DayZ Standalone Hacks are Online

DayZ Standalone Hacks are Online

dayz standalone hacks

Our DayZ standalone hacks by R4Z8R are online now! We currently have full ESP working and we plan to keep adding more features for all VIP members at no additional charge. If you want to find every weapon, see all the players and zombies and never die again then sign up right now. All you need to do is go to our forum and register by clicking here and then you can sign up and download instantly when you get private forum access. Our coder plans to put in full aimbot as well as many other options in the coming days. You can see from the screens below that you can see all the items on the map at all times, this makes it super easy for you to find weapons, ammo and more. Our DayZ SA hack is undetected by VAC and our other VAC secure hacks have never been detected, so sign up knowing we have the best prices and the best undetected DayZ standalone hack.

We updated the DayZ SA Hack with better ESP, check out the bounding boxes showing you players and zombies below.


DayZ 2014-01-16 20-44-08-09

dayz hacks


4 Responses

  1. Sam Purves says:

    I want hacks.

  2. gg says:

    Your a noob if u wanna hack. I’ll kill you with antihack!

  3. Dennis Jansen says:

    Need hacks ;D

  4. rando says:

    Bohemia needs to hire some of these guys, they seem to be better at doing shit then the devs

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