The War Z Hack Updated with New Features

The War Z Hack Updated with New Features

De.Bug (our coder) did it again and update the War Z hack with brand new options, all these new features are for everyone that has VIP with us and we will release them shortly after testing. Our WarZ hack is the most popular cheat in the world for WarZ. Let me explain the new features and then you can check out the new video below. How many times have you been running across the map in WarZ when you come up to a small hill and go down it and get injured or just die? Well we fixed the problem with no fall damage feature. You can now jump off the top of any mountain, hill or rock and never get injured again. This is a really amazing and fun feature to use in the game, especially when you chase someone with a hack. The next new amazing feature is our super sprint feature that allows you to run faster than any other user and get from one side of the map to the other much faster. You can also go super fast even in the prone position so users without a cheat have no idea how you get away from them so fast. Check out the WarZ cheat video below and watch how funny it is to super speed with prone. Finally we added a new featured called auto bot which makes the aimbot fire for you as soon as as the enemy turns green and can be hit by the bullets. This means your the fastest gun in zombie land with bullets that fire faster than anyone else. We will also be adding a green orb around killed players so you can find them easier once killed. This shows a nice green globe around a fallen players items and weapons. Here is the video, simply sign up on our forum as a new member then get VIP to get instant access.

About The WarZ
Although Hammerpoint Interactive is a new game development studio, it has been the topic of discussion lately due to its first release, The WarZ. This groundbreaking zombie MMO enters new territory, by offering users a total immersion experience. It brings together elements of open world sandbox titles and first person shooters, for a well-rounded, exciting debut release from Hammerpoint. Unlike most shooters or MMOs, however, The WarZ aims to be as authentic as possible. It does this by providing no story or guidance to players, forcing them to fend for themselves against the zombies, using only objects found within the game. Fortunately, The WarZ hacks can provide a competitive edge, allowing users to thrive in this hostile terrain.

Although the main challenge of The WarZ involves fighting zombies and other survivors, players should be just as concerned about keeping a sufficient stock of food and liquid on hand. Essential to a character’s survival, in addition to staying intact during battles, is keeping their basic needs for food and water satisfied. There are a variety of consumables within The WarZ that will meet these needs, so players must keep an eye out for them. The WarZ cheats can make finding these critical items much easier as well, which will allow players to concentrate on more interesting tasks.

Among the available foods that can be scavenged, are several different types of non-perishable items. Each one will satiate a specific amount of the survivor’s hunger, so they are of varying value. The Can of Pasta fulfills more hunger than most other foodstuffs (satisfying half the need for food), but it does little else. In contrast, many food items work towards filling multiple gauges. For example, Instant Oatmeal partially satisfies the needs for both food and water. Some consumables even restore the survivor’s health or stamina as well. The Granola Bar does little to appease an empty stomach, but it replenishes a character’s stamina by 25 percent. Possibly the rarest food item is the MRE, or Meal Ready-to-Eat. This bag not only completely satisfies hunger, but it also quenches thirst by 60 percent and restores health by 25 percent. At times, items like the MRE are crucial to have stowed away for emergencies. In fact, they can even be more important than guns or ammunition, so it is essential for players to pick them up whenever possible.

Drinks can also be found in The WarZ, which are obviously far more effective than food when it comes to quenching thirst. Some drinks, such as the readily available soda can, curb hunger as well. Juice is another common item that helps the survivor’s hunger, thirst, and even health. Electro Aid (the most desirable and hard to find liquid) is similar to Gatorade in appearance, and it replenishes the character’s thirst by 60 percent, but it also greatly restores their health and hunger.

With an array of handy consumables available to forage, and The WarZ cracks to speed the search for them, players can keep their backpack full of nourishing supplements. Everything from the basic needs for food and drink, to the essential battle gauges for stamina and health can be replenished, making finding these items an essential part of The WarZ.

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  1. Adriel83 says:

    Are you thinking of buying the hack? I will try and convince you with my review.

    This WarZ cheat & aimbot is amazing, you can shoot people from 500 meters out.

    You have players near you warnings, zombies aggro warning and one awesome ESP, which shows you the primary and secondary weapon for your enemy.

    You have the Superman view which brings your vision to the sky and you can see your enemy from above.

    You have those and more features for $12.

    And you will have and amazing staff waiting to help you as well.

    I joined and loved ILC 😀

  2. thorn2 says:

    I was using other hacks and I decided to give a try to the one of and… it’s awesome !!

    With a very easy procedure to get it working: register in their website, payment through paypal, read the instructions (very important) and after this few steps I got the hack working withouth any problems.

    I use it most of the time to geat away from trouble, but it has a lot of features that are hard to get past without using them, as aimbot (with an option to no use it again your clan friends), turn night into day, shoot from safezone, the awesome ESP with information about your enemy weapons, etc

    It’s very addictive once you try it you can’t play whithout it, you geat a tons of awesome features that make the game experience awesome.

    I been playing for weeks now and Aimbot is the best! Killing anyone with 2-3 Hits up to 500m away, and i have not been banned!! so it’s undetected!! 😀

    It a must have for anyone who wants to enjoy playing The War Z at the moment, so go on!! , get it now and have fun !!

  3. snAjlen says:

    I’ve Been a subscriber of the ILC hack for almost a month. This hack is amazing.
    If you’re thinking to buy it and you are a bit of a skeptic about this , just buy it.
    The aimbot is Deadly and 100% accurate , anything in the 500 meter range will just blow up to loot.
    No falling damage (our amazing coder de.bug) is fixing the bugs from hammerpoint.
    A full accurate lag-free ESP, you know exactly where your enemy is, what he’s wielding, you can also configure that to warn you how many players are near and how many zombies you have coming after you.
    You also have the “Triggerbot” auto-shoot feature that works flawlessly with the aimbot – no spread – norecoil.
    Time of The day, bird view, and much much more to come.
    All of this for 12$, cheaper than every other website with a very fast and effective support service.
    The ILC staff is great and they actually care for their subscribers, bringing updates every possible moment.
    You will also find a great community in the vip forums, contests and much more awaiting.
    Just check all the reviews and a lot of the videos posted by members.
    If you are thinking about “hacking” dont think about it, just do it now!
    The ILC cheat, Quality and Security are the best thing about this cheat and I think this is a needed tool for this game.
    Thanks to the Great Coder de.bug for always testing new builds for us.

  4. Kniferman says:

    Well to be honest I bought warz thinking It would be an amazing game and I would be able to play it with lots of friends, like I did for 1 day or 2, never thinking that I would have to use the HACKs, but when I realized that there was probably more hackers in this game 2 months after alpha release than in all cods I’ve played I thought ok I cant win them lets join them. So I started looking for a site offering good support and cheats at a low price at the same time, who does all this and more? iLikeCheats no doubt, if you care about security choose them,they not only offer a lot of security, but they offer you the true support so you can know the risks of wich features you use, they answer all your answers has long as they are valid. Now my subscription is about to end, and I dont know if i will re-buy it not because I dont like the hack but because the game is not that funny has i hopped, and my friends are either banned for using other crappy cheat sites, or stopped playing. If I decide for keeping playing the game I have no doubt I’ll pick iLikeCheats, at last a true thanks to all the admins, moderators, and the best coder I’ve seen de.bug.

  5. Alexmigder says:

    Have your time in WarZ been rough to you? Do you have difficulties finding supplies, equipment and weapons? Have you been targeted by bandits a numerous amount of times, just so that they could take all of your hard-earned equipment? No more! If you’ve had it with annoying bandits and hard-to-find gear, then look no more! has the best cheats available for WarZ, and all of that could be yours! The cheat for WarZ has a huge selection of features to improve your in-game time! You can be the marksman you’ve always wanted to be with the aimbot, no recoil, no spread and triggerbot to easily, but effectively, take down your enemies! The cheat also includes ESP, which helps you finding the gun you miss, the hammer you need and the supplies you want and the people you want dead!

    All safe for you to use, as long as you use your head!

    All of this can be yours for the fair price of mere 12$ a month!

  6. Airborn says:


    I’m always very careful with using cheats. After using Google and reading reviews I tried ilikecheats. And I regret nothing!!

    It starts with the organization, you only need to download a little launcher. The installation is very easy to do for non PC pros. Everything else is done by the launcher. So you never have to look for updates by yourself.

    After starting the game you can configure your hack over a fantastic in game menu. Every very option is switchable, so the hack always does what you want. 😉

    If you want to rage kill you can 😉 But if you want to play careful you can also. And the very best: You can save your configuration.

    What I have never seen before is the awesome support from the team! You have a question? It will be answered instantly in the forum. The whole team takes care of you and helps you to not get banned. If there is an unsafe feature? They will inform you immediately. And after that they will update the hack as soon as possible!

    Not only the team is helping you but also the whole community. And thats not self-evident in that business!

    The cheat itself is very good. You can (if you want) kill people over 500 meters 😉 It also has a nice night to day feature. And believe me that’s better than night vision;)

    So all in all I can really recommend this cheat and this great community!!


  7. Redman123 says:

    Simply the best hacks on the market.

    So you’re probably here tired of getting aimboted and want to buy cheats and thinking of these or others. Well, I’m here to tell you, you need to buy
    these cheats. Like other websites, features don’t work every thing you see in the video you can actually do, not some bullshit.

    Support team is very good, answers your question less than 5 hours if posted afternoon/night. Good for the price, highly recommenced updated regularly.

    I can kill people millions of meters away and it still is accurate. In all honestly, this is the cheat you want

    Regards a happy customer,

  8. ilike2cheat says:

    de.bug has give you the player the opportunity to play War Z like no other. Wether its scouting items from 400 yards away and knowing where the good ones are, to knowing how many zeds are closing in on you, this cheat provides all the tools to be not just ahead of the game, but to take OVER the game.

    Unsuspecting players are easily brought down as you hunt them with ease using the esp feature. Use the aimbot and make sure your targets go down.

    Grab it now for a low monthly price and let your hunt begin for the best supplies, and the ultimate kills.

  9. Deserve00121 says:

    This is probably the best hack for WarZ ever! I am completely impressed by this hack. I am so happy that I spent my money on it. It includes aimbot, ESP, superman, ETC. When I had troubles with the hack I went to the support forums and got my problem solved in under 12 hours! You should look into these people for all your cheating purposes. Very well made cheats, awesome community, and loyal team! Thanks iLikeCheats! Keep delivering all the awesome!

  10. heyheypt says:

    Hello, i start using ilikecheats like 2 days ago, now i have more then 20 weapons and many more, i killed like 70 players and i killed alot of wallhackers esp and others hacks.
    im here just to say IlikeCheats Is the best cheats i ever tried thanks.

  11. Samboka says:

    Let me start off by saying that this hack is truly the best on the market, I had read a few reviews before but i always thought it was just some sort of big talk. Well I sure was wrong, and they sure were right, the amount of options you have to choose from on the hack itself are astonishing. It feels like there are an endless amount of things you can do with this hack enabled. The game itself is turned into something that I’ve always wanted. The ESP Aimbot work like a charm, and the aimbot can be modified to your heats content. The night to day option is remarkable, I never have to worry about having an NVG with me because its always sunny.

    After spending hours of gameplay I had decided it was time for a break, but before I could leave my room I clicked on the forum tab. Then before I knew it hours had passed again, I had gotten lost in the forums. The time spent in the forums was well worth it, learning about tips, strategies, loot runs and being able to form a group of hackers was just awesome.

    So lets not forget why were here, we want to have fun with a game that is just so difficult to play, a survival game that is hard to survive, hard to find food/water anything really. So trust me, after purchasing this hack you will never want to play the game without it.

  12. tupac says:

    I ran the cheat for the first time and was amazed. So simple, yet so effective. I sat for 20 minutes in a safe zone adjusting the settings. I then set off for boulder city, ready to enjoy the game. An m4 here, an m4 there, with de.bugs cheat m4’s everywhere! My screen lights up yellow. *** 3 Players near you ***. For the first time I am able to be prepared against other players. Using another great perk I scout out their weapons. m16’s and jerichos. I wait in my building. 400. 350. 200. 150. BANG BANG BANG BANG. -2 rep flashes my screen. Two dead. The third scatters running towards a building. Left-alt (My custom aimbot key )+ left mouse button. He’s down. I pick up my loot and run to the same zone. The first of many guns I would come to collect.

    I would recommend this WarZ hack to ANYONE. Not only do you get a great hack but you get amazing support. This forum’s moderators are the BEST I have ever seen on ANY site. Post a thread, and a minute later you have help. Girl Gamer is an active and helpful Owner(?). De.bug has the cheat ready in such a short time after every update or patch. I have had two of my dorm mates buy this hack (Black boone, and Blackerboone) and they love it. All features can be turned on and off to make your experience just how you want it. What are you waiting for? There’s nothing better to spend 12 dollars on. Except candy.

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