WarZ Hacks & WarZ Hackers

WarZ Hacks & WarZ Hackers

We have the best WarZ hacks in the world and nobody can beat our features. We allow all VIP members to have over 40 features, a community of 20,000 WarZ players and the largest WarZ hackers forum in the entire world. Everyone playing WarZ searches the internet daily for free WarZ hacks. We are the only site offering a undetected WarZ hack that will always keep your account safe if you use our cheat and simply follow our tips & tricks. If your tired of getting killed at long ranges and losing all your weapons simply download now. How do you download? Click here to register, that’s the first step. It takes you about 1 minute and then you simply click here to select the WarZ VIP package. Once your done you can instantly download our WarZ hacks in the new VIP forum that appears. Check out the WarZ hack video below where we show off the aimbot, esp and more.

Warz Hack No Clip

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you when you play WarZ? How about when you find a city and you have to run around for 30 minutes trying to find guns without zombies eating you. Then suddenly on your way of of town zombies get you and kill you and all your weapons are lost. How about when your walking into a city and another player chases and kills you? Well we fix all that with our WarZ no clip. Simply walk up to any building or car, wall, tree, etc and keep pressing forward to walk through it like your a ghost! You can even keep holding down the no clip button inside a building to teleport to the top of it. Check out the images below where I used the no clip to get inside a building with no windows or doors. =)


Warz Hack Night to day

Do you hate running around in the dark with your flashlight only to be scared to death by a zombie or another player? We offer WarZ night to day hack feature allowing you to make it day and keep it daytime at all times. This makes it so you can see all zombies, all players, items and more. Don’t be afraid of the dark ever again, we have the best feature for you. Check out the images below in the same spot where I show off the night to day feature.



Warz Hack Aimbot

Whats the best feeling in the world when playing WarZ? Being able to see all other players at 500+ meters and killing them with our deadly accurate WarZ aimbot. Simply wait until any player turns from red to green and hit one key to lock onto their head and kill them with your bullet. Any player showing red ESP means the player can’t be hit, if they are green your player can hit them with the aimbot. We also show you what weapons a player is holding so you know who to kill to grab 5 – 10 weapons and tons of ammo at once! I posted a few good pictures below showing off this feature.



Click here to register and download right now.


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  1. Singaro says:

    I was always wondering why I got killed by everyone and some guy said everyone had aimbots. I kept asking around and everyone said to look for The WarZ hacks and I did and found ilikecheats. I was worried about buying the cheats here until I looked at the reviews, then I purchased. I’ve had the hacks for 3 months now and I love them.

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