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Black Ops Cold War Cheats

The first-ever Black Ops Cold War cheats were released on our website after the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game went live. Our code team already pre-ordered the game, which you can do yourself to get instant access to the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game.

We’re offering access to our hack right now until our slots get full, head over to our forum to sign up, and get access. Rank up fast and win every battle by using our new Black Ops Cold War Hack! The new cheat will work exactly like our Modern Warfare hack.

No other site offers Black Ops Cold War cheats with as many features as ours. Stay undetected at all times with our daily updated hack.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cheats

How does the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cheats work?
We have a few simple steps to follow for the cheat to work for you, it only takes about 5 minutes to get everything set up.

  1. Register on the forum
  2. Purchase the Black Ops Cold War Cheats
  3. Go to the COD VIP forum
  4. Download the cheat and login
  5. Start the game and the cheat works automatically

We have two versions of the cheat for you to purchase; one is the aimbot cheat with every feature included. The other is ESP only to help you see the enemy at all times, but it doesn’t have an aimbot.

After you register on our forum, you purchase the cheat and get instant access to download the Black Ops Cold War hack. Once you configure the hack, you start the game, and the cheat injects for you; you will play as normal.

You’ll be able to see every player even when they try to hide behind objects. Our ESP turns green around the enemy when bullets can hit them.

call of duty black ops cold war hack

black ops cold war hack

call of duty black ops cold war hacks

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– Custom ESP colors
– Custom ESP font
– ESP font shadow
– Custom fade level for players/zombies and objects( items, explosives, vehicles etc )
– Name
– Distance
– Health ( bar or text )
– Bounding Boxes ( 2D, 2D on head, 3D )
– Line
– Dropped Weapons
– Vehicles
– Explosives
– 2D radar
– Ignore friendlies
– Wallhack: Allows you to see players behind walls, vehicles, or on other floors.


– Instant Kill Aimbot Takes the enemy out fast.
– Movement Prediction Bullet hits dead center.
– Frame Compensation Frame rate doesn’t matter.
– Aim Point Shows a point on the PC screen for aiming.
– Auto Switch Change to the next enemy player.
– Human Aim Makes you look like a human and not a bot.
– Visibility Checks Shows when the enemy can be hit.
– Penetration Checks Let’s you know if bullets can go through an object.
– Max Distance Shows you the enemy anytime they can be hit.
– Random Bone Allows the aimbot to change player bone hit ratios.


– No Down Time: Cheats are updated in minutes not days.
– Patched Fast: New patched games are fixed in a few hours.
– Works for All Packs: Every game pack works with our Black Ops Cold War cheat.
– DX12 AA,
– DrawFps,
– Draw Time
– Draw Resolution
– Save/load settings( 5 slots )
– Custom crosshair ( 6 )
– Custom Crosshair colors
– Moveable menu
– Moveable 2D radar
– Custom 2D radar size
– Custom 2D radar fade


– Clean Screenshots: Screenshots can’t show the cheat.
– Clean Videos: Game videos won’t display the cheat.
– Undetected by Steam: Steam Guard undetected.
– Undetected by Anti-Cheat: The only Black Ops Cold War cheat that’s undetected!

No other website in the world offers undetected Black Ops Cold War Hacks, sign up with ILC now and win every round, let us show you how to enjoy the game!

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Black Ops Cold War Cheats Ban

We take every precaution to make sure you don’t get banned using our cheat. We highly suggest you don’t use your master COD account to play with cheats. We also suggest you purchase our HWID spoofer and change your computer hardware signatures before using cheats. These added steps will keep you safe and protect you better from the developers looking for you and other cheaters. Our current ban rate is 0% with the alpha and beta. Our code team updates Cold War Cheats daily and we use a triple protection method to keep you and your account safe in Black Ops Cold War.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Hack

The primary issue with all Call of Duty games, including Black Ops Cold War, is the number of cheaters. Cheating in COD games has been around for years on every version of the game.

The console systems like Xbox One and PS4 have cheats using a device called the Xim Apex. PC players have access to aimbots, ESP, and fully featured cheats that can’t be detected.

So if you don’t use cheats and notice people killing you all the time out of nowhere, they are probably using our Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War cheats.

black ops cold war aimbot

The new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the re-imagination of the CoD shooter series. The 19th game of this shooter series and a much-awaited sequence after the success of the previous CoD series. The PC game users will indeed like this new series with its unique and advanced features that make it easier for the shooter to target their enemies no matter how prudently they hide. The new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game is the reset of the initial stage basic storyline that adds features that make this series much exciting and full of thrills. This MW series is based on real-time, more advanced environments with modern military equipment and settings. For example, the user will surely enjoy the newly added feature of a cross-platform multiplayer that excites and thrills the gamers.

What are COD cheats?

If you are a fan of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War games, then you must use cheats as it makes your gaming experience much smoother and full of fun, ensuring that you cross all levels flawlessly reaching the highest target for ultimate wining. Cheats direct your appropriate direction, and by following them enormously, you can ensure that you won’t get banned. These undetected cheats make your target enemies more visible no matter how far they stand or hide. Irrespective of the platform you use, you can enjoy this cheat feature. You can easily avail of several cheats in the market that update themselves immediately following the new CoD series’s arrival. The best thing about the cheat is that with every update, it comes with original add on features that remain ready to fight with every new kind of obstacle that comes in your way.

How the cheats help the gamer? 

Using cheats in this new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game makes your gaming experience more full of fun as you can see every player including friendlier and opponents on the map every time. This game is played by millions of players worldwide, which turns more fun full when played with cheats as it offers several game hacks that aid the gamer to compete and stand at a good rank in this vast competition with much fast rate crossing all the levels and barriers. You can target your enemy easily and shoot them instantly with new hacks.

CoD Cheats Features and Benefits for PC Users

The CoD cheats for the Black Ops Cold War game are loaded with advanced hacks and features that make your PC gaming experience a more exciting one. Its ESP helps the gamer spot the opponent’s equipment quickly, and the best part about these hacks is that it works on all types of games. You can get two types of online cheats out of them one include only ESP and the second one with full Aimbot. So based on your features preferences, you can select any of these cheats discussed below.

ESP Features

  • You can customize fonts
  • You get shadowed fonts
  • You can customize colors
  • You get custom fading distance
  • You get distance details
  • You get name
  • You get the bounding box
  • You get an accurate line
  • You get headdot
  • You get vehicles
  • You get explosives and dropped weapons
  • You get 2D radar

Miscellaneous (Additional features)

  • Moveable 2D radar
  • Moveable menu
  • Draw time
  • Draw fps
  • Draw resolution
  • Dx 12 anti-aliasing
  • 4 save or load slots
  • Custom crosshair colors
  • Crosshair (6)

Aimbot Features

  • You can set up a key
  • You can press the key down
  • You can lock on the enemy
  • You can shoot your targeted enemy in milliseconds
  • It works on PS4 and Xbox One
  • It uses coding and mouse or keyboard inputs
  • It keeps you undetected from the eyes of your enemy

Why Choose CoD Cheats?

The foremost reason behind choosing CoD cheats for you is that it protects you from getting banned, which no PC game lover wants. The particular cheat hacks always keep its user undetected in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and other MP maps. Also, you every time get updated COD cheats and the release of new CoD season or patch to keep you healthy against the unique challenges that come with every new series of CoD. You can easily see and target every other player in the warzone with ESP’s help and the feature of multi-colored wallhack. In case any player is not in a hittable position, it is marked up in red, whereas when they come into the hittable state, they turned in to the green.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Hacks for PS4

If you want to use Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War cheats on the PS4, you need to first purchase the Xim Apex. This is because the Xim Apex works suitably with a cell phone, keyboard, and mouse for easy script input. The cheat helps you to snap on the targets and shoot them. 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Hacks for Xbox One 

Just like the PS4 the, Aimbot cheat would not work in the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game on the Xbox One in the absence of Xim Apex. It helps the gamer snap the enemy quickly and shoot them faster with features like super jump, quickly running, and lots more. To work with this device, you require a gaming mouse and keyboard. Both mouse and keyboard are plugged directly into the Xim Apex device. Once you get done with the initial setting, you are ready to download cheats on your mobile phone and then transfer them to the Xim Apex. As the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is a multiplayer game, so for a better playing experience, you need cheats that help you play well, and most importantly, it ensures risk-free playing by eliminating the fear of getting banned with the right moves.

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7 reviews for Black Ops Cold War Cheats | Hacks Evil ESP Wallhack Aimbot 2022

  1. Steve

    I tried this cheat and it worked amazingly well. I love the aimbot and how smooth it is in-game. Good times!!

  2. GLordG

    The ESP shows me all players on the map and that’s all I need. Thanks for the great product.

  3. r3mz

    I love cheating on Cold War this aimbot is amazing!

  4. FuuTang

    I love this cheat thanks for it.
    Everyone should hack.
    I’ll come back for the full game as well.

  5. BenD

    The aimbot is deadly freaking accurate. Loved having access to this in the beta, I couldn’t find anyone else that released one.

  6. lance

    Worked awesome for me, I’m sad the beta ended today.

  7. FrankOffer

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for buying this cheat!

    • Christy M

      People love the cheats and they make the game more fun!

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