WarZ Cheat Table with Exclusive Features

WarZ Cheat Table with Exclusive Features

Our WarZ Cheat Table is the only Hack for the game that allows you to switch night to day in the game at anytime. Other cheat sites don’t have this exclusive feature because their code keeps getting detected. Our coder also just added the first ever auto WarZ no clip feature that allows you to go through any object and get on top of any building. WarZ developers came out with FairFight to try and detect cheats and we came out with UnFairFight to counter act their anti cheat system. People keep asking about ilikecheats and people keep downloading our WarZ cheats because they are simply the best in the world and no other website has better staff to help you, better coders or better features. You’ll find by reading all our user comments and reviews that our WarZ cheat is the best in the world. Stop getting killed every few minutes in WarZ and use our amazing hack and aimbot to take you to the next level and make the game 100X more fun. Simply sign up on our forum to become a VIP and then download our hack. Now check out some of our new WarZ cheat videos and see why we rule the game.

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  1. asmenis says:

    WoW, really great. Awesome with your cham when night comes you can see every zombie or just turn day on. And you can easily pwn other and get their staff. And how they are raging later.

    Thumbs up!

  2. Wittlehaze says:

    I would just like to say that the ilikecheats forum staff and cheat developers are the best out there, giving you the best sets of cheats and customer service at all times. de.bug and his crew is always on the hunt to tighten up the security of his cheat users and he’s always prevailed to give us the top notch features anyone could ask for. The entire community are just friendly, we have regular people that can help you anytime a moderator can’t and what’s better than that? Not to mention that forum is full of lively people that never fails to give you an entertainment, just visit the forum and stroll and have some fun because i know you’ll find a good laugh. If you’re chill and likes to have fun and ofcourse likes to CHEAT, then this is a perfect place for you to be in, with the compilation of cheats that varies from popular games such as Battlefield 3 to games like Crossfire. Ilikecheats is a guaranteed to lift your gaming experiences up! Be sure to get it!

  3. Dorseyvetter123 says:

    The Ilikecheats forum staff, support, and developers are top notch. The cheats function flawlessly for most people, and it takes very little effort to set up. If any problems are encountered, you can definitely count on the administrators, moderators, developers, or tech-savvy community members to help you out and guide you through the problems. On that note, the community and forums are much more friendly and open than other cheating sites, with forum sections dedicated to things other than games and hacks most people will find it a very easy place to hang out in and have fun!

  4. ScullCandy says:

    Heres my little review about this site, the mods, the community, the cheat itself and the coders. Lets start with the mods, they are amazing. No kidding, most of the times you will get an answer to your question within a minute or two, this is not a joke! They will always help you out, which brings me to my next point. The community. Same as the mods they always will try to help you out, when the mods are not there (0.1% of the time) they will help you! There are alot of contributing members who always help. The community is by far the best i know on ANY site! The site is nearly designed as you can probably see yourself, we are one of the only sites that offer more than one or two ways to pay, there is paysafe, paypal and alot more ways for you to get the best cheats in the world. The cheat itself (WarZ) is amazing, while all the other sites have to run around in the dark ilikecheat’s dayhack is still intact and undetected, the aimbot is by far the best and you can eaven take out groups of other cheaters. Now, Buy.

  5. cbgosu says:

    any time i have questions and i post on forums normally you’d walk away take a break come back tomorrow for an answer but not at this site here my questioned was answered after a few seconds. ilike cheats have the most active mods of any forum ive seen for cheat sites ! and the cheats are just too good to pass up backed up by great support makes for good times .

  6. Airborn says:

    Hi @ all,

    i have tested a lot of cheats for warz. Either i get banned or the cheat is always brocken or down. I was on the point of giving up when I found this site. This site and this cheat are so awesome! And the community is the best you can found in the world wide web ;).

    After setting up your subscription you found a lot of tutorials which help you to install and set up your cheat. And if you have a problem a friendly moderator will help you as fast as he can. Also you get instantly informed if there is a unsafe feature. The coder and the mods always try there best to protect us. So im never be afraid to use this Hack!

    The Hack itselfs is very good. It has a very great ingame menu wich help you to configure the hack to your needs. You can save you configuration and load it up again. So you can controll how obvious you play. Also the cheat has a night to day feature. Thats really helpful. Who needs nightvision πŸ˜€
    Also i really like the bird’s eye view! You get a tactical overview and a big advantage in combination with the esp!

    You want to know more?! Then join the greate community and benefit from the best cheat, the fastest support and the best coder!

    You are not committed? Then create a free account and read the many reviews inside!

    I donΒ΄t regret anything!

    Thank you ilikecheats!


  7. Fenyo says:

    Been using the WarZ Hack for a few days now! I can say it is definitely the best out there! I already have tons of gear and my Global Inventory is completely stocked. Ilikecheats has the best staff and developers out there! I am one of many who are glad you guys exist, keep up the good work!

  8. Desmond says:

    The hack works perfectly. It is the best site to hack games. Congratulations to the whole team ilikecheats.

  9. ScaryPirate says:

    This has to be one of thee best places to buy your cheats, I’m telling you their service is amazing, flawless work let me tell you.
    I’ve never seen a better ran website then this one.
    Another thing you want to know is that when you hack WarZ I PROMISE YOU that you’re banrate will drop at least 95% using these hacks, they make you look so legit yet so deadly, I can’t even begin to explain to you because I’ll run out of space and they’ll have to create a whole new website just for me to tell you how amazing they are.
    And the Admins that run this website, man these guys are the BOMB
    especially GirlGamer, she’s just great at keeping up with things.
    None the less, everything else I have to say is enjoy the hack or cheat, which ever you’ll like to call it because it’s going to be one hell of a ride my friend.

  10. LilCheater says:

    I’ve run the ilikecheats.net hack since Christmas now, and although the hack is great, what I am most impressed with is how professionally these guys run their operation.

    More pro than most of the game dev teams you’ll come across. Having had the hack since Christmas, I’ve seen numerous free upgrades and fast patching when the game gets updated. Also they answer any posts I make within hours if not minutes.

    Highly recommend ilikecheats.net

  11. vaultdweller96 says:

    If you want more fun with your game and dominate at it thaen you have to get the ilikecheats Warz hack and join the ilikecheats forum community. ILC is the best hack that you can get at the lowest price. The ILC hack is very well supported with the awsome coder de.bug. There are updates constantly and the hack is the always the first one up when a update for the game hits. Please for your sac get the ilikecheats hack and own at WarZ.

  12. KunucklezZ says:

    This Website makes one of the safest, stable, undetectable hacks I’ve ever used. Once I joined I did not suspect this type of quality to be seen in a websites that makes Hacks but I was proven wrong. The Moderators are Great, they are more than happy to answer any questions you have at practically any time you need it, the community within this site is also amazing and super friendly.

    De.bug the main coder works really hard to guarantee the hacks work with the newest patches Warz throws out.

    The hacks features:
    Amazing Aim-bot with options to configure to your personal liking
    Custom Item’s Esp/chams (Weapons,Gear,Food,Health items)
    Player’s Esp/chams
    Zombie Esp/chams
    Undetectable Daylight/Night changer
    View height modifier
    And MUCH more

    With these hacks you can make yourself look like the most legit Killer in warz and have the opportunity to fill your inventory with full of Weapons and premium gear Just Like me.

    Please come and join us here in the community.

  13. happyfun says:

    I’m a new member since November 12th and I never plan to quit using the site or drop my membership. I mostly like the mods on the Forum, they help me really fast every time when I have a question. πŸ™‚ The Site is like my new Home base, the People here are so Cool and help each other, like I’ve never seen on other sites. Last but not least, the Great Cheats! This Cheat is Awesome, its still Undetected and gives me Ultimate Power in the Game!


    Join us now, and be a part of our great member base!

    You can bring your Friends here and get Free Cheat Time, even the recommended Friend will get free Cheat Time πŸ˜‰

  14. The John says:

    So since you are here, you are definitely looking or at least considering to level the playing field of the War Z.

    – I was the same, I was SO tired of getting shot literally every 10 surviving minutes from a guy shooting me from 500 meter out.

    This is my first time actually going in deep with a cheat, paying money for it and everything, so I was of course, very skeptical about the whole deal.

    However, I was very surprised. I like Cheats are really running a great service, you get acces as soon as you pay and the cheat is just running flawlessly. The staff is open and informs their users on a regular basis, letting you know of downtime of cheats, updates and etc.

    The cheat in game itself, is amazing. I can now actually take out the people aiming and shooting at me from 500 meters out or at least be prepared for them and maybe hide, also the cheat is extremely customizable! I am using various config settings depending on my opponents.

    Overall, I Like Cheats is the first place i decided to buy a cheat from and I am not disappointed at all. Great service & great cheat!
    Take it from someone who was definitely on the brink of quitting the game, now I am enjoying nearly every second in game.

    So if you are looking to level the War Z playing field, I Like Cheats is the place to go!

  15. gab360 says:

    First of all I just want to say that I’m French Canadian so I will try to write this in the best knowledge of my English, so sorry for the grammar errors if there are any! πŸ˜›

    Why choosing this site from the others? Humm…Easy answer for the friendliness of the mods of course, always there for you for any question or any problems you have and response in a very quick time with one of the trust able mods I’ve ever seen so good job guys!!! Don’t forget the man behind all of the code, the master de.bug seriously one of the best coders in the business, always up to date in the quickest time possible its amazing. Well for the end of this I would say THANKS for everybody behind the scene and I’ve tried a couple of cheat sites in my life but ilikecheats is the best by far!! Keep doing a great job guys!!! πŸ˜›

  16. Amadorcon says:

    Are you a newcomer? You sure are because you’re reading this review and you’re thinking about getting this hack or any other hack.

    I have some things to tell you:

    1. This site offers you everything you always wanted:
    1.1. Support any day at any hour, there will be always someone to answer your doubts.
    1.2 Help, Any problem you can have, any problem you can solve thanks to them, which always try to help you.
    1.3 Active Mods, Admin and developers who always moderate, notice you of anything and update the cheat.

    2. Admins and Mods:
    2.1. There are many cheat sites who they just care about money, they don’t really care if you’re caught cheating and they don’t protect their cheats or just don’t moderate the forum. This site is just amazing, Active, Peaceful and Very nice admins/mod who answer every question πŸ™‚

    3. About the hack.
    3.1 This site offers ScreenShot protection, what does this mean? This mean you won’t be caught using cheat if you play smart.
    This mean there’s no way to know you’re cheating except you say or you act raging and using many features you can be banned.
    3.2 Help against Ban: This site, their developers turn off some functions from the hack that might get you caught and banned for your safety, this means they care about their clients and won’t let you alone.
    3.3 Hack Functions: This hack is just amazing, have everything you always wanted, ESP to know where players are, Unlimited stamina, we know you always are late πŸ˜› Nice aimbot and some others functions you will check πŸ˜›

  17. K. Sty says:

    This whole hacks, and cheating thing has been very new to me. I had never used hacks before in games, I always thought that the best way was the legit way. Though now after using De.Bug’s cheat I can honestly say that opinion has changed. I purchased the new WarZ cheat. At first I was scared that I would be banned or that I would get caught. I have since lost this worry as three of my other friends have been using this same hack for nearly a month now. This cheat is GREAT, it allows you do everything you wanted, you will never lose another gunfight. The install of the game was very simple and intuitive. The loader has a great GUI, and is very easy to use. The in game GUI is also fantastic looking and unobtrusive. The hack functions great, the features work as expected and have not failed me yet. Though it’s not only for the hacks that you should buy from here. The staff and moderators are fantastic. They know exactly what they are doing and even give you helpful tips on how to play safe and not get banned. The overall experience has been wonderful and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has troubles with a game or not ;).

  18. ABI7ITY says:

    First of all I want say a huge thank you to De.Bug and the guys!!
    The mods are extremely helpful and unbelievable quick to respond to any question no matter how silly it is.
    The site is extremely easy to navigate with tons of good videos and write ups on the cheats.
    And its not just the mods that are helpful, Ilikecheats.com has managed to grow a really well balanced and helpful community, I enjoy posting and ready all the posts from the others. Some really make me laugh sometimes as the people here have a good sense of humor. You should see some of the sigs lol πŸ˜›

    Then theres the hack, I personally love this hack !!
    Before I found Ilikecheats.com me and a group of friends used a free public cheat, by the way never use them. They work all good and so forth but they do not offer the security that Ilikecheats.com delivers. Out of our group of four guys two of us moved on to the Ilikecheats.com hack and we have not been banned and have had way more fun and better loot than the other two guys who stayed with the free hacks. The poor guys cant even play anymore because of the free hacks. They got banned within a week of eachother.

    So my advice is to buy this hack with no hesitation.
    You wont regret it.
    Imagine hours of fun and entertainment, stalking your prey in the dark (thanks to being able to turn night into day :P), and finding the best loot πŸ™‚

  19. sparkyboy says:

    Hey guys,

    This is the most awesome cheat community I’ve ever seen. It’s got an awesome team that answers your question so fast you don’t have to wait. I bought the hack and got a problem, but i didn’t have to worry, 2 seconds after I posted my problem it was already solved. I really must say I love this team.

    The Hack is genius too, De.Bug really made good work with this hack. The updates are always super fast, and there are always new features nearly every week!! So guys dont do something stupid and buy a hack somewhere else πŸ˜‰


  20. HaxxProxx says:

    When you think cheating, you think of dishonest people. I can affirm peoples worries about using this site, as the community of mods are completely honest and caring. It seems here unlike other cheat sites, they don’t forget you after you buy the cheat. It isn’t about selling the cheat, it’s about making you the customer happy. If you have a issue with the client, the staff here are more than wanting to help you resolve your issue(s) as quickly as they can. They seem to understand that we just want to play–And if their isn’t a staff member on, it’s many times not an issue because the community is eager to assist when possible.

    Aside from the mods, whom are top notch. Another area that ILC seems to excel on is their community. As stated before, the members here are wanting to help each-other out when possible. It isn’t a flame-bait competition here. Once you get away from the users, you are quickly immersed in a forum that is easy to use. However, it’s not the easiest to find where to go for a new user. I believe they could use some direction on navigation (outside of the forum). Also, pricing plans for some games need to be added to make it more convenient (more than a single 30 day plan). These are just minor grievances in an otherwise well put-together site/community.

    Almost forgot to talk about the most important aspect to this review, and it’s the reason we all use it–The cheat itself. From my time here, a update comes and the loader is fixed within 12 hours, no matter the hours that the changes occur. And this is the worst case I’ve experienced (believe it was short of 9 hours dead-time). This just shows how committed De.Bug is to their service. Their goal is to provide a service that doesn’t get you banned. If it does get you banned, they will not risk it. They are not okay with a MAYBE! They check each feature of their cheat to work properly after every game tweak, and that everything stays undetectable. Though it’s important to know, some games detect based on statistics which is your responsibility of the player. You just can’t be overly blatant, and this isn’t the cheats fault at all. Lastly, I just want to touch on that ILC constantly updates their services in the cheat, adding many new features as quickly as they can think it up. Plus, they delete the features that become bannable to protect its members. Along with this, they keep you informed of everything on the forums. Any questions can easily and quickly be answered there by MODS or members.

    Don’t just take my word for it, give it a try. You won’t want to ever go back!

    My review is based on the game War Z (100+ hours).

  21. Samboka says:

    ilikecheats.net is THE best site for all your hacking needs. They’re a wide range of hacks for you to choose from and there are also bundles that come with a better value. The website itself is well designed and easy to use, with tutorials on how to download and to use your hack. Its hassle free and a breeze to use.

    The hack itself is flawless, the amount of effort that the coders put into the hacks that they make is unbelievable. Your able to make suggestions on what u would like to see on the hack itself and the coder will take it under consideration if its safe to use or not. The coder will put his/her hack under rigorous testing to see if its safe or not before even considering releasing it to the public. So I myself can guarantee that if you follow the basic guidelines on how to use and hack responsibly, you will never even have to worry about getting banned.

    The forum that is available to anyone is a fun and entertaining place to be, you could spend hours talking with the members/staff of the ilikecheats.net website. ALL questions will be answered by staff and even most members. I myself and i know others that enjoy spending time in the VIP forums, if you do decide on purchasing the remarkable hack/cheat then i am sure you will understand.

    The hack that i purchased was for the WarZ game, there may be other hacks out there but you will never get the experience from them like you do with ilikecheats.net. Other websites have different standards to what ilikecheats.net do, because ilikecheats.net care enourmasuly about the member of their website. I can say that i am extremely happy with ilikecheats.net and i hope to see you on here sometime.

    Enjoy the link to this video so you yourself can see how much fun it can be. https://www.ilikecheats.net/download-cheats/

  22. Lukedoyle8 says:

    My review on the mods, cheats, people and the site. The mods are very helpful when I post something I get answered within an hour, very cool mods indeed. The cheats are amazing, fasted aimbot in the world and most likely the best cheats in the world with a price that is totally worth it. The people: The ilikecheats community is a very nice bunch of people I haven’t had any trouble with them. The site is AMAZING and the price is low for best cheats. Thanks for reading all!

  23. HeadZ says:

    ilikecheats.net is a superb environment for you to enjoy game hacks.The mods/staff are online 24/7 and are always willing to help in anyway possible.The vips are also a good bunch of people who share the experiences with fellow vips to help them on there way.All in all you cant go wrong here.

  24. SKALA6699 says:

    Hello from Russia! I want to say thanks to the developers. Everything works perfectly and is updated regularly, as well as new features. WarZ is a good game, but I’m always killed and people take away all my things. But for the past two months, as I play with this Cheat I have stored over 300 weapons. Buy this now, you won’t regret it.

  25. Diz says:

    War Z Hacks are great, de bug is a fast and efficient coder and the community support team are fantastic, they respond straight away to you regardless of what you want to ask them whether it be a complete “noob” question or something advanced.

    The value of the hacks is worth every penny, there are other free hacks out there but nowhere near as efficient as ilikecheats.net plus with constant updates and new features being added all the time forget going anywhere else.

    I have been subscribed for two months now and I don’t intend to stop.

    P.S Shoutout to Leon who helped me out when I first got started as I had no idea what I was doing so thanks dude.

  26. Faceles says:

    The WarZ cheats here are THE BEST that I’ve ever tried. I’ve been personally using these mods for a month now and I have not had one problem (except for my bags getting too full, but that’s the point).

    If you are using mods from any other website other than ilikecheats then you run the risk of getting caught with your mods. At ilikecheats they care about their customers and they take care of you and make sure you don’t get banned from your game.

    Top notch cheats for a good price. Keep up the good work ilikecheats we all love you.

  27. Sirhavok says:

    I have been using Ilikecheats for a little over a month now and has to be one of the best hacks I’ve used for a MMO game. The options are exactly what you would want in this type of game. You have different settings for each aspect of the game, I.E. the players, the loot, the dead, and the death markers which is probably the most helpful when it comes to trying to find the people you just killed.

    The site is pretty easy to navigate and easy to sign up and get started with your hacks. Set up time from purchase to playing the game is roughly around 10 min to get started.

    Ilikecheats, has to be one of the most update hacks I’ve seen in gaming in a long time, when the game has an update, the mods and programmers are right there ready to update the hack also. The down time between updates is very minimal, the longest I’ve seen this hack down due to updates was about 15-24 hrs. The ilikecheats team is amazing!


  28. LIL AKA says:

    Im sure this has been asked before but i couldnt find it, i just wanted to know how detectable no clip is?

    i know a few other hacks for warz have taken no clip off of their lists as it apparently really detectable

    great hack and great value keep up the goof work

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