WarZ Cheat on the Way

WarZ Cheat on the Way

WarZ Cheat

Infestation Hacks are online and ready for you to use. The new PunkBuster update has not effected our cheat, meaning it’s currently undetected. The new WarZ cheat by De.Bug has been released and we just added the first ever auto War Z no clip feature, no other site includes this in their hack. Simply walk up to any object, wall, car, etc and keep pressing forward and you’ll go right into it. Check out the video below to see it in action and sign up now. This cheat allows you to see all items (including weapons), it will let you see all zombies and locate all players anywhere on the map at all times. Never get surprised by a player from behind and never lose any items again. Steal every item from every player and find all the big and best weapons. Our WarZ Cheat also allows you to hide and see every player on the map from far away, so get a sniper rifle and kill them from a distance so your always safe. We also made it so the WarZ Hack will allow you to run as far as you want without getting tired, so anyone chasing you can never catch you. We just added a night to day hack that let’s you keep it daytime at all times, never get afraid of the dark again and you can get information about that on the Warz wiki in our forum. Finally make sure you get a perfect view of the entire map using our parachute viewer, this allows you to raise yourself to cloud height and see the entire map. Get VIP now and download our WarZ Cheats for the most popular zombie game in the world. Check out our WarZ hack forum and see what other VIP users have to say. Oh, don’t worry about getting caught with a screenshot, if the game tries to see if your cheating our screens go back clean so the developer can’t catch you. Does anyone else like the new name of Infestation Survivor Stories? I think it’s pretty lame but some people seem to like it better.

Watch the video below and see how fast we take down a group of 7 working together.

Features Included: No other WarZ Hack in the world offers so many features and remains undetected. Are you tired of walking around wondering where to find guns? Do you want to know where all the other enemy players are so they don’t kill you and take your weapons and loot? Simply sign up now and download our cheat instantly without having to wait. We have over 80,000 members and tons of user reviews you can read. We find that many players use our hack to make the game even better as users say they would have quit playing if not for us. So get ready for the best experience you ever had with Infestation Hack and sign up right now. We offer the War Z hack for less than $12 a month, other websites charge twice as much.

The best WarZ aimbot in the world
No Spread, No Recoil, No Bullet Drop
AAL: Adjustable Accuracy Limiter
Headshot Aim for Super Fast Kills
Kill Players From 500 Meters Out
Stats: On Screen Aimbot Stats
Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View
Fast Finder: See All Players Anywhere
Adjustable Distance Limit for Players
Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire
Unlimited Breath (Sniper)
Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard

No Clip: Walk through walls, get on any roof and more
Glowing Chams: Make Zombies glow red and items glow green
No Fall Damage: Never get hurt or die from a fall again
Unlimited Stamina (Sprint): Run forever and never have to walk
Turn Night to Day (Adjust Any Server to Make Night Time Turn to Day)
SupermanView: Increase View Height to See the Entire World
Friend Ignore: Make the Aimbot ignore your clan friends
Enemy Previewer: See What Weapon Other Players Hold.
Reputation Preview: See if another player is a bandit or lawman
Color of player text and box depends on their reputation.
Mega Bandit = Purple
Bandit = Red
Neutral = Blue
Lawman = Yellow

Player ESP
Zombie ESP
Distance ESP
Player 2D Box ESP
Zombie 2D Box ESP
Render Distance
Adjust Distance ESP
Adjust Fade ESP
Loot Marker: Displays *DEAD PLAYER*

Exclusive Feature: Auto No Clip
Exclusive Feature: Clear-Screenshot (AntiCheat)
Exclusive Feature: Always Day: Turn Night to Day
Exclusive Feature: UnFairFight v1.0: Extra Security Features


WarZ Cheat

Click Here to Register and Download Now!

WarZ Noclip Released

We now have the best and least expensive WarZ hack in the world! Other websites charge you over $32 for their War Z hacks, we only charge $12 a month for a better cheat with more features and we currently have over 80,000 subscribers. Check out the new video below and watch how we can go into any wall we want, how we can see all the zombies and kill every other player to take all their weapons and ammo. Never play WarZ the same way again. It’s very easy to use the cheat, simply register by clicking here and then you pick the WarZ VIP package. After your a new VIP you can download the WarZ hack free and load it onto your desktop where you start a simple exe, then you start the game. When the game loads you see the cheat menu at the top and have access to 40 new options allowing you to rule the WarZ world. It’s even more fun when you get together with other hackers and run around as a group together. When a player comes into view you can see if he has any weapons using our on screen heads up display. Then you can kill them with a pistol from over 500 meters away with a few shots. I’ve even taken out a group of 6 guys before and really made them mad. So get ready for the best War Z cheat in the world and get it right now. You can read other VIP comments below this post.

I also wanted to post a few images showing you how the game looks before and after our cheats are used. In the first image I’m showing off WarZ without any hacks turned on, you can’t see the zombies near by, the weapons, nothing. In the second image I’m using the War Z hack free and showing off how the player ESP makes you and other players glow. You can also see all the zombies anywhere in the world and kill them or run away from them with our infinite stamina.

the warz hacks

war z hacks

We have the best War Z cheat and hack in the world with the most users. No other site offers so many features and has such a large community. Download now by clicking the registration button above.

Infestation Survivor Stories Hacks

Get the best Infestation cheats in the world right now just become a member and start using the cheat instantly, even new people who never used them before can set it up easily and win every single round of Infestation. The developers at Hammerpoint are working hard to actually update the game, you can see from new images that they are adding more details to every environment and even adding new maps finally. We currently have the best undetected Infestation hack in the world and this MMO with killer zombies will keep you entertained for months on end. So become a new subscriber now and download instantly.

The War Z developer team is working on brand new features for the game finally, check out what’s coming up next! The new terrain engine has actually made massive improvements with the look of the game. Check out the new images below showing the road before and after the update, looks amazing doesn’t it? The developers also worked on making the mountains in the game look like real mountains, check out the images of that was well below. Also with the new anti cheat by PB the rei overlay hack was detected in all the free forums. However, the warZ cheat we offer is still undetected here on our forum.

150 Responses

  1. colin92 says:

    what to say .. fantastic since I started playing with the package has ILikecheats things are much much better, I do enjoy a lot of weapons and I can feel comfortable in every area of ​​the map:

    simple to use
    very effective

    Today there was a reset of all .. in short time I managed to get banned and collezzionare 2 blaserr93 5 m16 4 Mossberg, etc etc. ..

    I highly recommend it to everyone if you want to be safe and have fun this is for you,

    thanks Ilikecheats by colin92 ..

    • Assariar says:

      Its great because i can see everyone and i first tought its a fake, but then i said hey lets try it. And see? I bought it and i play with it. The Coders are great, good job. I can only recommend to buy here. The service is good and the quality of the hacks are amazing.

    • Bossifly says:

      Best Hack Ive Ever Used! When I was looking for a hack I found out there facebook page, I was ignoring them I tought there hack is a big lie/scam when I tried playing WarZ and killed over 500 times I search it on google but it seems nothing pop up that was working. So I came back to there facebook fan page and clicked the link, after I bought the hack only one word.


      They did a great job and it was working for me right away. Thanks god I found this site 😀 Keep it up coders / developer I owe you.

  2. MrZebra says:

    Ilikecheats hack is one of a kind hack i use it all the time and i will always be using it all the time it has all the latest features it gives you a great advantage you will never be bored again with this hack 🙂

  3. Forst2142 says:

    This is definitely the best War Z hack! Safe, undetected, the features are epic from A to Z. The ESP gives you a lot-lot safety and fun thru out your adventure, and the new “500m player detection” feature solves the random spawn danger. I am not really an amibot player, but I’m sure the upcoming aim will be awsome too! Thx de.bug! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. GhoulishWolf says:

    The cheats are amazing and so helpful. The staff helps everyone with a question and works to resolve issues all the time. The cheats are cheap and very effective! One of the greatest sites of all time to buy cheats from. You’ll really love the cheat, no doubt about it. It’s a great investment due to the fact, that the staff here, cares about their customers.

  5. hunowz says:

    Thumbs up for ILikeCheats.com! they are doing an awesome job. Everytime WarZ gets updated they are right on it, to give us the cheat as fast as possible. I cant say anything bad about this site. Cheap prices and great hacks!
    Keep it going!

  6. Dark Adonis says:

    I like cheats has been a reliable cheating company for as long as I’ve had it. I was leery to decide which one to go to but I am glad I made the choice for ilikecheats. All your needs or questions are there on the forums and the cheat is undetected, reliable, and has new features frequently!

  7. uberek says:

    Awsome cheat, its really very, very easy to use. Its very helpful to play with it. Now I can see people from 600m away, and thru walls! And they really care about their subscribers, a lot of updates and new and new options all the time. New option (instant pick up) its just incredible!:D I don’t need to waste so much time to gather things! And the most important thing, they care you to not get caught! If you wanna start to cheat, start here!

  8. Cult says:

    I like cheats has been very consistent in maintaining their WarZ cheats. If they ever go down due to a patch, the community is notified and Debug gets right to work on updating it. You can sure as hell bet that all of the features on the cheat work better than anywhere else. The menu is easy to use, and the overall process is straightforward. Loving this so far, so try it out!

  9. Madmansam says:

    I have been using this WarZ hack for around 15 days. And considering I know nothing about hacks and minimal about computers.
    This hack is great! Very simple to use, I understand everything and have had no problems with it at all.

    No Bans
    Nice loot from the snipers in clearview 😉
    And the fun of watching people from the hills and talking to them in global to scare them.

    It is being constantly updated with new features! supposed to have an aimbot soon.
    Great hack! glad I found this one first. well worth it!

  10. Fralexxelarf says:

    This is defenitly the best WarZ hack out there for its price. It gets updated really fast and it has some really neat features! I love it, it has saved my life many times and with it I stocked up a good amount of weapons in my Global Inventory just a few hours after the recent server wipe. 🙂

    It’s really worth it, you should try it too!

  11. Marc153 says:

    The hack from the ilikecheats.net are very the best I have ever seen in term of undetection Im playing for at least a week with their hack and ya know what? I dont even get a ban warning, I’m completly clean in the eyes of Warz devs. And that why I choose the Esp hack made by De.bug because they are the best and I recommend all of their hack because they are cheap and very usefull for all your game where you need to be more powerfull then your enemies

    Sorry for my english I’m French chose ilikecheats.net 😛

  12. Graizer says:

    I must say I have never been one for using cheats but once I noticed that it seemed like 9/10 players were cheating I began searching and stumbled upon ilikecheats. I was still very hesitant, because I was unsure if it was a scam but in the end I said F it. I began using it and I must say the site and coder are simply amazing. Granted I still die constantly to other hackers due to them using what seems like a hack with other options such as aimbot but I know it is being worked on for the cheat I use. I simply love the fact that I know where people are at all times and can choose to engage or disengage. The “MAIN” thing I truly love about the cheat is I can almost pinpoint the hackers. For instance if I log in and have players around me and I am well hidden and suddenly see the playing sprinting to my location. I just say to myself. Down boy! your not getting me today and can log out or try to fight hacker v hacker. Great job u guys! Keep up the great work!

  13. George says:

    Been using this since i 2 weeks now and all i can say it is awesome! very good ingame menu and amazing features like the “view height”, using it all the time to see what items my enemys have. now that they have reseted the global inventories its a perfect time to get the cheat and fill up on weapons

  14. rigodon says:

    nice cheat good job!!

  15. Jeremy says:

    I’ve been using the cheat for a while now. It works great! The features all work beautifully. My favorite feature is unlimited sprint! I can run across the map for days and never get tired.

  16. KugelVogel says:

    Here is my review to the WarZ hack:
    I bought this hack 2 weeks ago and in my opinion its the best price and has the best performance ratio. If you want to buy a cheap and very safe hack then your at the right place.

    How I rate the features of the hack:
    Zombie/item/Player esp: This feature is the main feature because you always know where every enemy player and zombie is located as well as all items including weapons. The Enhanced ESP and the Reputation Viewer gives you the most important information about the other players (notice the most bandits or mega bandits are other hackers). The distance Esp helps you, if you like to snipe. With the nice feature “superman view” you can go up high where you can see the entire map. Unlimited staminia is the best because now I can run forever.

    Final opinion of the War Z cheat:
    All in all I am very satisfied with this hack and everything above for that price. The only negative thing about this is that you only can pay with a CC or with PP, so if you are under 18 you have a very small chance to get this hack.

    Thank you for reading my review and sorry for my bad English skills, because I am from Germany.
    (greetings from Germany)

    • backspn392 says:

      I would not play this game without this cheat. Before I started using it, I was on the losing end of bandits daily, now it’s my turn! The people at http://www.Ilikecheats.com have done it again. Easy to use drop down menu that you can use while moving in game is amazingly swift. I am not a bandit but now I can keep them at bay. Bravo!

  17. Yubyop says:

    Out of all VIP cheat this one is the BEST, it is always updated as fast as possible, it has no in-game issues like lag or crashes and the staff that support it are ranked above all others. I highly recommend their cheats to anyone.

    Thanks Ilikecheats,

  18. hiyolo says:

    I’ve been using this for almost a week now, and hands down it’s for sure one of the best if not the best cheat for War Z considered the price. It has some neat functions that allows you to e.g view the whole map from the air, which is very good if you want to have an overview over a city. I haven’t seen any other cheats that gives you that function yet.

    The SS-cleaner seems to be very good as well, haven’t got a warning or anything yet which is very nice. So there is no risk for you to get banned if you don’t play to obvious in game.

    You should try it now!

  19. Taasindy1 says:

    This Warz hacks I bought yesterday was awesome I have been playing the whole day with it…there was no problem using the hack, no errors, it was perfect. This site actually cares if we get banned in game or not that’s why they did a really good job coding the hack and not being undetected…thanks guys!!!

  20. turkeyjerky says:

    Easiest, most detailed and tuned hack out there for warz. Quick simple program and in less than 1 minute, your out there without the worry of where everyone is and what kind of person they are. The item ESP works great. Never miss another drop ! who says you cant run forever?!?! with the infinite run getting the jump on someone has never been easier!

  21. Kai says:

    Safest WarZ Hack out there! Undetectable, and the dev’s already have knowledge on future anti hacks Sergey has plans on installing. Better yet you cant beat the price! I searched and searched and $12 is the best price i have seen yet. You will not be disappointed in this hack try it out now.

  22. atg45 says:

    Dude, the best hacker to Warz. Like all other cheats he has the best options with the best development team always improving it. And you always will have any doubts resolved because you can count on all of the best community, always willing to help. I love you guys, I hope you always keep up the good work.

  23. heyyo says:

    Nice hack!

  24. ShadyLTD says:

    Best and safest hack around for Warz. For anyone hesitant on purchasing ANY cheat from ‘ilikecheats.net’, don’t be. They are 100% legit and actually at a really good price (compared to other sites). They update there cheats immediately if a game has been patched. I’ve used ‘ilikecheats.net’ previously in the past when I needed hacks for A.V.A and it definitely was worth the money.

    A+ from me 🙂

  25. evan11662 says:

    One of the best War Z hacks out there. The aimbot follows the player almost perfectly, so no missed shots. The development team currently working on this mod is very pleasant and are understanding for what could go wrong. The coder is incredibly fast. It takes about 6 hours after the patch to get the mods working again. Everything works to the T. No gimmicks with this mod, everything is included.

  26. Zanerik says:

    I’ve been using this for a while, and I have to say, It’s worth the money. It’s saved my ass several times and it has several features you WON’T find in a free hack. It puts you several steps ahead of other players, as well as other hackers.

    It’s constantly being edited, worked on, and improved by it’s developers which really shows they care about the customer service of the product. I don’t think this was a waste of money -at all-.

    There was a problem with the Aim-bot (Granted it’s a new addition to the hack) and it was promptly fixed within a few hours of the update that meddled with it in the first place.

    The hack itself was just patched with the WarZ patch on 12/12/2012 and within minutes the developers announced that they will be worked as fast as possible to get it back up and running again.

    Along with the fact that this hack is cheap, they offer several opportunities with public activities for free subscription time. (Could be a month, could be a few weeks.) The developers of this program/hack/script care about their product and care about their customers.

    I’d definitely rate the entire Site, Developers, and Hack 10/10.

    Loyal sub,

  27. iHop says:

    I wont say anything cool or give some glitters to what im gonna say about this cheat. This is the first I used it and all I can say is its PERFECT – Hacking while saving your ass from ban. Its the safest perfect Cheat thats all. You wanna play but you dont wanna get banned? BUY NOW!

  28. evan11662 says:

    The War Z is a very difficult game to play alone, even with friends it’s almost impossible to compete against other players with a cheat. This cheat provided by ilikecheats is incredible. Since I’ve gotten this cheat my game has improved 1000%. There are no more sneak attacks, no more zombies scaring me (zombies are scary at night :P), and everything can be predicted with no effort at all. If you want to keep on top of the chain, killing innocent players, fighting off other modders, and have a competitive edge to your opponents, this cheat will definitely aid you, and help you succeed.

  29. assignment says:

    This company is the best!! Updates are quick, they pay attention to their customers. Most importantly works perfectly and no ban. Even through the ban waves. Thanks again ilikecheats.net

  30. ihasabacon says:

    Great cheat. Easily spot other players & zombies alike along with an accurate aimbot. Being able to spot items from a distance helps you to collect all the loot you desire. Fast and kind staff, regularly updating the cheat after game patches.

  31. Airburst says:

    Well I used to play War Z without hacks and I used to die every time to hackers. Then I found this page and decided to give it a try. Now other hackers talk shit back when I kill them, I got the upper hand against them with these ones.

    The community is awesome, the hacks get updated really quick after there is a patch in War Z and the mods are in constant communication with us and giving us information on what is going to be implemented in the future. The hack is safe and undetectable and it’s safe to purchase from their site.

    If you don’t want to die a lot then these hacks are a must!

  32. Fralexxelarf says:

    The hack works flawless! It’s really smooth and does not lag at all. I’ve gotten a bunch of snipers and other rare items thanks to the esp and aimbot. The staff is very friendly and nice aswell 🙂

  33. Omnius0001 says:

    I started to play the game legit and after a month of playing, dying, and losing everything I collected, I had enough.

    After some extensive research and comparisons I decided to go with the de.bug War Z hack.

    Since I have been using this, I have never had so much fun in the game. Between the features, the support from the staff and the general community, this hack is by far the best thing you can get.

    It is SAFE and the support for the hack is awesome!!!

    I have already recommended this hack to friends and they have been nothing short of esctatic!

  34. Jaycea22 says:

    ILikeCheats is a professionally run and managed site. I love the WarZ cheat. It has given me calmness while I go from city to city in the game. Without the cheat I would probably continue dying every 5 mins.

    What I love about ILC is the fast updates when the War Z patches. The coder and the mods do everything they can to provide the community a safe and tested hack. Oh and it’s also cheap which is a plus.

    The community is one of a kind. Having problems, no problem. Make a post and within minutes mods and members will chime in and try to help the best they can. Besides being professional, the mods have a sense of humor.

    From the cheat, the way the site looks, the community, the mods, I would definately recommend this site to anyone looking for a cheat.

    Thanks ILC!

  35. bancanet says:

    This is the best hack ive tested so far, the ESP is flawless.. It has no bugs, And the coder is constantly updating it with new features and improvements.. Its security its top of the line and everything work like a charm, im not getting another hack after this one.. I 100% recommend it.. Buy it now 🙂

  36. TheFlipKid says:

    Best Hack Ever! Cheapest one out there but has all that you can ask for in a cheat! 😀 Thank you!

  37. sgtzero says:

    This is the first time I have tried this hack. So far, it’s one of the best ones I have ever come across. Big props to the team for keeping this updated always and for the awesome hacks they give to the community! WarZ AllDayErrDay! <3 GG

  38. Frankys says:

    I’ve using this Hack now 1 WeekZ and i must say its the Best Hack i ever used!

  39. ClarkKent says:

    This cheat simply has everything you would need or want from a WarZ cheat. The fact it’s so easy to purchase, setup, and configure allows you to be up and running in no time! Since I’ve had the cheat they have continuously been adding features make my experience that much better. So far everytime the game has been patched, the developer has updated and informed the community within no-time! I don’t see a reason to risk it with free or other paid site cheats when this has everything I could possibly want for such a low price! WOULD RECOMMEND.

  40. cbgosu says:

    warz made simple safe been useing it for month now no worries to good and cant pass up for how cheap it is.
    great staff always updates promply when required. always there to answer questions
    and hacks arent hard to use . and give a great advantage over everyone else

  41. Hungran says:

    The cheat is great I like how they do not go overboard with the rampant easily detectable cheats in game, I actually get called a cheater more when I dont use this then when I do, not sure why that is..
    Either way the updates are super quick, and the new features added and upgraded over time are some of the best ive seen!

  42. I love the cheats here pls make more awesome futures and cool stuff <3 LOL

  43. Negro says:

    Excelent cheat, auto aim, starmina, ditance items/zombies/players.. easy to use, safe, great comunity. Recomended.

  44. Applesaucepasta says:

    This cheat is amazing. Before I got it I was struggling for guns and always dieing. Now I’m a bandit on every character with over 100 guns in my global stash. Plus it’s safe and undetectable so no bans!

  45. spinetwist says:

    Omg this thing is totally awesome. I don’t see it as a cheat but more as a way to strategies your survival rate and avoid nasty run in’s with zombies. I love this program it is very safe and reliable, and also make you just want to play the game even more. The staff is very helpful and give out great tips to keep you going in your adventure and happy along the way. There very awesome as far as support as well as they listen to there customer base and respond quickly constantly keeping this up to date and going strong.

  46. Looking for a great hack to PWN your opponents and collect the best gear possible? Well this site is for you! I have been a member of the forums here for a week and the cheat I purchased has brought a plentiful bounty to my War Z needs ! I am able to take out opponents with ease and recently took out an entire clan by myself yielding me 5 Blasers ! This hack is awesome and is highly recommended! A ++++++++++

  47. Vurczi says:

    Huh, Where to start. Well, this is the first hack I ever used ans so far its perfect! It’s very easy to use and its very helpful everytime in WarZ. I constantly died in WarZ before I bought this hack and now Im just like… amazing! Never got a ban, even though I played over 32hrs and always using the hack and VERY HAPPY about this hack, the best hack!

    WarZ is a very good game and I recommend it. I even recommend this hack for those who are looking for some “help” in WarZ…
    BUY IT and TRY IT!

  48. Venterx says:

    “ilikecheats” War Z cheat is just so AMAZING,its safest cheat i have seen,never been detected! i have been using it now about 1 month and gonna continue paying for it and using,really cheap for safe and working cheat 🙂 coders are doing great job keeping it updated and undetected.
    I’m not going to say “one of the best warz cheats” bcs it IS THE BEST 🙂
    Thanks again “ilikecheats” !!

    PS.Girlgamer is VERY sexy 😉

  49. TheDirtyNasty says:

    This hack is pretty much the best hack out their. I love how the layout is and how you guys do it. The hacks are what makes my game time way much funner and cooler.

  50. RushFail says:

    Just bought these hacks a couple days ago and wow. They have the hacks that other sites have, but 1 difference is they add the little things that we want. This was the 1st hack I saw that had Night/Daytime changes and also instant pick up. When I saw the price I didn’t think the hacks we be so good, but they are just as good if not better than some other more expensive hacks.

  51. ThunZ says:

    It is my first time using hack for WarZ and the only thing i have to say is awesome …. just really simple of use 1 or 2 click and you’re done ! just enjoy !

  52. Samcro says:

    I like cheats has become a favorite site of mine for both cheats and just random forum browsing. Their system is one of the most reliable out there. Very little downtime, and closest thing to a zero percent chance of being detected. The coders are constantly updating the cheats and staying in touch with the ILC community, letting them know what’s to come.

    A+ Customer Service
    A+ Cheats
    A+ Low level of Detectability

  53. norcalsearcher says:

    I have been playing War Z since it’s 2nd week of being released, it’s been a roller coaster of a ride since it has been available and regardless of the amount of people using some sort of hack, the game has been enjoyable. Since using the DeBug hack, it has made me feel I am on a level playing field with the people who were easily taking my loot every hour. I have been able to avoid danger and also find loot much more efficiently. I have also been very happy with the service the site provides with constant updates as well as informing the members about problems and updates. Keep up the great work, you do us all a great service.


  54. vLimes says:

    Great hack recommend it over any others and at a great price!

  55. YungClick333 says:

    Outstanding hacks I’ve ever used, My money went to the right organization and it’s very helpful against opposing bandits. This site is a guarantee success and you won’t have a problem again in WarZ.

  56. boomtnt says:

    This cheat is the best. DeBug always consider about the user safety and never put any ban-able features on it. The staff is great at customer services. Since I have this, WarZ have been amazing

  57. TwoShanes says:

    WarZ Cheat provided by these guys is a really good way to get ahead of the game!

    It is worth every single dollar you spend on it. The ESP alone does wonders for keeping you alive and away from any other ESP users. Not only does it show Players, Items, and Zombies but it also shows distance and tags for these objects.

    Safety is a priority and will never be rushed back online after an update. De.bug makes sure he has all his ducks in a row before he releases this hack back to the community.

    The chance of the almighty ban hammer will be slim to none because of this outstanding care de.bug takes in each and every update.

    New things are thrown in every now and then to help us even more on our great journey to success. Even the small things he implements into this already great product just make you love it even more everyday.

    Stop wasting time getting killed by ESP users and get back in the game with this amazing product!

    Be King of the server tonight. Get this bad boy and go to town!


  58. captaincommando says:

    I love these hacks! Never used any before, but I can say that these guys (and gals) are the best! I really like cheats 😉

  59. revivability says:

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    I, on the other hand, will continue to play legitimately until the DayZ Standalone comes out. After that I’m not sure because I’m sure you’ll ruin that game too… I’m glad you take so much pleasure on completely destroying otherwise fun games.

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    But onto the actual cheats their self, they are great and I could not ask for more, the aimbot works perfectly, the ESP works so well that I no longer have to panic about who is near me and the Item ESP helps me farm items so I never have to worry about missing any rare weapons or items that I am in need of to survive in the world of The WarZ.

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    • Spedmonkey155 says:

      Where to start?…
      This WarZ cheat that Ilikecheats has provided us with is just amazing. With this cheat you dont need to be affraid. WarZ is a tough game for some, but with this cheat it won’t be.

      This WarZ is just amazing because, it is one of the only cheats which has No-Clip and the ability to change night to day. The first day I got this cheat I was amazed with all the options that I could change in the cheat, this gave me freedom on how I would like to use aimbot, no-clip, trigger bot and esp.

      Aimbot is a cheat that guides your bullet to hit the player your aiming at, this is used to kill them before they kill you and to kill from a far distance.

      No-Clip is the ability to fly up walls, although you can’t fly in the air you can go through walls, this gives you a major advantage. When you are in a close quarter fire fight you can use No-Clip to get around to the back of the enemy. No-Clip can also be used to escape from the zombies.

      Trigger bot is associated with aimbot. Trigger bot is what you use to automaticly fire at an enemy when you aim on them with aimbot. This gives you a major advantage because many people wouldnt be able to shoot before you would.

      Esp is the ability to see through walls. Esp can be used to go around looting because you can see items before others would. Esp can also be used to avoid or to kill players and zombies because you can see them through walls.

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    The Aimbot has soo many features to help you stay safe and avoid detection you can set the Field of View here you can aim in their general direction so you not saying “hey im a hacker ban me” and that added with the Accuracy Limiter make it even harder for Fairfight to ever catch on.
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    Unlike other cheats out there ILikeCheats is gamer mouse friendly you can binds its features directly to you thumb buttons for easy access to scan the area for loot or to BLAST away that clan with their own hacks coming to kill you.

    But remember no hack is perfect, you have to play smart if you go out and blast a 100 people in 2 days you will alert the Fairfight system and be red flagged so….

    With Great Hacks Comes Great Responsibility.

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    When I saw the advertisement on ilikecheats I was bit afraid because it was my first purchase, but I risked and bought it for one month to try, it was very easy. I had just to buy it with my paypal account then, when I logged in, it opened a page that helped me alot, saying what all you have to do to use it. So I’m very pleased with their service.

    I bought WarZ hack and here’s my review:
    Well, I’m using ilikechats WarZ hacks since December and it is just perfect, since the hack design to the content itself…
    The wall hack is perfect, you can see when the enemy everywhere, the aimbot accuracy is perfect, it never fails, OMG its a great nice tool! And, there are other’s useful things like auto noclip that works perfectly, so you can pass trough the walls, the ESP that causes no LAG!
    So as you can see the ilikecheats WarZ hack is PERFECT (oh and is totaly undetected, I never got ban with 2 months of hacking).

  123. fatboi615 says:

    Hey guys Fatboi here.
    I just wanted everyone to know my thought on the WarZ Cheat. I started playing The War z about 1 week after alpha release. I was a bambi in a sea of hackers. so i pulled google out and searched, #1 WarZ Aimbot, ESP, TriggerBot, and a few mins of looking at some other sites and reading how they work and some of the features. I started using the ILC WarZ hack, OMG i Love this hack. The Esp is Crisp and clean. I could see all the dope items around me, Scar CQC’s, M4’s, M1O7’s. This hack made me want to play more, but i would even be safe from other players too.

    This hack’s aimbot is flawless! I was able to aim in and kill other hacks trying to kill me for the loot i’v worked so hard to collect. a combination of aimbot with the triggerbot was so amazing. It is almost effortless to kill others. But just to get down to it this hack is STILL undetected and is the #1 hack for warz, Their features are all the best i’v seen and it is worked on by the best coder in the community. And the loader is awesome too, it is always updated with new features all the time just like the hack. To end this the hacks are great, mods are always helpful, and the community is great. Why would you not want this hack??

  124. TheFire says:

    K.I.S.S. , Keep it simple, stupid! Seems to be an unwritten rule here, as this is absolutely most effective and user friendly hack there is! Then factor in the price and its almost to good to be true, but don’t worry. These guys(and gals!) are professional!

    Staff is well conducted and they speak in layman terms on how to fix things should there be an issue, and not only that they KEEP YOU POSTED on the status of their cheats! Never have i seen a site with such dedicated Mods, Admins, and Coders. They start work on updates within minutes from new patches it seems. They often post and stay well connected to the fourms on letting everyone know what they are working on to get the cheats up and running again and when to expect them. Along with them always working on adding more features.

    But back to the cheats themselves, well, TOP NOTCH is best way to describe it! Not only do they have EXCLUSIVE cheats but using them is a breeze, descriptions of how they work is spot on and activating the ones you want takes only a few seconds.

    You can trust them when they say that their cheats are undetected! As they are constantly testing for detection themselves, and IF detected they take actions to let everyone know right away and even disable the affected cheat to help people who missed the memo on keeping their accounts un-banned!

    They aren’t afraid to pull their own cheats off the shelf at their expense to better serve their customers with a quality product once they confirm everything is good to go!

    Bottom line, going anywhere else is a WASTE of time, money, and effort. Do yourself a favor and join this community!

  125. ven0m says:

    Hello everyone! First of all, sorry for me english,i’m a spanish guy. I would like to tell you guys my experience cheating with this cheat.
    I started playing warz 4 months ago. I got killed by some cheaters too, so I decided to find one. My first hack was warzed, also other random aimbot that were free (i dont know if it steel working). The thing is that my account got banned 1 week after using these cheats. Tired of being killed from cheaters that I decided to pay for a sensational cheat. Looking for it, I found ilikecheats. I wasn’t secure to buy it because i didn’t know if the were going to steal my money, but i did it. And it works perfect (for me). The other cheats has some bugs but this, I try to shoot people from all distances, from 20 to 500 and 100% acurracy or 10%, it works perfect, also the item esp hack. But to be undetected, I have to play like a noob. So I followed some instructions from the forum and I didnt get banned yet. 3 MONTHS PLAYING WITH THE SAME ACC!
    Very simple, I only shoot people from short distance, less than 150mts only with rifles and guns, with snipers I shoot at 250-300 distance and i didn’t get banned!

    En castellano:
    Hola gente! Primero que nada perdon por mi ingles, pero soy un chico latino. Bueno y queria contarles cual es mi experiencia con este asombroso cheat. Comenze jugando warz aproximadamente 4 meses atras. Tantas veces muerto por cheaters, que decidi en convertirme en uno. Mis primeros cheats que encontre y utilize, fueron el warzed y un aimbot que no me acuerdo su nombre y eran totalmente gratis (o porlo menos en ese momento). La cuestion es que una semana pasada usandolos, me encuentro con mi cuenta baneada permanente. Tuve que comprarme otra, pero cansado de que me mataran tan facilmente, decidi encontrar algun cheat fuera de lo comun, y ahi fue donde encontre ilikecheats. Y funciona que es de otro planeta!. Uno de los mejores cheats, y mas faciles de configurar, con el aimbot mas preciso del mercado, probe su accuracy desde 500 metros con tan solo 2 balas de rifle logre matar gente (pero es motivo de ban con los nuevos parches). Para ser indetectado solamente tienes que aparentar que eres noob. Yo solamente disparo a personas nomas lejos que 150 metros con rifles y pistolas, y con un sniper entre 250 y 300 metros de distancia. Ya pasaron 3 meses y todavia sigo sin ser baneado en esta cuenta!! Si quieren vivir una experiencia sensacional se los recomiendo, vale la pena pagar por algo como esto!

  126. Hipax says:

    I have used the ILikeCheats hack for WarZ, and I must say that the features they speak of are true, and blow other hack companies away in the dust. I cannot describe how many times I’ve been able to kick the ass of other aimbotters with the blazing speed and accuracy. Noclip is helpful for reaching those pesky players that try to get free kills from the rooftops with other aimbots, or some guy camping in a room with a auto shotty. The chams are fast, reliable, and easy to see.

    No other hack provides a stack item view, which makes items easier to notice and tells you whats worth a risk and whats worse than a chocolate bar. The view height hack is a tremendous help and provides a great way to get an advantage over the enemy, or to tell when you need to get the heck outta there.

    I’ve been using the hack since February, and after my subscription in March expired, I was highly considering purchasing it again. If you’re looking for a hack for “joy and giggles”, or just looking for a fair advantage to use against other WarZ hackers, I Like Cheats is the website to go, hands down.

  127. Johny Acosta says:

    I havnt been using the warz hacks for a long time and the days I have been using I could say de.bug has done a tremendous job with the loader awesome coder when there’s a new update to warz hes always updating the loader as quick as possible for us and making sure it is secure enough for us I cannot thank him or the staff enough for this you guys deserve every penny you earn from this. The staff are always helping people in need of help on the forums and maintaining it as much as possible and keeping the forums clean. I have seen many hacking websites for warz and I can say this one is the one for me and every one else, I dont think there could be a better one out there the website looks so awesome who ever customized the website did a fantasic job on it! I just want to say to all staff member keep up the good work and for de.bug I know you probably get frustrated with the coding because warz has a new update almost every 2 days and you have to code everything and make sure it is secure for us. I want to tell you not to give up and try not to get mad @ the end you will feel good for what you done for the community. Thank you ilikecheats.net for this great forum and great coder you guys have!

  128. OmNom says:

    The War Z Hack. Where to start? First off, its definetly worth the money. Now-a-days, alot of people find it necessary to hack in order to actually be able to survive in the War Z. Most hacks/cheats out their are instantly detected by the Fair Fight system…but no this one! This hack is 100% undetectable. But that all depends on how you use it. If you go full retard with the aim-bot and kill everyone you see, you will likely be banned just because of how many people you are killing. i have been banned from the War Z before because i used a different cheat. But ever since i switched to the War Z hack by ilikecheats.net, not a single person person has called me a hacker.

    Now lets talk about the cheat. It contains an HD ESP system in it that doesn’t lag and is always correct and will show you where EVERYTHING is. Im pretty sure all you hackers out there want to know where the snipers are, right? Well, all you have to do is enable the Item ESP and walk by a city and you can see everything that is inside of it! Because of the ilikecheats.net War Z hack, i have found about 6 sniper rifles! My friends have found more! We all use the hack because we find it more enjoyable to know where everyone is because we don’t want to be killed by a guy on a mountain with a sniper. Before i started using the cheat, i hated the game so much, but ever since i bought the cheat, its basically the only game i play. While you are at it, i would also check out the other game hacks brought to you by ilikecheats.net they offer a hack for almost evrery game out there! Well, boys and girls, Im gonna go play some War Z. Cya in game!

  129. Dorian says:

    I started using ILikeCheats 2 months from ago, around January, 2013.
    I can def say that is the best hack for warZ so far.
    They’re always working on it, they really care about the money we spend on the hack.
    Not much else for me to say, except this is the best WarZ cheat and the best site.
    ILikeCheats is simply the best.

  130. brunoafonso says:

    Safety, comfort, reliability, sense of duty with great customer support at ilikecheats. Better and safer to cheat on war z.

  131. SharpShoot'R says:

    I got WarZabout 3 months ago and was getting killed almost as soon as I spawned. I looked on the WarZ forum and notice people talking about cheats and hacks. I looked around and finally found this website, after reading some user reviews I decided to buy, this is what happened next.

    I was worried about buying but the system isntanly gave me access to the WarZ cheat after I paid. I download it and installed in 2 minutes and then started up Warz. The hack worked perfectly, I could see all zombies, all loot, all players and even jump through walls. THis cheat is amazing and I have also got many friends to buy. Thanks everyone for the great WarZ hack.

  132. Riot says:

    I got The WarZ hack about 5 weeks ago after I figured out everyone else in the game was using them. Some guy killed me and I didn’t even see him, he was nice enough to tell me he got his cheat from ilikecheats. I came here and loked over about 30 reviews and decided to give it a try.

    At this point I’m very upset because now I’m addicted to cheating, I won’t ever be able to play normal again. War is actually fun to play using the cheat because of the aimbot, being able to change the night to day and even the super view where I can see the entire map. I love this game, the hack and this community. Thxs guys!

  133. Scofield says:

    This is the most useful and undetected hack. I just use to know where are the items and avoid players. Never gonna detected or have fairfight messages. Higly recomended.

  134. highskillz says:

    I’ve been using this hack since December 2012, and it’s working great !! Undetected(never banned, never fairfighted), quick patched(in the hour of the game update), and full of features !
    Night2day is quite useful for better zombie and player spotting, the godview is particularly useful in PvP fight to guide your team, as you can see everything from up high !
    Aimbot + no spread + no recoil + no bullet drop = Maximum killing efficiency !!! F*cking insane !!!

    And for the finale : every player of The War Z know about the biggest serial killer of this game, the mountains !!!!!! How many time have been by walking down a mountain ? How many weapons have lost ? Well, with ilikecheats, you can forget about that ! You can run on the mountain, but also you can jump off of building for insane PvP kills !!!!

    I recommend it for all of you !!

  135. Callum Henvey says:

    Does this still work undetected? Cause I’ve not been playing long and I don’t want to get banned? FairFight is banning lots of players recently

  136. jacob says:

    This cheat is fantastic! You can be sneaky with it and only use chams or you can aimbot it up with whatever accuracy you would like! finding guns is easy and killing other hackers is a simple task! I completely recommend this hack! It is cheap and well worth the money with all of the things it comes with

  137. Tonto says:

    Does punkbuster detect this?

  138. Pohbear says:


    Looking to buy hacks for warz, just curious if this is undetectable by PB??

    Is it updated to be undetectable since last patch?

    /Soon to be customer

  139. Dungeon says:

    I recently was reading a WarZ review and decided I wanted to give the game a try. When I first got the game I loved the warz gameplay but I kept getting killed all the time by hackers. So I asked around and nobody would tell me much except that they were using something from here. I’m still not sure if I like WarZ DayZ or another game better but all zombies games are pretty amazing. I started using the REI warz hack but it got detected so I searched for free warz hacks and ended up finding this site and signing up, it was the best choice I ever made as I have all the guns I want, tons of people to play with in groups and I always win a battle now. Thanks for the great cheats guys!

  140. iLikeHacks says:

    I like to use hacks because it makes the game more fun for me. But I have 1 question how long we must waiting for WarZ/Infesation hack release? I wanna buy this hack.

  141. WarZCheater says:

    At first I was afraid to buy the cheat from you guys, then I looked at reviews on your forum and talked to some other people. I’ve had the cheat for a little over a month now and I love it, it makes the game better for sure. Thanks!

  142. OnlyWarZ says:

    This WarZ hack is amazing and the price is right, try it out you won’t be sorry. I’ve been able to kill everyone anytime I see them from far away, I just track them down and aimbot their head.

  143. agdd says:

    his WarZ hack is amazing and the price is right, try it out you won’t be sorry. I’ve been able to kill everyone anytime I see them from far away, I just track them down and aimbot their head.

  144. Moham3d says:

    Nick hack I used for all time and not detected anymore its simple for use and simple for kill, DEV no suspect you and you get all loot of the peoples for you and your inventory global, my inventory global have 120 snipers and 50 FN Scar, buy !!!!!

  145. MSMTZZ says:

    It’s because of this i stoped playing this game, people like you ruin this game

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