Crossfire Hack Sneak Preview

Crossfire Hack Sneak Preview

Crossfire Hack

Our new Crossfire Hack by Pyro has been released for free to anyone who registers, get it here. Cross fire is one of the most popular games in the world and so many people play it you can hardly ever find an empty server. We have a full 45+ featured  Cross Fire hack with full aimbot and ESP where you can rage in every server or turn things down a little and look legit. No other site has as many features as we will be releasing. If your a fan of the game watch the video below and make sure you register on our forum and LikeUs on FaceBook so you get the news when we release! The CF hack could come out later this week, tonight, this weekend or next week. Just keep checking back because Santa wants to be good to all of you for Christmas. Here is the video, watch the start for super fast sniper jump kills and then watch the rage killing shortly after. Don’t forget to register now by clicking here to get informed when we release the Crossfire Hack.

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Crossfire Cheats VIP Features Will Include
Check out what features will be in the VIP build!!!
Super bullets
Weapon Teleport
One hit kill{SS}
Rapid Fire{SS}
Long Knife{SS}
Rapid Knife{SS}
Walk through walls{ss}
Maximum bullet range
No recoil
No spread
Instant reload
Name Esp
Boax Esp
Health Esp
Bone Esp
Weapon Esp
Visible checks
Aim modes { Closest to player, closest to crosshair, lowest health, Tactical }
Self protection ( overrides aimbot if someone is aiming at you )
Fire mode
No weapon weight
Auto kill
Spawn Shield check
Room crasher
Instant weapon switch
Super jump{ss}
Full damage through walls
No fall damage
No flashbangs
No grenade damage
Max bullets ( 6 shots per bullet )
No scope

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  1. marwandeang says:

    thank you for the cheat 🙂

  2. steven says:

    How to cheat crossfire?

  3. dominic suyo says:

    How to cheat crossfire?

  4. Nervoize says:

    I’m going to buy this hack! 😀

  5. john13579 says:

    Thanks for the hacks

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