The WarZ Hack Updated with Killer Aimbot

The WarZ Hack Updated with Killer Aimbot

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WarZ Hack Aimbot Update

Great news for everyone, De.Bug has updated the WarZ Hack to be the best cheat in the world hands down. The aimbot is so super accurate now you can get kill shots at 500 meters out. If your not sure about using a cheat for a game or your new to aimbots and hacking please check out our user reviews. You can find them on all the news posts about WarZ as well as our review forum, this should help with your peace of mind. So how does all this work for you? It’s actually very simple, you register on our forum first and then you subscribe to the WarZ hack for only $12 a month. After that you get a new set of hidden VIP forums where you can download your cheat loader. The great news is all this is fully automated, you never pay on our site so we don’t get any of your information. Your taken off the site to PayPal or where you pay, then they send us code back and your instantly activated. Your subscription will last 30 days and you can cancel or keep it, it’s your call. So sign up and make WarZ so much more fun and so easy. Let me explain a few key features to the WarZ cheat and tell you how they work. Before that have a look at these new Christmas videos, these are all done by subscribers and not the staff.

Feature Set
Instant Kill Aimbot:
This means our aimbot will hit the head of other players once you fire. So you get super fast kills as you could see from the videos above. Lock on and kill the enemy from 500 meters away!WarZ Hack 500 Meter Kills

Visibility Checks: This means the aimbot shows you when to fire so you don’t waste bullets. You can always see a player as a box appears around them and they glow. The visibility check turns the box bright green when your gun is able to lock on and kill them. If it’s not bright green that means the player is behind a building or some other object the bullet can’t pass through.WarZ ESP

ESP: This makes an item show up on your map so you can always see it. So when your near a town all the weapons show up before your even close to them. You can also find every item on the map. This works at a close distance so it’s not always showing on the screen until it’s close. This is also used for players, zombies and every other important object in the game. You can see this in action on the videos above, the ESP is where you see everything extra on the screen that’s not usually not shown.
.WarZ Zombies

Reputation Viewer: This will show you if another player close by is actually good (won’t kill you possibly) or a bandit (kills everything) so you know if you should trust them or not. I don’t actually use this as I just kill everyone, however we have other players who like to join big clans.

Superman View and Night to Day: These are two great features I love to use. Superman view allows you to fly high into the air and see around the map in a 360 degree view. You can check out towns, where you want to go next and scout out players. The night to day features is also pretty amazing. Instead of playing in the dark simply set the time of day to always be noon when the sun is bright.

We have over 20 amazing features, a great community, prizes and just tons of fun here at ilikecheats, so please join us today. Check out a few of the images below and grab the WarZ hack now.

About The WarZ
There has been no shortage of zombie games lately, but for the most part these have all featured the same standard gameplay, being full of mindless, run-and-gun action. The WarZ, from Hammerpoint Interactive, seeks to change this trend. While this title is still a first person shooter and it has many of the same attributes in common (such as The WarZ hacks which are readily available), this game has a few key differences. Rather than focusing on a story or nonstop action, The WarZ is all about survival instead. It throws players into a world that is infested with zombies and gives them the singular goal of living – with no campaign or missions to complete of any kind. The WarZ is the ultimate zombie sandbox, giving players the freedom to create their own story instead.

Maps in The WarZ are able to support up to a staggering 400 square kilometers of virtual space. The game ships with a single map to start, called Colorado. This isΒ  approximately 100 square kilometers, and it consists of both open country and urban environments. More playing zones are currently in development, with California being the next one to come. This is slated to be two to four times larger than Colorado, and it will come to users as an update, free of charge.

Within each map there are several different types of areas, such as Safe Zones. These are regions where players cannot harm each other, so they are free to interact and trade with other users. Although Safe Zones do provide some protection from zombie attacks, they can gain access from time to time, so many players still use The WarZ cheats to warn them of any of nearby enemies. Turning to the open world portions of the map, there are many buildings that players can enter to search for gear. They can even set up camp, protecting themselves from zombies and other players with defensive equipment. The WarZ cheats are also a great way to help a player protect their findings, as they can reveal enemy positions and make aiming far easier too.

The digital world in The WarZ has several other features, which help to create a realistic setting. Time cycles throughout the day, so it does get dark – which requires players to fend for themselves in the dead of night. Visibility during this time is drastically reduced, which can be both a blessing and a burden. Zombies are much harder to locate at night without the help of The WarZ hacks, but players also have more protection since the undead have reduced visibility as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of items that can help players see at night, including flares and flashlights.

Other features of The WarZ’s world include clans and strongholds. Both of these components are centered around building a community with other users. A clan is just that – a community of gamers that can be created and joined, and they often have various requirements for membership or involvement. Strongholds, which are still in development, are maps a few kilometers in size that players may rent as a private settlement. These are ideal for clans that are looking for a permanent home, as they can rent a large area that can hold all of their members.

Without any sort of story or predetermined missions, The WarZ offers players plenty to discover already. With a huge level and more to come, along with the option to build clans and reserve private strongholds, there is wealth of content to enjoy. All of this helps to make The WarZ the most realistic zombie release to date, and combining the best ideas from MMO games and first person shooters gives it a well-rounded approach. Additionally, The WarZ cheats offer a variety of new ways to play, and they also provide protection from zombies or other survivors. Hammerpoint is clearly just beginning with The WarZ, which is sure to grow into the definitive zombie survival title in gamers’ eyes.

40 Responses

  1. Fralexxelarf says:

    The hack is sick! I’ve now gotten almost ALL of the rare items that exist in this game. It has saved my life so many times and I can even 1vs7 people with the new aimbot from 500 meters! A really good buy and you will never regret it, I also earned my money back from selling a sniper πŸ™‚

  2. D4rkuz9999 says:

    Well Well Well ,
    Best aimbot for WarZ you can get online now πŸ™‚
    Updated aimbot = you can shoot people that are 500m away from you !!
    Updated very often.
    Easy to kill other people since you can see them
    easy looting from people – ADV ESP –
    What can i say ?
    For the cheep price you can’t go wrong.
    Grab yourself a Christmas present πŸ™‚
    and enjoy guys !!

  3. Faded says:

    Wow Wow!

    This cheat is so much fun! I have had the greatest time with my
    friends using this on War Z and it never ends! The insta-kill on
    this aimbot is incredible. Up to 500m instant kills with no sweat.
    We will be using this as long as the game survives \o/. The hack coder and the site staff are very modest and respectful. Also quick in their support!

    Get your cheat too! Start filling up that inventory! Go have your fun!! I know I will!

  4. Venterx says:

    “ilikecheats” War Z cheat is just so amazing ! Its the safest cheat i have seen and used and NEVER been detected! i have been using it now about 1 month and gonna continue paying for it and using,really CHEAP for SAFE and WORKING cheat.Coders are doing great job keeping it updated and UNDETECTED. Also it has A LOT of helpful features like ESP and AIMBOT ,none are useless. Totally worth the money πŸ™‚
    I’m not going to say “one of the best warz cheats” bcs it is THE BEST!!!
    Thanks again “ilikecheats” !!

  5. drylandm says:

    I absolutely love this cheat. I have been using this since the big wipe and my inventory has exploded with gear. I have obtained 4 snipers with plenty of ammo. Another useful feature is the safezone in/out function (Its great if you want to safezone camp on a 100 man server). The cheat is updated practically instantly after any official patches. Customer Support couldn’t be better.

  6. TechGirl says:

    I say Enough of getting killed! Join The Safest And greatest WarZ hack you have ever heard of! With us you won’t lose a single item of yours, beat down anyone that comes to you, with new feature we have (β™₯ kill shot at 500m β™₯) you gonna rock the world in WarZ. Join us and more will be coming soon.

  7. Killer770 says:

    I recently purchased Th War Z Hack from, let me start by saying i have NEVER hacked before. This game drove me over the edge and left this as my last resort to be able to enjoy it. This is a VERY user friendly cheat, It is so simple to understand an operate i love it! Everytime the cheat needs to be patched they are Immediately on the job working out a new patch fix. They are CONSTANTLY making updates to there already AMAZING features! I Hope more people will consider using this hack, The price is absolutely astonishing for there product. No other hack site can compare to what has!

  8. Horribleaim says:

    I loved War Z before and I love it ten times more with, amazing hacks. These are some of the best hack features I’ve seen for ANY game in a while. All of the cheats mentioned work perfectly and flawlessly, de.bug did an amazing job coding every feature of the War Z cheats. Another great thing about ilikecheats is that they make it quick and easy to sign up to their website and buy the cheats. They have very friendly and quick responding staff that can help you with any hack problems you may have, so worrying about their legitimacy isn’t even a problem. Honestly the cheats are amazing and I suggest everyone interested in War Z cheats stop looking and order them from today!

  9. Banhaum says:

    I forgot to talk. The cheater stability provides a sensational, I’m never without my use. Constant updates provide full support to its users. I know no other site better than the ILC. I must say that I became a complete fan for all that you give me. The aimbot for Warz is spectacular, full precision in aiming. I do not think there are other better. Thanks again ILC team!

  10. Vurczi says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant! This is the best hack I’ve ever used, it’s very simple and easy to use. I just love to play WarZ with this hack, before this I was keep dying every time, cuz of hackers, but now with this hack I just live forever by avoiding as much players as I can… This hack will gives you the best options that is UNDETECTABLE, such as aimbot or ESP… And the support is fantastic!

    BUY, BUY, BUY…

  11. bancanet says:

    This aimbot is truly the best ive ever tried.. Kills anyone 500+ Meters away with 2 shots with the m4, Service is outstanding, polite and fast, everyone is active in the community and someone is always trying to help you with the hack problems… the cheat itself is amazing, fast and easy to use.. the protection that the hack uses is top of the line like all the features it have.. if ur looking for a cheap prized hack.. this would be the one that i 100% recommend this cheat.

  12. izvidnik says:

    I’ve been using this hack from build 1, never got even a temp ban and I got plesently surprised by every new build. The coder was adding new and improved features with every new build, but always keeping in mind our security and how not to be detected. So now after about month we have perfect hack for warZ plus top of the cream feature “killer aimbot” which is 100% accurate even from 500 meters and 100% not detectable. So hurry up and subscribe now because this is the best bang for your money.

  13. ninja says:

    This Cheat is Amazing with with new features constantly being updated.

    I been playing for weeks now and since they updated the Aimbot is SO Uber! Killing anyone with 2-3 Hits up to 500m away. Its Crazy – You gotta try it!!

    It is also undetected so no worries about being ban.
    Fast updates after every WarZ patch. You can count on GamerGirl and her staff of coders to give 110%!!
    &Gamergirl is sexy!

    I like cheats for life!
    Become a V.I.P today and you’ll know what I’m talking about πŸ™‚

  14. jaikens19 says:

    The best warz hack you can get. I was skeptical at first when getting this hack, i wasn’t sure if it was just a scam or not. I can assure you its not a scam. This hack has gone undetected for so long. The admins care about your safety when it come to this hack. I can kill bandits from 500 meters away. The customer support is excellent they update the hack almost instantly once a new patch comes out, and they are always improving the hack to make it better. If your thinking about getting a hack for warz but dont know where to start, then this is the place for you. 10/10 Rating.

  15. Camerond says:

    I absolutely love this cheat It makes the game 1000 times better and is totally worth the money. I praise I like cheats for their fair and honest prices for such a premium hack. it is so easy to setup and worth every penny. With all of my mind and heart I would suggest you check out I like cheats for their incredible hacks and great services!

  16. colin92 says:

    Ilikecheats place every day a great job working for us users, and we are fun, what about .. I love you! hack and best of all easy to use and you do not risk the ban there are plenty of options .. and easy to find even the most rare weapons hack … it updates itself and is great every day me and my friends we enjoy so much … thank you so much all the staff who help us with any problem and to assisteza for any problem … every day before buying the hack was hoping to find a sniper but could not due to ‘hack now I have 5 and 9 M107 blaserr93 that say thank you very much for the work you are unique adore you!

  17. Brampower says:

    I love this hack, it is so great. I have been trying several websites and this is the very best one. I got sick and tired of getting killed by hackers so I figured: if you can’t beat them, join them. And join them I did! The game is way more fun now, and my backpacks are EXPLODING every single time I join the game! If the cheat stops working because there has been an update, they are EXTREMELY fast with getting it back on track. You are never without a cheat for more than a couple of hours! Why are you still reading this review?! Go get this cheat! πŸ™‚

  18. MetalKid86 says:

    The hack is great, have used for some time now and have loaded up my Global. Fantastic ESP and LoS display; Plus the aimbot is top notch. It gives players a great advantage in the otherwise brutal War Z environment. Really, money well spent!!

  19. bk360 says:

    Hey guys and girls, to start off ive used every other cheat vip from out there and it seems out this is the most basic to use, with all the feautes needed. Also I need to address that this hack is so basic to load and operate you only need your arrow keys to turn the feautres on and off. The hack uses 8 main categories and several options for each. At that note most other websites have multiple “levels” of hacks up to $30 for a month while this is only $12 ! You honestly cannot go wrong, every feature you ever wanted is on this hack, along with the fact that every time there is an update, the longest I have waited for an update is 30mins, and the fact that my Frames Per Second dont drop at all unlike other hacks! The only way to get banned using this hack well… honestly I dont think there is one! Your Global inventory will be filled with every rare weapon you ever wanted in less gameplay you would ever think of.

  20. Boss says:

    I bought this hack with very little hacking knowledge, this was the first time i decided to buy a hack….

    I have yet to regret it!
    This hack is amazing, it is simple easy to use and WORKS, and when i say it works, i mean to say It’s AMAZING!
    The aimbot is the best, you won’t lose gunfights, EVEN TO OTHER HACKERS! The coder for the hack constantly, and persistantly plays this game like an addict! He uses this hack, and therefore you know he is making THE best hack. He also updates the hack extremely fast.

    The UI of the hack is also really easy to understand and every feature is undetected. I have not been banned using this hack, and i’ve had soooooo much fun!

    For my first hack purchase, I Like cheats was a good choice, i recommend this to anyone, veterans or new hackers like me!

  21. uberek says:

    Best hack for war Z ever! Its very very easy to use, simple, just downlad thier dowloader, click twice on it and DONE! In game menu its also very easy to rear and setup, besides if you still have any problems to setup it staff will help you in no time! Everyone know war Z is full o hackers these days. So why not to be one of them, and have equal chances to survive?? This hack have everything you need to do it, aimbot, esp, no spread, no recoil, infinity stamina and many many more! My global inventory was full of rare items 3 days after i started to using it.And its 100% undetectable.
    My best spended money to have some fun!

  22. sgtzero says:

    Tell others how you like WarZ, tell them how well the cheat works, how easy signing up is, if they can trust us or not, how much fun you have here, if the hacks are addicting, if they help, how the mods are, etc. Basically write a good review and your review will be posted and you will win! Please give me a few hours to review.

    So I heard about WarZ from a friend of mine and bought it instantly, seeing as how I low fps/zombie games. I fell in love immediately. Then I found out about and fell in love even MORE! The cheat is very simple to use. You have perfect instructions on how to get the cheats working and if that’s not enough, further assistance from the supportive team will tell you exactly what has to be done. Ingame, there’s no way to be lost with this cheat; very user-friendly interface and easy to configure selections will lead to TONS of FUN in WarZ. Once you start, you can’t stop! Signing up can be done in the snap of a finger. And if you have your doubts, throw them out the window! This site is very safe and I guarantee you that you’ll have the best time playing WarZ with the ilikecheats hacks. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up, download, and go slay some nubs! πŸ˜€

  23. happyfun says: is Excellent!
    The best War Z cheat on the Web, with full Update and 24/7 support.

    This is the most deadly and Powerfull Cheat for War Z..
    Best Price on the Web! you will never find a better Cheat as here.

    Fastest Aimbot!

    Best Protection!

    Free Cheat Time for your recommended Friends πŸ™‚

    Come join us now πŸ˜‰

  24. thorn2 says:

    I was using other hacks and I decided to give a try to the one of and it’s awesome. I’ts a very easy procedure to get it working: register in their website, payment through paypal, read the instructions (very important) and after this few steps I got the hack working withouth any problems.
    I’m not very hack friendly, I use it most of the time to geat away from trouble, but it has a lot of features that ar hard to get past without using them, as aimbot (with an option to no use it again your clan friends), turn night into day, etc
    It’s very addictive once you try it you can’t play whithout it, you geat a tons of awesome features that make the game experience awesome.
    I think it a must to for anyone who wants to enjoy playing The War Z at the moment, so go and get it now!!

  25. Soulraiser says:

    I just ordered The War Z hacks from after being killed multiple times by hackers and wanted a way to avoid them. These cheats work amazingly well, everything that was promised was received. They run smoothly and flawlessly which allows me to avoid other players or be a bandit. On top of the excellent service and amazing coding, I haven’t gotten banned AND the price for a 30-day membership is unbelievably low allowing almost anyone to get these amazing cheats!

  26. Parad0x says:

    All I can say about this hack is….

    It is totally awesome! You have to try it out yourself. I don’t remember playing any game that often and with so much fun! I’m honestly almost playing all day long and already forgetting how fast the time passes. In addition, it is so safe! I’m using it extensively and everytime I play and I didn’t get banned yet. I mean… did you never want to find a M107 ;)? Well, I did just yesterday, with this hack. If the game updates, the hack does it aswell in a short time. Also, the hack is constantly updating and getting new features which I am so excited to see them. You can really feel that the author of the hack is putting a lot of effort into it. So yes, for me this hack is a must have! It is cheap, safe and fully functional with lots of features! Keep up the good work!

  27. Purfekt says:

    This hack is extreme! Sick of always dying and losing all of you’re weapons? Spending hours to gather just to lose it all? I was, when I got these cheats it changed! HUGE Global Inventory. Never stop sprinting, find good items fast, and AWESOME Aimbot with HUGE range to keep those bandits running from you instead!

  28. FoZ says:

    One of the best hacks out there for this game. Recently updated with a killer aimbot that kills from +500 meters away and never misses haha, well if you are tired of dying then look no further. This is it, trust me I’ve been using this for over 2 weeks now and wont look back playing without cheats anymore!

    Also de.bug updates it daily when the game patches and they actively answer threads on the forums if you need any help with setting up the hack.

  29. Dume960 says:

    This game will be the best of the year ! But this cheat is already the best of the century, you will own everyone don’t matter where they are you will shoot them and kill them. You will not be able to play without this hack anymore it’s your best friends, more with the new feature the aimbot will not shot at your clanmates ! The cheat is really easy to use and fun. Hope to see you through the wall !

  30. Omnius0001 says:

    By far, the Best War Z hack you can get. War Z is a good game with great potential; however with this hack, War Z’s objective of surviving becomes easier to meet.

    The hack features a very well designed and functional aimbot which allows you to engage targets up to 500m away. The hack includes ESP, which not only allows you to track/stalk other players but you also have the ability to see every zombie in your range. With the item/loot esp, this helps you find that elusive loot item you have been hunting.

    This hack was very easy to sign up for and the step up guide is written step-by-step for easy installation. The support staff is both trustworthly and friendly and more then willing to provide assistance to you.

    Since purchasing this hack, my gameplay has been more enjoyable then ever before. I have already recommended this hack to friends and I highly recommend you buy it too!

  31. atg45 says:

    The best hacker ever!!! With the best aimbot u will never be killed again! Thx ILikeCheats, love your cheats!

  32. Uryon says:

    This cheat is so good you know, we can easily kill some guys and take weapons, you can 1v1 cheaters now and stop to cry for your stuff ! Haha, This cheat is the one of the market, his price isnt high with it give it ! He is the best simply.

  33. Do you like the thrill and suspense of stalking your prey? Does mowing down player characters give you a rush? If so you will definitely want ilikecheats WarZ hack. It is a veritable cornucopia of kick ass at your finger tips. From the location of all items, zombie, and player locations to aim bot and changing night to day, you just can’t go wrong. The programmers are always quick to update the hack after new patches so you never miss any game time!

  34. CyberSeraph says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever paid for, or used a hack, and I have to say I love it. Personally I don’t abuse the hacks, I use them as a survival tool. There are a lot of hackers out there, and I use these hacks (especially the ESP) to stay alive! Nothing is more annoying than when you get some great loot and lose it before you get back to the safe zone.

    Remember to hack responsibly and you’ll never be caught. Don’t make impossible shots, use the hack to your advantage and put yourself in a position so that it seems feasible that you killed someone without cheating. It’s easier than it sounds, and ilkecheats War Z hack makes it even easier. The design and interface are incredibly easy to use and intuitive.

    I can’t recommend these hacks highly enough, what you get for the price is absolutely amazing. Even if on the off chance you do get busted (which won’t happen if you aren’t stupid about it), the first offense is only a 72 hour ban on War Z. They don’t really care about hackers, they just don’t want you doing stupid things like no clipping or falling from the sky onto people. Do yourself a favor and get this hack.

    Since I play alone this thing has saved my life more times than I can count and I’ve only had it for 2 days! Trust me, get this hack, you will love every moment of it. I thought it would make the game too easy or boring, but it did the opposite, it actually made it fun when I was about to give up on War Z. Thanks to these fine folks at ilkecheats my love for War Z has been renewed.

    On a personal note since I stay alive for so long now I hand out all my extra guns to new players. Just because you hack doesn’t mean you’re a bad person!

  35. Robert sgtsol172 says:

    I purchased War z after i had played Day z for several weeks and i thought it was a fairly good game but it had its own problems considering it was a mod not an actual game, after i had bought War z i noticed it was spending quite a lot more time playing it than Day z the fact being that War z with all its items glitches and PVP is generally more entertaining then Day z The global inventory was much better then i expected since now i don’t have to worry about loosing items, but even if its not enough for you. one can always purchase this great hack for only $12.00 a month. The hack makes an already fun game even better to play with its amazing Aimbot and its player awareness, not to mention its ability to render night vision goggles useless. This hack is wonderful and i recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their experience on War z!

  36. Lars222 says:

    I have been trying out a couple of different hacks for different games, but this one is the best so far. One of the good things is the great support they offer. A lot of sites tend to rarely respond on the forum, but these guys know how to care for their consumers. They are very quick to update their hack after a new patch for the games they support hacks for.

    Now, about the WarZ in particular. I find it to be easy to use and vey effective. It offers a lot of features. It is also safe and fun to use. It is also quite cheap so you wont feel ripped off. One thing to note is that it might be a bit hard to install, but if you read the instructions then you will have no trouble.

    All in all a very good hack! I would give it a 9 out of 10!

  37. poepen says:

    The new aimbot, it’s amazing..

    Only thing i hate is that its TOO GOOD!!! i can’t deny using an aimbot to my friends anymore! i have to turn it off to not look so good haha! πŸ™‚

    Advanced ESP:

    This saved my life on multiple occasions… the “** players around you” is amazing,

    Nonetheless, i LOVE the hacks, and i LOVE that i bought this, well worth the money. Worth way more then it’s sold for!

  38. Cloudus562 says:

    This hack is one of the best out there, undetected and safe. But that isnt the only thing that comes along with it, a great community on the forums! Players and devs that would not mind helping you along the way if you need any questions. The many features that this hack include are amazing ! Features that will make your War Z experience a lot more fun. The aimbot that can kill players from 500 meters, player and items ESP, and you can’t forget about the super man view ! Knowing where you players are before they will even catch you. To top it off, I use this hack daily and I have reviewed other hacks out there that websites have to offer, and I have to say ilikecheats offers the best out of the rest, it gives you the best bang for your buck !

  39. not2kickin says:

    I love the cheat, it is very easy to install, it makes the game more fun, and you dont have to worry about uninstalling it if you dont want to use it, i love warz and this cheat makes me love it even more

  40. ShadyLTD says:

    This WarZ hack is the best out there. ‘’ community is even better. They keep everyone well informed on updates and hack progress. If a hack becomes detected they fix it within 24 hours MAX.

    The cheat is VERY simple to use, all you do is press ‘Delete’ while in game and the cheat menu will load at the top of the game screen. Simply use your arrow keys to navigate through the cheats and then press down to view the list of cheats under each category. You can activate/disable cheats by pressing the right and left arrow keys. It’s EXTREMELY simple and noob friendly. They also included a few functions that can help reduce lag in game.

    You will NEVER be surprised with this cheat, no one will be able to sneak up on you and you can counter your enemy’s by surprise πŸ˜‰ The aimbot has been PERFECTED and is the BEST aimbot out there. You can kill players from 500 meters away with just 2 shots from a M4 or M16! (I’ve already done it twice to test it and it works).

    Don’t waste time lingering over buying the hack, do it now! πŸ™‚


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