Cheat Features for the WarZ Hack

Cheat Features for the WarZ Hack

We keep getting questions about all the cheat features we have in The WarZ hack so I wanted to go ahead and list some of the best ones for you guys and let you see why we have the best undetected cheat for WarZ in the entire world. Keep in mind all these features work with your game and require no game changes, you simply download our cheat loader, load the game and every feature works for you instantly. You can turn everything on and off and use only the features you want, many players simply want an easier way to find loot or watch for other bandits trying to find them to steal their weapons.

There’s our WarZ Hack and then there’s everything else.

Join the best cheat site in the industry now by simply registering on our forum and then subscribing to VIP and start using our cheat on the warz game now. We have the most experience and the best cheats in the world. Make your gaming experience the best it can be with our WarZ hack.

The very best reviews: Check out The WarZ cheat reviews we have online and see what other real VIP members say about us, our cheats and the way the WarZ  cheat helps them. With over 89,000 new members in 6 months we have a reputation for being the best.

Use our ESP to see every single weapon on the map when you come to towns or kill other players. The ESP makes the weapons glow and lists what type of gun on the map.  This allows you to pick up any gun, food, ammo or anything else you want and stock your locker full. Check out this picture from one day of weapon hunting. Just download the warz now and start using it instantly.


Our WarZ Cheat allows you to see zombies from miles away. Check out how they glow hot red in the game even at night. The zombies and players also have 3D boxes drawn around them so you can see each one better if you don’t want the glowing zombies turned on.

Want to get away from zombies and other players super fast? Use our noclip feature that allows you to turn through walls, vehicles, and anything else that’s a solid object. It also allows you to get on the top of any building. Simply walk up to any wall and push forward and your inside, it’s that simple. Check out the video below showing our video editor having some WarZ no clip fun with our warz download.

Who really wants to run around in the dark only to be scared by zombies running after you? I know I sure don’t, I can’t stand a zombie coming around the corner in the middle of the night only to kill and eat me. So our coder came up with a perfect cure. Now you can simply pull open the hack menu and bring down a setting to make the game time night, day, dusk or dawn and it will stay that way at all time. I upload a video below showing you how the feature works in the war z.

Have you been running through the forest in the dark in the WarZ free only to suddenly die without ever seeing anyone? Have you been killed more than a few times and had all your loot taken without seeing anyone? Do other players seem to have magic bullets that always kill faster than yours? That’s because all these players are using our WarZ aimbot that allows them to see you over 1000 meters away and kill you with a headshot anytime they like. The only way to beat these guys and quit getting killed so much is by using the aimbot yourself. Have you ever heard the saying “if you can’t beat em join em” well you better sign up now!

See all the features this cheat includes below, if you have any questions head over to our forum and we will answer them for you as quickly as possible.

AIMBOT: Makes the crosshair lock onto the enemy player
– NEW: UnFairFight v1.0: Extra Security Features to Keep You Safe From FairFight
– NEW: AAL: Adjustable Accuracy Limiter for aimbot (25% – 100%) to appear more legit
– NEW: Stats: On screen aimbot stats to help watch your accuracy and death to kill ratio
– NEW: No Spread, No Recoil & No Bullet Drop for dead on accurate shots when needed
– TriggerBot: Makes the Aimbot Auto Fire when it locks onto a player
– Headshot Aim locks the bot onto a players head for super fast kills
– Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View allow you to adjust where the bot can see
– Adjustable Distance Limit for Players so your not always getting 500 meter kills
– Visibility Checks: Know when to fire, the enemy player turns green when you can kill
– Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard can be setup to aim when your ready
– Skip Friends: Makes it so the bot won’t lock onto or kill your friends

ESP: Makes objects in the game glow certain colors
– NEW: Loot Marker: Displays *DEAD PLAYER* and distance where they died
– NEW: Stack Items: Makes it so you can see all items without clutter
– Item ESP: See every item on the map by their name and make them glow
– Name ESP: Shows the name of zombies and every item
– Player ESP: Shows you the name of every player you see
– Zombie ESP: Shows you all the zombie names above zombies
– Distance ESP: Shows the exact distance to any object
– Render Distance: Make it so you can see more of the map
– Crosshair : Have a permanent crosshair on the screen
– Enhanced ESP: See a players weapon he is holding
– Safe Zone: See if a player is inside the safe zone or not
– Safe Zone Border Alert: Tells you when your about to leave
-Safe Zone Distance: Tells you how far to the safezone
– Selectable Item ESP: Turn on and off different items
– Hide Items On Aim: Make items disappear when aiming

REPUTATION VIEWER: Shows player reps
– NEW: Players  Reputation: Find out which players to trust on servers.
– Neutral = Blue: Means this player plays fair on servers
– Thug, Outlaw, Constable and Deputy = Red: This player likes to kill
– All Higher Reps =Purple: Means this player will work with you
– Proximity Warning (Warns you a Player(s) is near you)
– Awakened Warning (Zombie Alert)

MISC: Different killer features we include
– EXCLUSIVE: Daytime Hack: Turn Night to Day on any server
– EXCLUSIVE: Screenshot Cleaner: Cleans your screen to hide the cheat
– Superman View: Make it so you can go high into the air and see everything
– Player Notification: See a players weapons before you chase him down
– No Fall Damage: Jump or fall from any height you’ll never get injured
– Added Stamina : Let’s you get stamina back much faster for longer runs
– Adjustable Distance for ESP: Make objects show up at any distance
– Fade ESP at Distance: Makes an object fade out at distance you set

So stop waiting around and sign up right now! Get the best WarZ Hack and WarZ cheat in the world. Click the image below and sign up in our frum. Once you sign up simply click the subscribe button and your ready to download and play!


Make sure you go and check out all the user reviews on our website and see why you should become a VIP. Many people have never tried using cheats like this before are can be skeptical about the whole process. If you check we are an authorized by PayPal, Paymentwall and so it is safe to use us. Click here to read our user reviews now. The great news is our Infestation or WarZ hack is undetected currently by PunkBuster so join us now and have some fun!

27 Responses

  1. Sinemind says:

    Best cheat Ive ever bought and used, very fast and smooth aimbot there you can kill all the players who are clear for you, 10/10 aimbot!

    And the esp is very nice also but I think there should be fix a health function into this.

    There is also dayhack there you can switch to what daylight/night-time you wanna have, absolutlely incredible!!

    There is so many more nice functions I just love, I recommend this cheat up to 100% even more 😉

    Best cheat Ive ever used/had. Recommended strongly, Cheap and best hack!


    • Bigdan420 says:

      I love these cheats…. subscriber since Jan-13. I have referred about 15 ppl to these cheats, because these cheats are the best. Ive never gotten banned or even fairfighted when i use the De.bug hack. Thank to all the devs that made these cheats.

      Thanks and good luck, Bigdan

  2. Korean says:

    I’ll buy this on Monday and I hope all hacks are working good and fairfight don’t give me a ban U_U’

    :DD GG hacks xD

  3. Anderson says:

    The best hack that exists, following the tips, the steps do not have error, aimbot first recommend.

  4. Koentje222 says:

    This WarZ hack is pretty unique becouse when u search for warz hacks u will find some ofc but there will never be a better hack then the one from this hack is so fast updated that when u wait for the hack to be updated it alreayd is its the best hack i have ever seen.
    Gj de.bug keep up the good work.

    Greets Koentje222

  5. David says:

    This is the best I cheat you ever saw. I would recommend and I wish you many successful projects administration.

  6. KKMan says:

    I’ve been using this hack since December 2012, and it’s working great !! Undetected(never banned, never fairfighted), quick patched(in the hour of the game update), and full of features !
    Night2day is quite useful for better zombie and player spotting, the godview is particularly useful in PvP fight to guide your team, as you can see everything from up high !
    Aimbot + no spread + no recoil + no bullet drop = Maximum killing efficiency !!! F*cking insane !!!

    And for the finale : every player of The War Z know about the biggest serial killer of this game, the mountains !!!!!! How many time have been by walking down a mountain ? How many weapons have lost ? Well, with ilikecheats, you can forget about that ! You can run on the mountain, but also you can jump off of building for insane PvP kills !!!!

    I recommend it for all of you !!

  7. Deadman97 says:

    The hack’s great, since there are many features in them I literally don’t know where to begin!

    First off, I will start with the aimbot! This hack is great and works best if you know how to use it like a pro, unlike me I mostly get killed by players who are using the same hack as I am. But if you’re a pro there is literally nothing to worry about. The aimbot itself is great but what really amazed me was the settings that you have inside it, you can change some of the settings so that you can look legit but as for me I am not really into those settings because I do not know how to use it properly.

    Second off, The no clip hack, This one also really saved my life inside the game! Though this hack is great for escaping zombies and escaping players the only bad thing about this is that it is kind of buggy and glitchy because when I walk near a building or trying to hide behind a fence to look out for other players, sometimes when I move a bit my whole body just moves right through the fence or building! Though this only happens when I’m in third person view mode, but if I was in first person view mode I am sure that this problem would never happen. There are some other bad bit is that there is no option for me to choose whether I would like it to be auto or manual to be on a specific button for it to work. There is this one time as well when I was in between a fence I accidently walked in the small gap by mistake and I died losing all my gear and stuff, the game did not show me who killed me, not a zombie nor a player just blank. Though again this hack is great.

    Third off, Player and Zombie ESP, this hack is very useful, at least to me it is. I would know exactly where a specific player is and I would know where a zombie is just in case it was dark and pitch black. This is also useful when it comes to the options you can choose! there are things like to show distance of zombies and players or that it warns you when a player is nearby! This also includes warning if a zombie is chasing you. Because zombies in this game makes such a noise and that you don’t really know that if its chasing you or standing still! Useful hack!

    Forth off, The misc, simple but useful, it just shows you the time of the real world and shows what FPS you’re running. it was useful to me because I am too lazy to press alt-the other button (dont know the name) and it takes time to load back to your desktop screen!

    Fifth off, The looting is just too awesome to explain because it just really is helpful. I find it too hard to find gear and health but when you turn this hack on I feel like I’m god! There are options like to show you where and how far that item is!

    Sixth off, Auto trigger would be useful to use against other hackers, I think though because I only started use it recently.

    Seventh off, The ability to change the time off day, Very useful because I don’t like the night time because it is too dark and very hard to see players and zombie!

    Eighth off, The ability to have a different point of view This is useful when I cant see a player behind a wall or building, if I use this I would definitely see them

    There are more good stuff and features but I just don’t know how to put it into words, I guess you just have to buy it to know it what it’s like!

  8. yourcheats says:

    Hey i’ve been using ilike cheats hacks for about 5 months now its a great hack the aimbot is fantastic best i ever seen , you can use to kill all kinds of players even other hackers, just be carefull with how many kills you make with it. limit it to 10 each 2 hours so switch characters then, also the Esp is great for looting and zombie killing also ofcourse in search of players, just the only thing missing is a health bar and a amount of bullets the opponent has , but its still great was just a tip for next update maybe.
    dont forget about the night and day switch i think the only site that has it is this one.
    -and they even have like loader setup helpers and such, on forums which i gotta say the moderators are a great help with installing the hack on ur computer you can ask them anything about it.
    the superman view well the name said it all makes you feel like superman.

    just try it out yourself or watch the video’s up here ^^^^

  9. RyanHewlett says:

    Amazing cheat, Probably the best i have ever used, Works great it got me all the loot i could ask for 🙂

  10. Bammos says:

    Sup sup yeah man if you guys are looking for a great hack you have to get this 1 i just got 5 words YOU GONNA BE A GOD
    the hack got everthing you need its so awesome
    i came back for the third time Today!! its just addicted

    i have to say its one off the best Hacks that you can get
    that was a little joke ITS THE BEST WAR-Z HACK IN THE WORLD
    you just have to try it to know it is like your playing in a dream
    where you got the control you just gonna be a judge like
    do you deserve to die uhmm yeah so DIE!!

    Try in the game or Die in the game


  11. KuartsBR says:

    This is the best I cheat you ever saw. I would recommend and I wish you many successful projects administration.

  12. jay man says:


  13. Emerson Eduardo Duwe says:

    A hacker with all the great options available to hack The War Z as ESP, Aimbot, NoClip, Instant Pickup, among other things that make this the best hacker of all for the game, and besides all the features that make hot to play gameplay and unforgettable, and the best, you is not banned, because the hack is completely undetectable.
    It offers options for players of any kind, those who like to play at night can configure the game to always stay the night, who like to play during the day can do the same thing if you like to have perfect gameplays buy the hack ilikecheats for The War Z.

  14. Chris Smith says:

    The de.bug WarZ hack is amazing. Before using it I would die constantly on public servers and constantly lose my stuff to those superior hackers. After purchasing it I began excelling at WarZ. I can sit in the middle of clearview and aimbot people as soon as they become visible. I never need to worry about night with the daytime changer and the noclip lets me take the most efificient path to loot and escape zombies. My global inventory is stacked with rare items and even after killing hundreds of people I am still not banned. I would DEFINETLY recommend this cheat and several of my friends have gotten it as well now too. 10/10

  15. sapao says:

    This is the best cheat ever, I have never get banned with this and I play 4 hours every single day. Thanks ilikecheats!

  16. darkoct says:

    Very well thought out hack very different compared to the rest because this one actually works!! DeBug you are doing magnificent job keep up the good work!!

  17. danick says:

    Best cheat for war-z go buy it now !!

  18. sergey says:

    very good cheat

  19. Jigsaw says:

    I’ve already bought the WarZ cheat a few months ago, it’s really an incredible cheat 🙂

    Very good and effective against zombies and enemy players..

  20. TwistDropShot says:

    Alright, so a lot of people have been asking to write a review so heres my review.

    So when i got the hack i got it for one reason! A LOT of people hack in this game this game was really fun nearly my favourite game until hackers started showing up i would just report and ignore them but it just started getting worse and worse (especially people from TM) who would just fly around and kill everyone! After a couple of weeks i decided to go out and get an esp it was good you know was able to see people the gear all the goodies! but i was still deing a lot to aimboters! I hoped onto google and looked up warz cheats. And saw ilikecheats and without problem purchased their hacks! (best decision ever) Their hacks consist of several diffrent things to elp you get on top of the game and own like you’ve never had before! Let me tell you about all the features their hack consist of Don’t worry You will be blow away!

    1.) Aimbot by far the fastest aimbot i have seen locks onto players faster than you can say hi (very fast!) its also the fastest killing aimbot since it aims for their face!

    2.)Want to limit your accuracy to seem more legit!? want to NOT lock onto your clan mates for those accidental kills well this aimbot has it all! You can set an option to avoid clanmates and you can limit your accuracy from 25%-100% and you can set what % of accuracy you want! amazing huh!

    3.)Esp, ever wanted to know where another enemy player is at or wanted to know when to shoot them at the perfect moment!? want to find all the amazing loot in the game!? Well with this Esp you will be able to see anything from a bag of mini saints to a M107 sniper rifle! Want to know where a person died!? or where all the zombies are at so you don’t get mauled! You can use this esp for you total domination of the game!

    4.) Has it ever been too dark to where you can’t see at night!? Well worry no more this hack includes A feature where you can TURN NIGHTTIME TO DAYTIME! unbelievable!

    5.) That esp getting in your way when your trying to kill someone? can’t see them right because theres to much loot around ever wanted to hide all that anoying loot for just a second until you’re in the clear!Well now you can! just turn on the feature and get started owning!

    6.)Want to take no fall damage!? want to be able to outrun zombies!? With this hack you can jump of a building and walk off like nothing ever happened! This also include faster regenarating stamina! Well like i’ve said before this hack has everything you need to DOMINATE the game

    7.)Noclip! dont know what it is!? well ilike cheats has made an auto-noclip witch lets you walk through walls building effortlessly there a fence in your way and your getting chaced by zombies!? no problem!! you can run right through it!!

    Well this is all i can think of right now i give it a 9/10! Did you like what you heard, Want to see even more features!!? want to become a GOD at warz!? well hurry on over and click the link!!!!^^^^! You won’t regret it!

  21. Oguzhan Unal says:

    Best hack ever in this game.Download and use best aimbot best no clip.
    greets nickname on forum: oguzhan1unal

  22. LuizPaulo2 says:

    Amazing Hack !

  23. norcal_searcher says:

    I have been using ILikeCheats since the program was offered. It has made game play much more enjoyable. I feel much safer to roam around the map without being stalked. Besides not being killed as frequently, I am able to find the best loot and safely return it to the safe zones. It’s a valuable asset to have.

  24. asoboyxxx says:

    I Love this Hack it is so awesome <3 ty girlgamer for publishing the hack and i will buy more hacks ^^ Ty <3

  25. Krooked says:

    The iLikeCheats, cheat is the best by far that I have seen around for The WarZ and there are a lot of other places that you could go for cheats HOWEVER if you want a reliable cheat that watches your back then this is the package for you.

    The cheats only cost $12 which in all honesty isn’t that hard to earn and for that price you get aimbot, ESP, No-Clip, time of day hack, enhanced item ESP and much, much more. These features are worked on by a dedicated coder(De.Bug) who thuroughly tests that the cheat is working at it’s best at all times through vigorous testing and multiple hours put into updating it every update!

    Honestly I was sceptical at first with this cheat but what I find to be the best feature is the screenshot clearer, this is the BEST cheat because of this ONE feature, when FairFight takes a screenshot of you, everything that isn’t supposed to be there disappears to protect you from being banned, so as long as you use the cheat responsibly then you will enjoy this cheat just like I and many other users have done! Happy subscribing!

  26. ZFrames says:

    These cheats are what u can say. ummmm…… (Amazing)
    1. First thing u can say is its affordable 12$, thats u staying home playing with these cheats saving that 12 bucks u would use for 3 gallons of gas, seeing as those prices are only going to continue going up =P.
    2. These not only safe but, try to teach you to play safe, also if something needs recoded they disable the cheat so you don’t get your self in trouble by logging and realizing you should have read patch notes.
    3.Forums are super informative full of info or people who can give u info you need.
    4. For what it does, you get esp meaning see people from a long ranges, Turn night to day 😉 , See loot and how far it is away same for zombies. Also comes with aimbot with limiter select your accuracy from 25%-100% seem more human, and the max range for the aimbot to kick on up to 1000m away no spread all that good stuff, and the ability to walk through ANYTHING. Leave them laying there with (No Clip’s) ;).
    5. Overall i was skeptical about buying this with my debit card lol but it was a good investment after all.

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