DayZ Standalone Hack

DayZ Standalone Hack

Our coder has already released his DayZ standalone hack to our VIP members. If you tried our WarZ hack you know how good it is and how it’s the most popular WarZ cheat in the world. Now we are getting ready to show off with our DayZ hacks that have over 40 features and allow you to rule the world of DayZ. Over a million people played the DayZ mod and we expect even more will be playing DayZ standalone, that’s why we want to have the best cheat ever released for the game.

Check out a few of the world images below and see how good the game looks compared to WarZ, another popular zombie game. You can see the fog in the distance, all the trees and the advanced detail of the map that makes it look real. We are super excited about our DayZ standalone hack and we can’t wait to release it to our VIP members. Register on our forum now and then become a VIP to start using our cheats today.

The DayZ Standalone Hack news from the development team has been updated again as you can see below. Check out the amazing new video they just posted online.

Inventory System
One of the biggest improvement areas has been the inventory system, now almost ready for a public display. This new inventory system supports crafting, interchangeable clothing, degradation, tracking, weapon customization, and much more. It’s really a revolutionary system for us and we’re extremely proud of the results that Jirka (our programmer assigned to this) has achieved.

Not touched on in the video, but what we will be showing soon is the basics of how users can interact with items in the world – this is the next step in development of our inventory system beyond where it is now. This is not a traditional crafting system, but one that encourages layers to explore the ways in which items can be crafted.


Zombie pathfinding
In the video, towards the end, some before and after footage of work on the zombie AI pathfinding. Not only has this changed the role, threat, and speed of the zombies – but it has also yielded performance improvements. The increased accuracy of the zombies movement allows their movement to be slowed down to more sensible values, in line with those of the players themselves. We still have some other avenues to explore in this regard, but we’re very pleased with the results so far.

Mass zombie spawning server side
Now all zombies are spawned directly on the server and their movement is governed directly on the server itself. This has allowed us to provide increased security and hack prevention mechanisms by disabling functionality at the client level. It also means that zombies no longer “pop” in and out of the world, previously used as a mechanism to tell if someone was in the area. It also paves the way for us to allow migrating zombies and zombies traversing open areas in search for their next meal.

dayz cheat

We still have some way to go in performance, the initial tests of 4000 zombies spawned reduced the server FPS to 4. After performance optimizations this increased up to 21. We’re now confident we can have the server FPS back up to 30+ with maximum numbers of zombies in the near future.

Expanding health system
Health is extending far beyond just blood, into a system that incorporates health, blood, and consciousness level. How these are all interrelating will be touched on in its own devblog in future. Some of the exciting developments coming include longterm play effects such as poor diet affecting your long term health levels. All this translates into the importance of a longterm plan for survival of your character, and we’re sure the role of medical specialists will become very important – hopefully emphasizing social interaction opportunities.

kill zombies dayz

Chernarus Expansion
This continues at a huge pace. The two new villages in expand Cherno and provide it a true city feeling. Also expanding is the top (north) map area and the continued development of our large-scale features being added to the map. More to follow on this! (we can’t wait to show some more of this!)

Loot spawning
Finding loot now involves scavenging inside of vehicles, looking for items stuck between furniture, prying open car boots, or strewn in the wasteland itself. Consuming your bounty now results in rubbish, such as empty cans after consuming your beans. This is no mere gimick, because your trash can be used to track you.

There is a great deal more that can be covered, but we’re really deeply in the thick of development at the moment and we just wanted to get something quick and dirty to all those waiting for standalone. We know that you want it released, and we know you want to know when this will be – but we’re 100% committed to making this a great game, and that means we are making sure to do things properly. We’re happy and confident about the progress, so it’s one foot after another and soon we’ll be at the finish line.

DayZ Map

In the new image just posted below by the development team you can see one of the first ever DayZ zombies inside the map. All the pictures you see are not renders but actually images from inside the game during game play. Currently the development team is creating all the animations for the zombies using motion capture studios.

The DayZ Standalone hacks will work with the new game which could allow anywhere from 50 – 150 people on a server at one time. The DayZ team actually went around the Czech Republic to get new ideas for maps. You can see the level of detail they are putting in the game below with the new screens I just uploaded. The team is also working to make all new weapons with more detail. They have plans to release new content each week such as new loot items and characters.

Dayz Standalone
DayZ maps

You can tell from these two images below how much work they put into the new maps with the lighting. The top image shows what DayZ looks like on Arma II, where the game is currently a free mod. The image below shows the new map where you can see the new level of detail. The developers said they aim to make this the best zombie game in the world. We will be right behind them after the release with the best DayZ Hacks ever released.

DayZ mapDayZ cheat

What do the DayZ standalone developers have to say about the hacks already released in the community? Check out this clip from their interview with PC Gamer last week.

“The biggest thing, I guess, that’s at the forefront for me—because my Facebook is literally flooded with messages about it—is being able to take on the hacking. It’s something that you never completely solve, you just have to keep on at it.”

Hall added, “I don’t like to say that we’ll lock it down, but we’ll get the experience polished for PvP. We’ll be able to start dealing with the hacking issues properly, and also lock down some of the key bugs.”

“If we wanted to fix these right now,” Hall concluded, “we’d have to mess with Arma too much. I think Arma deserves to be left alone to an extent, and not have DayZ putting in fixes that might cause it problems.”

Another thing the developers forgot about was actual team members who test the alpha and beta of DayZ standalone. What if someone like our coder was actually already testing the game? Well, let’s just see what happens when the full game is released. Here are a few more detail images showing you how much more advanced the game looks compared to WarZ. Check out the characters and the top view of the map, it looks amazing. Everyone get ready, the new WarZ hack is going to be amazing and released soon. Keep checking this thread for updates.

Dayz standalone character
DayZ standalone characters
DayZ cheats

What are your thoughts on the new DayZ standalone game and our upcoming DayZ hacks and cheats? Let us know by using the comment section below. If your really ready to support the new DayZ development team then buy the DayZ merchandise in their new online store. They have some killer new t-shirts some of the staff actually ordered, we promise to wear them while we use the DayZ hacks and during our development. You can see a few images of some of the good below, click here to see the full store.

DayZ Standalone

Last week the DayZ Standalone developers update the site with brand new video showing off some characters as well as the vast and very detailed environments in the game. If you didn’t have our DayZ hacks there is no way you would be able to fully enjoy the game. Think about not being able to see weapons, ammo, food or even enemy players until your right up on them. Using our cheat allows you to see everything from 500 yards away, pick your enemy and kill them before they see you. Find out where all weapons and zombies are before you even go into a new town and hide or kill enemy players you come in contact with. Our DayZ standalone cheat will help you in every aspect of the game and no other site has more experience with zombie games. Sign up now by clicking here to register so you can get an email notification when we launch or new DayZ hack!

No DayZ Standalone Until at Least June
, the standalone zombie survival game spawned from the popular Arma 2 mod, will enter official review in June, with plans for a widespread alpha sometime after then, creator Dean Hall tells Joystiq.

“We’re going to review the situation in June,” Hall says. “So there’ll be no release between now and June. And we’re quite hopeful that we’ll go then. I know that people get really frustrated because they want to play, but I just think this is the best option.”

DayZ is basically ready for an alpha run, but Hall and his team are waiting to perfect the client-server architecture. Hall currently has 25 people in a small pre-alpha, and he hopes to get a few hundred playing DayZ before opening the alpha. DayZ alpha keys will go live in batches, possibly 50,000 at a time, and Hall is looking at a possible Kickstarter-inspired distribution model, where players would pay certain amounts to opt into the alpha and snag other goodies, in tiers.

“We want to release the keys in chunks of what we have servers available,” Hall says. “The idea is to very, very quickly try to release something out there, because that allows us to start capacity testing. We’ve got one final thing we’re waiting for with the release date, which is the completion of our client-server architecture. It’s basically making the game into an MMO, and pretty much the moment that’s done, we’ll release.”

Part of our coding team is playing the alpha so we expect DayZ Standalone Hacks and Cheats the day the game drops.

We just looked over a recent interview about DayZ and this is what the producer said about our hacks and why the game has been pushed back 6 months or longer.

“It’s very difficult to be able to turn around and say ‘We have solved hacking’ because of the nature of it and even what [the hackers] are trying to do, it’s a creative thing,” Hall explains.

However, the project’s progress towards launch has already been pushed back six months in order to tackle the hacking issues, and the changes that have been made are far-reaching. Unlike in the DayZ mod, each players’ computer won’t receive updates for each action that takes place on server. “There’s kind of now a bubble around the player,” he notes. “So the player only receives updates that are relevant to them.”

This change is designed to do two things: It cuts down on the bandwidth usage and lag that is so prevalent on many DayZ servers, and also prevents cheaters from being able to create tools that show where other players are on the huge, open map.

So the developers are spending 6 months on this project and code to try and stop the DayZ standalone hacks from being released but that will never happen.

It looks like the DayZ developers will release the DayZ alpha in June, even tho it’s not set in stone, I was checking out the developer blog and found some information from their recent videos. They also upload a few images from a ship they plan to use in a map, check it out below. Our coder will be working on the DayZ hacks so keep checking back for this release.

Dayz map pic1
Dayz map pic2
Dayz map pic3

DayZ Standalone Alpha Leaked

Looks like one of the alpha testers for DayZ Standalone leaked 8 minutes of gameplay from the game. Check it out below, what do you think? Some of it looks really rough but that’s normal for an alpha release. I can say it looks much better than WarZ, I still can’t wait to get my hands on it and test it out.

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