look like robots like some other first person shooter games.

Most players have a hard time unlocking all the weapons and completing each task in BF4. It can take up to a few weeks to try and unlock every aspect of the game and you find yourself getting killed all the time. With the new Battlefield 4 launcher we coded you can drop every player in seconds and unlock all your weapons and kits in less than a few hours. The bot has a 360 field of view so it can see behind you or in front of you, it won’t matter where the enemy comes from, you will always be the fastest player in the game. We will have the first ever Battlefield 4 hack released to our VIP members for free as soon as the beta comes out this summer. What are you waiting for? Register on our forum now and LikeUs on FaceBook for instant notification when we release.


Full ESP

Never worry about wondering if the enemy is hiding in a house or coming at you from behind. Our full ESP allows you to see every enemy no matter where they try to hide. The player based ESP will put a full box around each player and our chams make the models glow, so you can always see every player even if they hide behind a solid object. Check out the image below (showing our ESP from BF3) and see what the ESP looks like to anyone using the cheat in the game. battlefield 4 hacks Play BF4 like you never have before by being able to see every enemy, snipe from the other side of the map or use the auto knife to take them down in seconds. You will own the Battlefield and everyone will ask you where you went to download your hacks because they will be jealous of how well you rage kill everyone else in the game. That’s right we will have the first ever New Battlefield 4 Hacks Coming to ilikecheats at the end of the summer when the beta is released to everyone who already purchased BF4. Also if your one of the lucky few who got Medal of Honor Warfighter you will also get early access to the BF4 beta. The battlefield 4 cheats are free to download for anyone who is a VIP member.

Battlefield 4 Logo

Here is a great copy of the Battlefield 4 logo in HD with png format you can use on your website or forums, just click the logo itself for a larger copy and right click and select “save as” to download to your computer. bf4-logo We’ve got an exclusive scoop on some features. First of all, it looks like the game will stick with 64 players, and overall, the game appears to be very similar to BF3. If the rumors are true, we’ll be getting some extra features though, most notably: the Commander will return and we’ll get a third faction, Leaked details: This info comes from the same source who was the first to leak the artwork / teaser, and who was also spot on about EA releasing a teaser trailer. So we’re pretty confident in this information. If everything goes as planned our Battlefield 4 hacks will work exactly the same way they did in Battlefield 3.

Features BF4 Hacks will stick with 64 players. Maps are larger and more detailed. Three factions: US, Russia, and an unnamed “Eastern/Asian” faction. 4 classes with “additional features and tweaks” compared to BF3 Shipping with same amount of maps as BF3, there are plans for lots of DLC. DLC is already in planning stages. BF4 Premium will be available on day one and include some perks. Most of the guns and vehicles from BF3 will return. More squad features. Commander feature returns, but won’t be the same as in BF2 Battlefield 4 is coming out on both current and next gen systems, and PC as well. Game is more of an evolution rather than revolution of the series. Both technically and gameplay wise. Will ship with more game modes than BF3 Will ship with more close quarter infantry maps than BF3 Frostbite 2 engine is pushed further in BF4. Better effects, higher res textures, more detailed game. BF3 will still be supported after Battlefield 4 launches. There is plan of some sort of integration between BF3 and BF4. Could be Battlelog-only. Battlelog will be updated for Battlefield 4 with more social features and more detailed stats. Single-player and co-op will return, new writers involved this time.

Battlefield 4 Release Date

We just found out that the Battlefield 4 release date is schedule for the Fall of 2013, which is just 7 months away! How are we sure of the release date? Check out the leaked image we have below showing the actual date it releases. We also heard rumors Dice and EA will allow people Battlefield 4 beta access as early as the end of the summer. Are you looking forward to BF4 as the number one game to release this year or something else? Let us know in the comment section below and tell us if you plan to use our Battlefield 4 hacks. battlefield4-release-date New Posters at GDC We just got news that the Battlefield 4 booth is up at GDC and posters and billboards are ready for the big reveal tomorrow. The Battlefield 4 trailer will be shown and we will have the first look here. Until then check out this info and look at the Battlefield 4 screenshots. battlefield-4-billboard

The Game Developers Conference is in full swing in San Francisco at the moment, and developer DICE is present for the world unveiling of their upcoming game. EA is creating some hype in town by setting up the first posters and promotional materials. Both small posters and large billboards were spotted in San Francisco, as you can see below. BF4 will first be unveiled in Stockholm at a special event (pictures below), with DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson. Afterwards, the DICE guys at GDC will unveil the game to the crowd in San Francisco. Finally, tomorrow, the official Battlefield 4 website will reveal the first details of the game. We expect to get the first footage and first screenshots of the game.


New Frostbite 3 Engine

Battlefield 4 is being shown right now to press behind closed doors in Stockholm Sweden and we have the first details about the game. Many players thought Battlefield 4 would be a quick mod type game powered by the Frostbite 2 engine so Dice and EA could make millions on a quick turn around. It seems like that isn’t true at all. Our sources tell us BF4 will be using the brand new Frostbite 3 engine that’s built from the ground up. This is what they had to say about the features in the new game engine.

Among the new additions is a much improved destruction feature where buildings can be completely destroyed (like in Bad Company 2, only at a much greater level and detail), a better lighting system, new animations, a brand new weather system, and more.

First Ever Battlefield 4 Screenshots

We just got some of the first ever screens from BF4, check out these images, they are all from inside the game and this is not supposed to be rendered. I love the dual scope on the gun and the map looks outrageously insane with details, check out all the seagulls and player details, wow! What are your thoughts?? Click for higher resolution pictures.




Electronic Arts is ramping up the drama with the next “Battlefield” game. The publisher unveiled gameplay footage from the military shooter “Battlefield 4” during a Tuesday event coinciding with the Game Developers Conference in California. We had some of the first ever screens and video footage posted here. The footage began with a squad of four U.S. soldiers trapped underwater in a sinking vehicle before flashing back to their fire-fight with Russian militants in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. During the fight you can see amazing detail in the game, showing off what looks like the next game of the year. The graphics on display during the 17 minutes of footage were more photorealistic than previous games in the series, hinting at what’s to come for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s rumored Xbox successor. We of course will have Battlefield 4 hacks out for the PC version as soon as the beta get’s released. The game will be available later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It will also likely be released for next-generation consoles, but that wasn’t confirmed Today. We took some still images of the BF4 single player campaign and posted them below. The Battlefield 4 multiplayer video should be released soon for everyone to watch.

Battlefield 4 Wallpapers

Here are some new Battlefield 4 wallpapers we just got from the GDC show yesterday. Click the images to go to the larger version where you can save them to your desktop. These are actual in game images from the single player mission on the PC version of BF4. Keep checking the site we plan to upload more BF4 wallpapers each week. We also have a new Battlefield 4 news and Battlefield 4 hack section in the forum, click here to go there now.

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode

EA seems to be hard at work in wrapping up the soon-to-be-released Battlefield 4. It is expected to hit store shelves in fall this year and we will have the first ever BF4 cheat online here at ILC.

It was revealed last month through a picture of promotional art for the game that Battlefield 4 will have a Commander Mode. It has also revealed that the multiplayer component of the game will have three playable factions to use. The promotion art also revealed that pre-ordering the game will give you a discount of $10 on the first expansion that will undoubtedly be released shortly after the game’s launch.

The last game in the Battlefield series to have Commander Mode was Battlfield 2142, which was released in 2006. The mode gives a top-down view of the battlefield from which some players could direct others by placing markers for things like artillery strikes or UAV drones which all work great with unlimited ammo we provide.

Battlefield 4 was announced back in March. Before that, the website for the game was up to tease about the game’s announcement. The website had what appeared to be a rain-covered glass window; you could move your mouse around to get a glimpse at what’s on the other side of the window for a couple of seconds before it fogged up again. Check out the new Battlefield 4 screenshot below.



Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial

We got our hands on a copy of the Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial and we are currently making the first ever hack for BF4! We have 6 days left and about 50 hours of testing with the developers before they shut the alpha down. The great news is we will also get access to the Battlefield 4 beta later for even more testing. That means when the game is released you will have hacks ready to use to help you rank up fast and unlock all your weapons. Nothing is better than standing all the way across the map and sniping someone with a headshot using our aimbot. Here is a picture showing where we started to download the Battlefield 4 alpha to our PC for coding.



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