WarZ User Videos

WarZ User Videos

We just added the first ever auto War Z no clip mode, check out the first video for more details. We have a ton of new WarZ cheat videos posted below to show you how we make the game better for you. Each one of these videos were actually produced by VIP members who use the hack daily. Check them out and see which one is your favorite and then join us as a new member where you can instantly download our WarZ Hack and start using it seconds after you join. We have tons of members waiting to help you and chat with you about new and exciting things to do in the game. We just updated The WarZ Hack to make it compatible with the new patch just released. What are you waiting for? Join us now or read real user reviews to help you decide if you should join or not.

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  1. alexdive1 says:

    The video are amazing ! Really and it shows everything that needed to be shown ! Thank you to every one who has made those video, And every one need to know that ILikeCheats is improving and getting better hacks and safe hack every time !! So I am using the hacks for like more than 2 month now and I am really happy with them. You get a lot o loots easier and all ! Aimbot is amazing! They just added Noclip feature and it’s unbelievable and safe at the same time *clap clap* .
    If you don’t buy you are missing something 🙂

    And I want to say firsssstttttt commmmmentttttt !!!!

  2. tupacxTyro says:

    I love the WarZ cheat. The recent addition to it being the no-clip is great. Although it can be a little buggy (And currently does not support First person) it is great to help you get that loot, surprise those players, avoid zombies, or just to fool around with. The cheat has a very low detection rate, I have yet to receive a FairFight warning or ban. Updates are provided frequently by the coder De.Bug who is also very active on the forums to help you solve any problems you may come across. The cheat also provides some unique features such as the ability to set what time of day it is in the game for you, perfect for PvP at night. While other WarZ cheats sites may offer similar cheats, only ILC let’s you truly customs yours to your needs. These custom features include setting how accurate you want your aimbot to shoot, how you want the loot to look on your screen, and many others. Actually so many others I can’t even begin to describe. Check them out for yourself on the forum, what are you waiting for?

  3. engue62 says:

    The warz cheat have changing my life, I’m a french player and I can tell you that the first time that I buy and use the games, I was immediately join! . Quality developement is just perfect, tutorials are simple and precise. I advice you a lot, you can evolve in this world of zombie faster than you think! The ESP will make your life easier! Need to look around, you already saveez where to look! More problems with players not friendly, the aimbot is here to save you! Lots of programs that make it easy for you life on this game via esp the aimbot, no-clip! Since the beginning I raise hugely weapon in my inventory thanks to cheat! Everything a good cheater can dream! Everything a good cheater can dream! I even find this cheat to many of my friends and they are blown away by the quality of the work provided for you, we provide top quality games! This video only shows you half of what you can do!
    See you there!

  4. darkdark3 says:

    I bought ilikecheats in December of 2012, but I repaid to get even more extra time because this hack is the best. All configurations of this hack are tested before launched so your not banned. Aimbot is amazing and fully adjustable, I never die. I kill every enemy and take all their loot. I have many friends that bought too, because I love this hack and told them the WarZ hack is amazing here. Please: If you are choosing one hack, choose iLikeCheats, you won’t lose money and the community is awesome.

  5. hugocm34 says:

    ilikecheats best ever with the best hacks esp’s great shows which weapons until the enemy and this is very good because you know that this guy with a awmagnun and so go and kill him with the optimal aimbot that takes them 600 meters you are almost immortal with these hacks ilikecheats of why I love the ilikecheats

  6. Esanssi says:

    Ilikecheats is the best hack I’ve tested so far (and only one that probably will use) i have been using it for 2 months and i have nothing bad to say, just awesome. it’s good when you can see what people is carrying in weapon slots so you don’t need to waste ammo if he doesn’t have guns, the new noclip feature is amazing and the stack view is really amazing too!!! and the thing i like in ilikecheats the most is that the hack is 3 times cheaper that other same kind of hack brought by any other sites with the same options.

  7. kickbout says:

    I never ever wanted to buy this hack, but then my kind brother decided to pay this hack for me, since it was so cheap. To be frank, i thought it would be really hard to install/stressful to manage this thingy. However it was quite easy, yup very easy aswell. I never expected it to be so small, i honestly expected 10-30min to dl this. When i opened the hack and injected it into the game, I was simply amazed, and suprised. The menu is so easy to manage. Never came into a hack that’s got a good menu as this one. If you have trouble, just hit up on the forum, people are also quite friendly. They’ll help you with the problem your struggling with.

  8. ZizzleRizzle says:

    I just bought the hack for WarZ about a week ago and it is outstanding. Thought it was a scam but i was surely wrong and happily wrong at that. New to pc gaming so i wasnt very good at WarZ now there is no need to worry anymore.

    You can see people WAY before they can see you. They are highlighted by a big box and you cant miss them. I rarely die by zombies anymore due to the fact the are highlighted with the Cham feature and the Awakened Zombie tool, that really helps to know how many zombies are after you. Whats awesome is that i dont really do PvP very much i use this to loot because you can see the loot all over town before you enter it, saves A TON of time. Also found some spawn spots that i didnt even knew existed.

    So either way this hack can be used for PvP or PvE.

  9. SlayerBensen says:

    The best WarZ hack ever.

    no lags fastest aimbot UNDETECTED !!!!

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