Battlefield Hardline Hacks, Cheats, and Aimbot Download 2015

Battlefield Hardline Hacks, Cheats, and Aimbot Download 2015

battlefield hardline hacks

How Do Battlefield Hardline Cheats Help You Play Better?

When you start any match using our cheats the first thing, you notice is you can see every player in the match. It doesn’t matter if the player is on the other side of the map, behind a wall or in a vehicle. We clearly mark every player in the game with colors so you can always see them. The programmer writes special code so you can see all this in every game at all times.

  1. Every player location
  2. Every player name
  3. Current health of each player
  4. If a player is visible or hiding behind a wall

The video below shows off every feature of the BF Hardline hack including aimbot, chams, fly hack, super jump and much more!

Exclusive BF Hardline Hack Feature Super Jump

One thing you get when you join our website is amazing features you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the gameplay video I posted below, that’s one of our mods using our super jump feature in the game. The Super Jump feature is amazing, you simply run up to any wall, press jump and fly high into the air. Some walls allow you to jump super high while others allow you to get on top of buildings others can’t access.

We also include glowing chams, it makes it so the players body will glow red making them easier to see. So you can use just chams, bounding boxes or both options at the same exact time, it’s up to you.

You can also get outside the map using the super jump feature and you can get on top of just about everything in the game, from the water tower to all buildings, trees, etc. It’s super fun to get access to a building nobody else can reach, lay a spawn beacon and allow the entire team roof top access.

Does the Hardline Cheat Come with an Aimbot?

Yes, we include a full aimbot and over 40 other amazing features (you can see them on the forum). The aimbot will allow you to set one key as the aimbot key, when you press the key it locks onto the enemy, and you kill them instantly. Our bot can be locked on the head, neck, face, spine or hip bone of the enemy player model, simply select this in the hack menu.

We are also the only website that allows a free flowing aimbot. The bot keeps changing bones so the anti-cheat won’t catch you.

When you enable no spread (all bullets hit dead center) as well as no recoil (guns don’t move at all) the aimbot is unstoppable, I had over 138 kills in a game I was testing the aimbot on last night. The other really awesome thing is our hack will beat any other Battlefield Hardline hack released!

Normally a map looks like this image; you can’t see what’s behind walls, trees, grass, etc. You have to run around or camp to find someone and get a kill.

battlefield hack before

With the cheat enabled in the same location, notice how you can see everyone on screen? Now you can locate everyone faster, get more kills, surprise the enemy and have way more fun. I like to see someone camping, run in a room or run up behind them and kill them in a melee attack. =)

hardline hack after

If you notice some enemy players are marked in red while other enemy players get marked in green (like the guy on top of the building), that’s because the hack shows you when a player is visible to the bot (meaning they can be killed). Anyone in red is behind an object, and your bullet can’t get to them, as soon as they come out into the open they turn green, and you can kill them.

Will the Battlefield Hardline Hacks Get My Account Banned?

The great news for you is our coders have been working with Battlefield related games for over NINE YEARS! We have two coders here meaning we have over eighteen years combined experience making BF related hacks, so you came to the best place.

ILikeCheats has extra code in the cheat loader, so it’s much harder for the anti-cheat to find you. We have a 20 step process to hide our cheats and keep you safe. If you use other free or paid cheats, you risk getting banned pretty fast. Check out this free Battlefield Hardline cheat at Unknown Cheats, for instance, it came out for the beta and if you read at the end of the post everyone starting getting bans. So stick with us, and you’ll stay undetected longer.

Now with all that said I do have to warn you that no hack in the world is 100% undetectable, but we usually only have one detection a year. Some websites have detection after detection because they can’t figure out what the developers keep finding, we have things in place that other websites don’t use so you will truly be safe with us!

We offer over 25 PC game cheats, and we have only had one detection in the last year! You can also see that while I’m typing this up we have over 78,000 members! If we had detections all the time our member count would never be that high, so join us with confidence.

What About Fair Fight, Can They Catch Me Hacking?

FairFight anti-cheat watches a players stats as they play a game. Anyone who is doing things normal players could never do will get banned. Meaning if you use an aimbot from any other website you’ll almost instantly get banned, we coded everything to keep you safer longer.

How Do I Download the Battlefield Hardline Hack?

All you need to do is register on the forum; once that’s done you simply click the subscribe button and get the cheat for 30 days! You also get private forum access, and you can meet other hackers to play with on the servers. Battlefield Hardline is one of the best BF games to date, so download now as it’s the only FPS coming early in 2015.

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