Infestation Hacks & Cheats Survivor Stories

Infestation Hacks & Cheats Survivor Stories

Infestation Survivor Stories Hack

The best hack for Warz that is undetected. What in the world is wrong with The WarZ developers? I guess they finally got a legal email from the movie World War Z producers asking them to change their name or get sued. So now the developers of WarZ have changed their name to¬†Infestation: Survivor Stories, which is really lame. Needless to say we still have undetected Infestation hacks ready for you to use and as of today they are not detected by PunkBuster. I went ahead and upload a video showing off the new Infestation Hack where you can use our aimbot, no clip and full ESP to find every weapon and item in the game. So many people can’t stand playing Infestation or WarZ (whatever you want to call it) without hacks because everyone else is using them. We help you defend your weapons and your loot so you don’t spend days trying to find new weapons and guns. The great thing is our hack is currently not detected by PunkBuster. We also offer a huge Infestation trade store where you can trade for weapons and more.

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Infestation Survivor Stories Hack Video

How does our Infestation Hack help you?

Most of the people playing Infestation without cheats have a hard time staying alive, do you know why? Because 90% of the players in the game are using ESP which allows you to see where every player is at all times as well as every single zombie, item, weapons, etc. So they have a huge advantage over you because they hack. Think about it, they don’t need to run around for hours looking for weapons and getting killed over and over again by zombies and other players. Our Infestation Survivor Stories hacks will allow you to get all the weapons you want and make it back to the safe zone with all those weapons. Check out the picture below showing off the ESP hack in action, notice how all the zombies glow red and they all have boxes around them. Also check out how the other player has a green box around him. This really helps to avoid people and find items during game play. Our¬†infestation survivor stories hacks will make your game play so much better and it will make the game more fun than it’s ever been before.


Infestation Hack

Can you believe it? The developers behind The WarZ, now known as Infestation Survivor Stories (still a horrible name in my opinion) have actually decided to update the game. We can’t believe they actually got more work done after so long can you? Our new Infestation hack will help you in the new map set in California. Check out all the crazy images below, the game may actually start to be fun now that we can explore a larger city. Also check out the Campos modifications, buildings have more plants and vines on the side and you can get on different roofs now. If your using our Infestation hacks you can actually get on any roof using our no clip hack. Check out these updated images below, they look amazing!

The Best Infestation Survivor Stories Hacks

Boulder city also got a new update if you haven’t played in a while you can see the images below. Some of the pictures show the before and after when new objects have been put into place. Once you go download Infestation Survivor Stories you can become a VIP on our website by clicking here and it will give you instant access to our Infestation Survivor Stories hacks. I think the developers for Infestation are worrried about the new DayZ Standalone game that will be coming out in the coming months, you can check out our DayZ standalone hack and decide which zombie MMO will be better for you. So on to the new Infestation screenshots, check them out, the city is getting very detailed now.

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10 Responses

  1. Jeppe says:

    This is the best hacks ever! And the best support ever! Bought the hack 2 times!

  2. StevO says:

    Your infestation hacks are great, I finally got them a few days ago and ended up gaining 50 weapons the same exact day. I love the no clip because I can run into houses to escape zombies.

  3. superman1985 says:

    I’ve been useing the ilikecheats infestation hack for 5 months, it’s always been great support from the mods on the forum and for when the hack is down you dont lose anytime as they add the time back onto your subscription.

  4. Adriel83 says:

    Hi Guys, Today i’m here to talk about ILC Infestation cheat

    ILC Infestation cheat is one of the best, for me the best, cheats in the world
    The support is amazing, de.bug is the best coder from the universe, and he won’t never add a cheat that will get banned, and if so, he will advise you that it will problably lead to a ban

    The Features

    ILC is the only site that provides you a day-to-night cheat, wich is really good, you don’t need to waste time/money on a nightvision

    You have the perfect Enhanced ESP that shows you everything that you need to know about the enemy, it shows the distance, primary and secondary weapon, safe zone check, reputation, it is amazing
    We have as well the zombie esp, it says distance, bounding boxes and how many zombies want your brain

    ILC provides the superman view, you can go high up in the air to look around and spot the enemy

    Now we have the noclip, wich activates when you run into a wall in 3rd person and bam, you’re in the other side of the wall, it is really usefull when running from zombies and flanking the enemy

    ILC Aimbot is deadly in all aspects, you can shoot enemys from 150 meters without missing, no more ammo waste

    We got now our little disconnect key, you can use it when your enemy flanked you and you don’t have 10 seconds to just hit disconnect and wait for your death, when you hit that key you’re instantly disconnected from the server, avoiding death

    ILC Is the best cheating site in the world, you have tons of admins waiting to support you, you have de.bug that updates the hack whenever it need, it is the best cheating site ever

  5. AngelMoon says:

    Just amazing cheat, in 1 hour I can get tons of guns! Excellent ESP for seeing everything.

    Aimbot 100% accurate when you need it! Is just amazing, just like the support here, I love these guys.

  6. Emerson Eduardo Duwe says:

    The hack of the ILC is the best of all, offers all possible features for an FPS, and I will introduce them one by one now:

    ESP: You can see any player expandable to a radius of up to 1000 meters, can know your nickname, your reputation, the weapon that it uses.

    Aimbot: The best aimbot ever seen for Infestation Survivor Stories (The War Z), just perfect, and very adjustable to seem more legitimate, so if you use a decent hack the ILC will not be banned.

    NoClip: ILC with you can easily pass through walls, using only the function NoClip.

    Change Night to Day: The Hacker provides the function to set the time you want to play, want to have good vision and do not want to use Night Vision? Use ILC.

    Vision of Superman: The hack provides a function that works like you’re flying on the map, but his body remains on the ground, his vision only goes up to heaven.

    Stack Items: One of the most useful features, you can separate the items dropped on your screen so you can see perfectly well that the item is on the ground and at which distance.

    I believe that only those functions are already enough to convince anyone to use ILC, there are other features, but these are the main, but the most important is the good work of de.bug ensures the ILC always quickly and securely at each update then use ILC is extremely safe, if you know how to use it.

  7. killaz916 says:

    Hello everyone, I basically want to start by saying ILikeCheats knows what they are doing, their staff is friendly and their hacks are superb. They care about their clients and they do a good job at it.

    Now on to the Infestation (Formerly WarZ) hacks. At a glance we can say it has ESP, Aimbot, Day&Night Mod, NoClip. Now to divulge further in it.

    The ESP is the best I have seen, it tells you the persons Primary/Secondary weapon equipped, that way you are aware of how far you can be shot, and how accurate they will be. It also tells you their name, and rank in-game, be it Constable or Bandit. The ESP also tells you if people are near, their distance, distance of how far you are from safe-zone border, vault, store.

    The No-clip is a nice feature as well, while i personally don’t recommend using it that much it comes in handy getting out of sticky situations and gather things you wouldn’t be able to get to easily.

    The AimBot, it is amazing, deadly accurate and you can configure the Angles so it wont turn around and aim at a friend. It has an option to not aim at clan mates as well.

    Day Light & Night Mod, this bad boy, allows you to see it being 8am when its really 11pm. Forget night-vision when you have this card up your sleeve. You will never hate the dark again, well you will, but you wont be blind or angry because you can make it daytime at the push of a few keys.

    Now i know i didn’t review everything but i reviewed the spotlights of the Hack and i hope this helps out anyone reading and had question about the hack before buying it. It is by far worth the price and wont let you down. Happy Hacking!

  8. WarZCheater says:

    I got your WarZ cheat last week and I’ve been staying alive now without all my weapons being taken from other hackers. The largest weapons I ever got was from a group of guys going back to the safe zone, I killed all 3 of them and got over 15 weapons and full ammo it was amazing. I love how your hack shows what weapons the bandits carry. Thanks again to debug for the amazing cheat.

  9. WarZKilla says:

    Thanks for the WarZ hack, I’ve been able to get over 60 weapons and I can snipe people from over 300 yards out. I like being able to always spot every zombie and player now. Peace!

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