WarZ Hack with Chams

WarZ Hack with Chams

WarZ Hack

De.Bug just added Chams to his WarZ Hack. What are chams? They allow items in the game to glow so you can spot things better. He set it up so the cheat allows you to use three different color sets in WarZ. White is for players, it will make every player in the game glow white so you can always see and kill them first. Red is for zombies, when you see the evil red glow run around them using your unlimited run we prodice you with the WarZ Hack. Finally items glow bright green so they are super easy to spot. Grab yourself a sniper rifle, assault rifle, axe or anything else you want. With our WarZ cheat you can actually explore every town, escape all zombies and stock up on items. Being able to see all players helps you to stay away from the guys wanting to kill you for your items. We also have a nice top down view cheat which allows you to view the map from above. This really helps so you can decide where you want to go next or how a city looks before you enter. Check out the pictures below and sign up now to get instant access.

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  1. rerelindo22 says:

    Nice hacks, Work 100% *-* i love likecheats! β™₯

  2. GeneralBr3tt says:

    I love the chams feature, I ALWAYS USE IT, what chams does is it slows down those laggy, crappy, textures and turns it into a glowing bright, seeable texture, I use it because of my crappy computer, and so I can see them through bushes, slightly through walls, and so I can see them when they waiting to ambush me behind a rock.

  3. Fralexxelarf says:

    This hack is great! I’ve had so much fun with it. It has also saved my life many times and it’s aimbot beat all the other hacks right now, I never die!
    In addition the ilikecheats community is very friendly and the admins host nice events etc. πŸ™‚

  4. ToxiicDream says:

    I like the cheat because it has an fantastic day/night hack. You can configure the hack, that you like it. But the best thing is that you can see the items from 200m far away. That’s iLikeCheats!

  5. Omnius0001 says:

    The chams feature is phenomenal. The ability to see zombies during the pitch black and avoid them is a god-send. Your ability to survive increases 1000 fold. Since the player chams feature works the same way it; makes it easier to target players and engage or avoid them.

    The best thing about the birds eye view is…the birds eye view. Seeing everything in the immediate and extended range is great for plotting your loot route or talking your team onto the objective.

    Great features, great support!

    You would be selling yourself short if you don’t get this!

  6. mrdruid0 says:

    I first downloaded the cheat because everyone else in the game was hacking to no end .

    I was quickly suprised by the diligence of the coder and the forum moderator. The forum moderators responded very quickly to all support requests, and the coder (De.Bug) was recoding the hack within an hour of a new update to WarZ being released.

    Overall, I am very pleased.

  7. sgtzero says:

    Beast hacks! I love using ilikecheats hacks on WarZ! Makes the game more fun! High-five to the hack team and staff. You guys make WarZ an easier place to live in πŸ˜›

  8. TheFlipKid says:

    The chams are amazing! Everything glows and is visible! If you choose to play at night, this is the perfect tool for you. Very good addition! πŸ™‚

  9. cbgosu says:

    chams is really useful at night when you want a clear view of your opponent or zombies helps a ton
    warz made simple & safe been useing it for month now no worries to good and cant pass up for how cheap it is.
    great staff always updates promply when required. always there to answer questions
    and hacks arent hard to use . and give a great advantage over everyone else

  10. revivability says:

    First, I would like to comment on the absolutely perfect staff, they have never given me an ounce of attitude when asking for help. Furthermore, I have never experienced better quality cheats, even ones that are twice the price! Ilikecheats.com is the best in the buisness when it comes to cheating in games, they are second to none.

  11. Joseph1112 says:

    Hack is awesome, in game im unmatched when i get into any fight. Even against other aimbot users. On the site there is excellent support to the few problems i ever have.

    Best use of the small amount of money in a while and GirlGamer is possibly the sexiest person out there.

  12. ShadyLTD says:

    This is the best website for cheats. I’ve always used ilikecheats.net to get hacks.

    I personally used the A.V.A hack and WarZ hack and I haven’t been disappointed yet. They are always on top of patches and you never have to wait longer then 12 hours for a cheat update.

    A+ from me, definitely recommend.

  13. Negro says:

    This cheat is wonderful, safe, easy to use..

  14. Applesaucepasta says:

    This hack is so good, chams has allowed me to win almost every firefight I get into in the woods. It allows me to see exactly where people are and where they are facing before they see me. This hack is perfect is you want to avoid getting owned in the woods.

  15. Venterx says:

    “ilikecheats” War Z cheat is just so AMAZING,its safest cheat i have seen ,never been detected! i have been using it now about 1 month and gonna continue paying for it and using,really cheap for safe and working cheat πŸ™‚ coders are doing great job keeping it updated and undetected.
    I’m not going to say “one of the best warz cheats” bcs it IS THE BEST πŸ™‚
    Thanks again “ilikecheats” !!

  16. GhoulishWolf says:

    The cheats are amazing and so helpful. The staff helps everyone with a question and works to resolve issues all the time. The cheats are cheap and very effective! One of the greatest sites of all time to buy cheats from. You’ll really love the cheat, no doubt about it. It’s a great investment due to the fact, that the staff here, cares about their customers. They make sure you don’t get banned by testing the cheats thoroughly before releasing it to everyone. Having a hot admin running the site doesn’t hurt much either. Much love GirlGamer, much love.

  17. Vurczi says:

    BeSt HaCk! I personally never use the chams, only ESP and it’s a HUGE help everytime! This is a hack that worth to try. If you are looking for a hack to help you survive in the zombie apocalypse (more like PvP) then I highly recommend this one! Just look at the pics above, the glowing is just beautiful.


    About WarZ… it’s a great game (nothing to say*) BUY NOW!

  18. YungClick333 says:

    Greatest hacks you’ll find on the internet for WarZ, I’m not going to speak much on the topic but trust me buy these and they’re very cheap and give you a month for the subscription it’s nothing, especially if you have some extra money laying around. The hack performs greatly in all your needs and you shouldn’t have a problem anymore EVER!

    Makes the game 10 times better, I appreciate both GirlGamer and De.bugs effort and progress with they’re achievements.

  19. boomtnt says:

    This cheat is amazing, so is the staff of ILC. It is easy to use and master with great features. The coder always put safety on top so as long as you play smart, you wont get caught. Cheer!

  20. captaincommando says:

    They are awesome, if the bounding boxes get in the way! Enable chams, and you are set! Can’t believe I never used them before, great work ilikecheats

  21. Dark says:

    One of the most friendly hacks I have ever used. Let alone most customize-able! Keep more then one profile to use as you can save up to 4 preloaded profiles which makes NIGHT vs DAY amazing to toy with! Let alone hackers vs hacker or ONE vs. EVERYONE! Highly recommended!

  22. Steveo says:

    I love this hack, It helps me enjoy the game without the worry of other players catching me off gaurd!!! Thank you for getting this hack up! And hope warZ will grow πŸ™‚

  23. Dark Adonis says:

    I like cheats has been a reliable cheating company for as long as I’ve had it. I was leery to decide which one to go to but I am glad I made the choice for ilikecheats. All your needs or questions are there on the forums and the cheat is undetected, reliable, and has new features frequently!

  24. MD says:

    This cham is really helping me.
    I can see all items, people and zombies easily now.
    thx ilikecheats

  25. happyfun says:

    I can recommend ilikecheats.net to everyone! I was new to this scene because I had never used cheats before, and I was scared of buying. After buying my cheat, I have permanent access to it and it was super easy to install and use. If I had any questions the team helped me as fast as they could.

    Big thx to Ilikecheats.com

  26. SilentNinjaSA says:

    While playing at night time using chams on players, its not only ultimate to see them running through the forest behind the trees but it also looks soo good! This hack works amazingly well even though its not 100% complete yet. I have used the aimbot to kill people quickly and effectivly and have had lots of fun using my Bino’s with the superman view haha, sooo much fun!
    Me as a player using this hack for such a short ammount of time, recommend this because its the cheapest, best hack you’ll find πŸ™‚

  27. ninja says:

    I been playing WarZ since the game came out and I hate dieing so much. With this cheat it is completely reliable and effective way to see where everyone is giving you the advantages you want. Every since I started using the cheat I’ve had so much fun I just can’t stop playing. I’ve found so many items. How? because this cheat allows you to not only see players but all the items around you allowing you to choose what you need. The ilikecheat staff as well as the community is friendly and always there for you if you have any questions. Worry about getting caught using cheats? Not to worry because GamerGirl and her coders take all precautions from being detected before letting anyone use it. She’s so sexy too ;D….

    Join today!

  28. chazanzanzan says:

    I like this hack, it is a huge help everytime.

    WarZ is a big game, I’m addicted.

  29. Faded says:

    I don’t personally use the chams option, although I use it on zombies. The boundary boxes make it simple to show if they are in line of sight or not. Their name tags will turn green when you have LOS on the target, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m doesn’t matter, this cheat’s aimbot will hit your target straight in the face. When you use chams, it’s a bit easier to see what the other player is doing/moving to or even looking at you.

    I have used this hack against other players using other hacks without worry. Ilikecheats aimbot on the War Z hack is accurate and fast. I have never been happier using a cheat on any other game.

  30. darkx22 says:

    i’m always a bit skeptic about anything but everything runs smooth
    it was easy to install and just working im still tinkering with
    the aim bot but everything else looks pretty darn good.
    thank you

  31. guitarmastr7 says:

    Absolutely the best hack i’ve put down money for hands down. I looked at the price and thought “No way this is gonna be worth it..” Totally wrong. The staff are frickin awesome! They really care about the users and make sure you get your money’s worth. Highly recommended! Don’t waste anymore time. GET it. Now.

  32. evan11662 says:

    This hack is incredible. Everything works perfectly, the support is amazing. And the coder is very fast. One of the better cheats I have purchased.

  33. Cloudus562 says:

    Hack is great to use and make your War Z experience a lot funner ! Mods are really nice and helpful, they will actually reply to your forum posts and help you out daily. Some of them will even play with you ! Undetected and safe is the way to you, this hack is highly recommended.

  34. bastiansenf says:

    Its so freakin great. I still hear the noobs cryin i killed (I LIKE) (THUMBS UP)

  35. GMLYRA says:

    PERFECT very fast and accurate all you need in one hack no words can describle this perfection, BUY it now as you will not regret it!

  36. k00tj3 says:

    The Chams is just amazing. Now i can see everything i want. It is the best.
    Just try it out. You guys and girls will love this hack. Besides the chams, everyother function is working at its best, from aimbot to esp. Everything is perfect! Recommend this hack!

  37. powpow says:

    Infinite stamina is wonderful now I’m not dying from zombies anymore ! The aimbot, well you don’t need to aim and you’re sure of getting a frag. You don’t need to go in every rooms, every corner, you see everything at 130m ! WOW

  38. STELLARVORE says:

    Love the hack. Great support, constant updates and new features added regularly. War Z wouldn’t be the same without it!

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