Brand New Warface Hack Released

Brand New Warface Hack Released

Warface Hack

NEW: All cheats work on every version of Warface.
That’s right we have just released our first ever Warface Hack for every version of the game, that’s every Country for all you guys who aren’t sure. How popular is Warface (it’s currently in beta for the USA) going to be once it’s released world wide? Reports are in that over 9 million Russian players are already playing the game, that’s simple amazing. I actually got a month with the Warface beta here in the United Stated and I loved the game, it’s fast, fun and full of action. The game has only been out for 12 months in Russia so it’s pretty amazing how popular it is, that’s why we released our aimbot, full ESP, no spread, no recoil, no sway and a full anticheat bypass for our VIP members. This allows you to really enjoy the game even more. The game is awesome because it plays a bit like Combat Arms, AVA and CSGO all in one game. Check out the image below, that’s what it looks like when you play in the game, Warface is very detailed.


Накатать Warface

Another amazing thing is that Warface had over 1 million registered users in the first month. That means people are playing the game and I’m sure a few of you could use our amazing Warface cheat. So if your playing Warface RU or Warface NA or Warface CH you can download and use our cheat, it works on every single version of the game. Get more information and download our Warface hack now by clicking here.




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  1. Warface Hacker says:

    So your Warface hack video looked so awesome I didn’t want to wait for the US version to release so I got the Russian version. It was pretty hard to figure it all out being in Russian but I finally got it working. The cheat is so good, I love it and this game, I think I almost like Warface better than the Call of Duty games, it’s that good. Anyway, thanks for the hack guys.

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