Brand New Rust Hack Features Just Released

Brand New Rust Hack Features Just Released

Our Rust hack was just updated with some killer new features, this is the most popular Play Rust Cheat in the world with 40 amazing total features, check out what’s new and look at the images below. You can sign up for VIP on our forums and get instant access. No other site has a longer running undetected Rust cheat.

New Features Just Added
Added NoWalls – Walls go away (see pictures above)
Added NoDoors – Look inside the doors are gone
Added silent aim – Makes it so your not aiming at someone but you still kill them with the aimbot, haha bam
Added headshot option – Kill with head shots or turn it off for chest only
Added friends list – Be a buddy, never kill your friend again
Added save/load settings – Save all your settings and favorite load outs

Exclusive Features (we are the only site that have these)
Auto Gather – Gets wood for you automatically while you play
SPEED HACK – Run really freaking fast
DAYTIME/LIGHT HACK – Dont be scared, make it day
NO FALL DAMAGE – Jump and fall you’ll never die
SUPER JUMP – OMG your like Superman


Rust Hacks

Rust hacks no walls

Player (Display name, distance, health)
Bullet Drop Correction
Movement Prediction
Frame Compensation
Aim point(red crosshair where the aimbot is aiming, along with target name)
Auto-Switch Target Toggle
Configurable Max Distance for players and zombies
Configurable Aim Angle(limits the aimbots aim vectors)
Configurable Prediction Limit
Configurable Aim Bones
Critical Distance(targets within this distance take priority over others)
Smart Target Selection
Aim at zombies/players/animals, configurable
Visibility Checks (choose to aim at visible only or all targets)

Super Jump
Anti Fall
No Fall Damage
Speed Hack
Day time / Light hack
No Recoil
No Sway
Auto Gather

All esp visuals are customizable and include bounding boxes, snap lines etc!

Configurable Color
Configurable Size
Configurable Structure

Proximity Alert (Configurable distance, color

2D Radar:
Show players/zombies/items/animals
Show entity movement direction
Configurable Colors
Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
Configurable Position

Profile System:
Save Settings
Load Settings
Delete Settings
Auto-Load Settings

Anti Cheat:
VAC Bypass
CheatPunch Bypass

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  1. Erik De Hoop says:

    I should try it oh and thanks if it works man !

  2. Erik De Hoop says:

    nice if it works you guys made me very happy !!! 😀 oh im already happy yeah !!!!

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