Nether Hacks Being Released

Nether Hacks Being Released

nether hacks

Our coder now has new Nether hacks online that help you play the game better and have more fun. If your someone who likes Infestation Survivor Stories / Formally WarZ or DayZ then you’ll love Nether. This is a new MMO running off the Unreal Engine (so it looks amazing), the worlds look more detailed and the game feels better than the previous MMO released. Nether puts you in a post apocalyptic world with 64 other players and allows you to join up with other players or be alone and try to kill everyone else. The worlds are all set in vast urban environments so your not roaming hills and valleys for hours, your always in a city. If you decide you want to join other players (easily done because Nether supports microphone technology for talking) you can take over buildings and hold them as your compound. Whenever you log out of the game and come back later you always start back at the same spot where you left. Nether does not have zombies, but it does have some type of new creatures (called the Nether) that find you based on sounds you make. These creatures can disappear and appear again somewhere else, making them scary when a group is after you. Here is a video showing the game off a little.

Nether Hack

The thing that makes Nether frustrating is having to run all over the map looking for weapons and loot and getting killed by surprise enemy players or monsters who appear and scare you to death. Our Nether hack actually allows you to see every monster, all players, weapons and loot using advanced ESP. This draws a box around the items and players allowing you to see them all in real time at all times, even when they are behind objects like walls, etc. So as an example, let’s say an enemy player is behind a wall in front of you, well the box around him will be red. When the player comes out from behind the wall the ESP box turns green letting you know you can kill him.

Nether Aimbot

We have the best Nether aimbot in the world which allows you to instantly lock onto a player or monsters head and take them down before they can even react. Usually the only way you ever die is if an enemy player catches you reloading your weapon. With our Nether hack you’ll be able to run around the map, get any weapons you want, kill everyone and seem like the best player in the world. You can get the Nether hacks now by simply signing up on our forum and then subscribing, so click here now to register.

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  1. HMXF says:

    I would like to try this NETHER cheat.

  2. creeping says:

    Well Very Nice But Where Is The CHEAT Tons Of People Want To Download… Since I Have Had A Long Lasting Sub With Your Hacks This Will Be Better Then Any Other NETHER Hack. RELEASE IT PLEASE…

  3. DarkAngel117 says:

    I would love to try this hack out.

  4. Seronja says:

    I would love to try this hack out.

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