Our Black Ops 2 Hacks Are Back

Our Black Ops 2 Hacks Are Back

Black Ops 2 Cheats

Black Ops 2 Hacks Back

That’s right boys and girls we have our Black Ops 2 hacks back online and fully undetected! We are one of the only sites in the world who had the first ever Black Ops 2 hack and it’s still undetected for our users. So let me explain how the BO2 hack works and maybe you’ll grab it for yourself and give it a try, it’s way to much fun to pass up. Think of being able to see all the players at all times, lock on to their heads and take them out with one button, that’s how good our cheat really is when you use it. Get every single unlock and get all your weapons fast, we help players have more fun by looking legit while cheating at the same time, check out all the goodies below and then sign up to download. The Black Ops 2 cheats also work with all the latest DLC packs and maps!

Black Ops 2 Zombie Hack
First of all let’s start off by telling you about the Black Ops 2 Zombie Hack! This hack works in single player and even multiplayer. What it does is forces the game to let you be the host so you can setup all kinds of fun things when playing. You can set the gravity so that you and all the zombies float, you can setup god mode so you never die, setup unlimited ammo, super speed and unlimited money and more! The killer thing is you can keep it just for yourself or you can give it to other players in your game. Check out the video below showing off the hack in action!

Full ESP
As you can see from the image below you can see all the players names and each character model has a BB (bounding box) around them so you can locate them at all times. These boxes even show up behind walls, etc so you’ll never get surprised coming around a turn again. You can also use the name ESP and chase after one player the entire round and keep killing him, that makes people so mad. =) Here is the picture on one of the maps showing how the Black Ops 2 Hack looks to you when your playing. The RED boxes are the enemy and the BLUE boxes are your team.

Super Fast Kills
As you can see from the image below my sniper rifle was up and aiming at the enemy because I could see him coming before his player model appeared. This allows you to take aim and kill guys before they can see you. Even if you choose not to use the aimbot the ESP really gives you that added advantage in every round and makes for more fun. If you want to hold the aimbot key down the guy would die 2 milliseconds after he appears because we have the fastest Black Ops 2 aimbot in the world.

Unlock Every Weapon and Upgrade Fast
Because your using our Black Ops 2 cheats you’ll find you can unlock every weapon and add on super fast. No more playing 1000 rounds to get the best weapons, we can help you place first every single round and get all the rewards super quick. The image below shows you how fast you can move up in the game, check out the score, can’t touch that.  =) I also posted a picture of the calling cards we unlocked in only a few hours time.

Easy to Use Cheat Menu
If this is your first time using a Black Ops 2 hack don’t worry, it’s super easy to use and I’ll explain the process. Once you become a member you simply sign up for the Black Ops 2 hack VIP. At that point you get instant access to the download and you load the cheat, once the cheat is up and running you start the game and then you have a nice cheat menu (seen below) that allows you to adjust every setting inside the game while your playing, it’s that simple. The entire process takes about 4 minutes and then your ready to use the cheat.

See more Black Ops 2 hack screens right here. So click the button below and sign up now! Your never going to have more fun that this, we promise you that, our cheats will take your Black Ops 2 play to the next level. Check out the image below, over 33,000 kills in just 4 days, you know that had to be fun! So sign up and join the ilikecheats forum and start playing with 100,000 other site subscribers. Oh I almost forgot, you can read user reviews of the Black Ops 2 cheats right here in our review section.

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