The Best Hacks for WarZ

The Best Hacks for WarZ

Hacks for WarZ

Our website has the best hacks for WarZ and we want to show you why. Check out all the features we provide you below, each one of these features help you to find weapons better, locate all players and zombies and it really helps you to stop loosing all the loot you found. So many new War Z players get in the game and get killed over and over and end up searching hours on end just for a few weapons. We help take your WarZ game to the next level with cheats that make you want to come back and keep playing the game over and over again.

WarZ Aimbot

The WarZ aimbot is basically code that helps you to kill other players faster. When you set the cheat up you simply create any key you want to use for the aimbot, I use my right mouse or “aim” button. So anytime I located a player I simply press the right mouse and my crosshair will go directly to the players head and lock on and stay locked on until I release the aimbot key. This means if the guy jumps, ducks, lays down, etc the aimbot will still stay on his head so that every round you fire goes directly into the players skull. This makes it much easier for you to kill players and not get killed yourself. Here is a video showing the aimbot in action. You will also notice when he kills one player the aimbot will snap directly to any other player close by so you can kill them as well.


ESP is basically the ability to make certain game objects show up better so you can spot them easier. We use bright colors to help you see each player, loot item like weapons, food, and ammo. We also show you all the zombies so you never have to worry about a surprise attack or running into them in the middle of the woods. You can also customize your ESP to colors you like and you can see the ESP behind objects like walls. The other players in the game have a box around them called “box ESP” or “bounding boxes” this shows up in RED when the player can’t be hit by a weapon and then displays GREEN when the player can be hit and killed, this way you never guess and waste bullets. We also show off guns with a glowing green color to help you spot them all easier. Check out the images below, it shows how you can find all the weapons using our weapons ESP. You can also see how we show loot stacked when coming into a town, meaning you can see the different colors of loot and where they are displayed nice and neat so you know exactly where to go. I also showed off one image of some zombies to show you how you can still see them even when they are behind the objects.

WarZ Unlimited Stamina

Ever had a problem in WarZ where you get around about 60 zombies (see below lol) and they all want to eat you? You have a huge backpack full of weapons and ammo you found over the last few days and you start running, then about 40 seconds later you run out of stamina and the zombies kill you and you loose everything? How about when you see another player but you just can’t seem to catch up to him? Well never fear, our Infestation hacks allow your stamina to be replenished every few seconds when it runs our so you can always run away from every zombie and catch any player you want! In the picture below I was being chased by a huge mass of zombies, good thing I had unlimited stamina to get away. =)
the warz hack free download

WarZ Daytime Hack

So how do you like having to run around in the dark when your playing WarZ? Wouldn’t it be killer if you could make the sun come up and go down and change the time of day anytime you wanted? Well now you can with our Infestation hack, simply open up the easy to access cheat menu and press one button to change the map from night to day and you can keep it day anytime you play the game, it’s up to you. So while all the people playing legit play in the dark, get killed by zombies every few minutes and never find loot you’ll find yourself way ahead of the game because it’s always bright so you can see! Check out the video below where we show you how easy it is to change night to day.

No Fall Damage

Don’t you love it when you fall off a tiny platform or hill that looks to be about 10 feet up and you die? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could jump off any object, rock, bridge, mountain, building, etc and never die? Well now that dream is a true reality with our hack, that’s right you won’t ever die from falling again and want to kick your PC! Check out the video below where we show you the no fall damage hack.

WarZ No Clip Hack

What’s the best feature about our WarZ hack? How about no clip? This cheat allows you to walk up to any wall, car or object and press a button and you go right through it like your a ghost, muhahahahaha! This really helps you to get away from zombie hordes, players running after you who only have a knife and you want to tease them and it also helps you get to objects and through cities faster. It’s fun to hide in a building, wait for a player to appear near it and jump through the wall to kill them, I’ve been cussed out by a few people before doing this, it was pretty funny. Check out the no clip in action below.

Infestation Hack Reviews

If you really want to see why you should register now and get our Infestation hacks please read all the user reviews below and on our review page. Everyone who tries our cheat loves it and we have over 100,000 online members on the website already. So click here to register and sign up now or click the button under the reviews below.

REVIEW BY: mau5pad
This is one of the best hacks i have used its really intuitive and there is nothing that you can really make a mistake in. The aimbot works like a charm if you want someone dead they are dead i had wars hackers vs hackers and with this hack none would kill me. What can I say the coder has outdone himself and put a lot of hard work into this hack for $12 guys BUY it and have fun I never had so much fun hacking. If you are worried of getting banned don’t be unless you don’t have experience hacking then be careful and read all the post the mods and admin posted on how to not get ban, crazy hum a site that helps you not to get ban, first site that ever did this if you ask me. The cheat is protected so the chance of anything actually happening to you in game is almost 0% unless punkbuster gets you but so far is undetected and works SO GOOD that i have no words to describe it. And the no clip is the best. Good tip for first time hackers in WarZ go in the Russian server and try hacking there a little bit then if you feel comfortable change server to where ever you want. More satisfying is that i see a staff that loves to help people and are always here to help you, hey they help you 1000% more then the WarZ staff SO before you think to buy any other hack remember what you want to get ban by some hack that was coded with a coder that only had some experience with it or our famous de.bug coder come on join in and you will love it!!!!!

REVIEW BY: seanayybyrne
So, ILikeCheats…Where to begin.

I’ve used this hack for months now and all i can say is that it is remarkable! Runs smooth, kills even smother! Any time you have a problem just go straight to the forums and within minutes if not SECONDS you will have a mod replying with a quick and easy solution! Service is flawless!

So okay, back to the hack.

Esp: Chams, tags, reputaion, name, gun etc what more could you ask for? Everything works without any problem what so ever! Clear as day 10/10

Aimbot: The aimbot is excellent. Never had a problem with shooting someone 600m away, it almost brings a tear to my eye! *sniff*. Has great features along with it such as skip clan mates, add a custom aim key, choose what damage you want to inflect on noobs, crosshairs on/off, remove and recoil, the list goes on. What more could you ask for, right?

Misc: Choose what items you want to see on your scream! Maybe you wanna farm meds? Done. Just weapons? Done. Boonie hats? done! Just turn off what you want and do not wanna see and its done instantly! And the stack items feature, PHEWWW, is by far the best feature that has been added! Killed someone and just have a cluster of loot on your screen? Set up that stack item key (custom to your liking of course ) and just fly threw and list of your hacking goods!

The ilikecheats hack is by far the best hack out there right now, hands down! They are quick to re-code when needed, never go back on their word of extra days during down time and are just overall a very informative about every detail to do with the hack and what not to do etc to keep yourself safe while using it!

If you reading this review, you know what to do!

Have a nice day! Peace.

REVIEW BY: askrobert1234
1.) It gets you where you need to go: Infinite sprint, and it doesn’t “Run on empty”. It changes the bar’s % when it hits 0, so when screened – you will look legit.

2.) You can stand a chance against those cheaters now: The ESP will tell you the distance, weapons, and reputation (Bandit, Lawman, Neutral) of players from up to (500, i think?)M away.

3.) The aimbot is good. Almost too good: I’m serious – I ACCIDENTALLY hit V (The aim key I set) with trigger-bot enabled. It locked on and killed 3 players 460M away near the safe house. My inventory was so full I was dropping M4’s for blasters. Be careful when you use it though. It’s so good it’s OBVIOUS you’re a cheater.

4.) Mother of God, I can see!: When playing an hour ago, it was pitch black night. I set the game time as 7:00 (Does not affect other players, don’t worry) – and it was exceptionally easy to see in the “Dark” ;D

5.) My favorite feature(s): The item ESP. I’ve removed the distance counter, etc from it – and just kept the name. It cuts down on lag but shows me where all weapons and armor are located. You can choose to hide individual items as well. (Don’t want food? Select hide “Yes” and you’ll only see Gear and Medicine, etc.) To go hand-in-hand with this… INSTANT ITEM PICKUP! – When you kill someone that drops a TON of loot… Hold E and your inventory will fill in half a second. It’s lovely.

Know that this hack will not make you unstoppable. I’ve died several times (mostly from hackers) – just because some that are $30 a month offer much more advantages. However, they often come with super jump, no clip (walking through objects), and the ability to shoot out of the stronghold – which will all get you banned 100x as fast.

This hack is safer, and only $12 for a 30 day license. Pretty excellent deal so far – even though I haven’t used it for long.

USE COMMON SENSE! There have been a couple times where I find an AKM, AWM, or weapon attachment INSIDE the wall (no way to get into it from either side).

Players that see these and have attempted to glitch into the wall have been banned. (Apparently 5, according to my question posted earlier. No other bans for just using this hack have been reported)

My overall rating thus far (With the new trigger-bot added TODAY) is 96/100. It could be improved, and it will be. It has made this game playable for me. And I would HIGHLY recommend any of you looking at it – to get it now!

3 Responses

  1. tijolo says:

    this hack works on emulators???

  2. NewPlayer says:

    I just wanted to make a quick post and let others know about this cheat. I bought Infestation back when it was called The WarZ and I played all the time, about 6 hours a day. I was really good but I noticed people always killed me before I could even see them, so I asked a guy who had just killed me how he found me and he said he used an aimbot. I had never heard of this before and asked him where he got the cheat and he said ilikecheats. So of course I looked up the website and looked at the videos, images, reviews, etc. I didn’t buy at first and finally decided one weekend just to give it a try. After using the WarZ cheat I can say this is the best purchase I have ever made, you guys just made my gameplay more fun than it’s ever been and I love you all! Killing people at 500 meters out and being able to see all the zombies and loot makes the game more fun for me. Again, thanks for the cheats, this site rocks.

  3. help me says:

    made me good with HACK AIMBOT, ESP, ETC .. please help me

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