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The Division 2 Hacks

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– Auto switch
– Auto Bot
– NoRecoil
– InstantKill
– NoSpread
– Aimkey
– VIS Checks
– BoneAim
– AutoAim
– Full 360 FOV
– Smooth Aiming
– Ping Correction
– FPS Correction
– Bullet Drop Correction
– Bullet Speed Correction
– Stick to Target
– Lock On Warning System
– Max Distance
NOTE: Aimbot will NOT kill friends (team)


– In Game Mouse Driven Menu
– Game FPS
– Bullet ESP with fade
– Game Resolution
– Rogue Status
– Skeleton ESP
– Full Warning
– Agents Only
– Ignore Civilians
– Max Range
– Health Bars
– Traceline
– Line Size
– Name
– Distance
– 2D line
– Head dot
– Misc items
– Bounding boxes
– 2D radar
– custom colours( a,r,g,b )


– Show FPS
– Show resolution
– show time
– Agent Visible Color
– Agent Invisible Color
– Hostile Visible Color
– Hostile Invisible Color
– Civilian Visible Color
– Civilian Invisible Color
– Crosshair
– Save Settings
– Load Settings


– Save/load four different settings
– Full mouse controlled menu


– Player Boxes
– Custom Health Bar
– Configurable for Team and Enemy


– Configurable Color
– Configurable Size
– Configurable Structure

Profile System

– Save Settings
– Load Settings
– Delete Settings
– Auto-Load Settings


– Clean Screenshots
– Clean Videos
– Undetected by FF
– Division Anti-Cheat Undetected

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The Division 2 Game Review
When an unreleased game winds up on the ëmost wantedí list of critics and players alike, two inevitable things are bound to happen. Firstly, the expectations from it soar to the sky, and secondly comparisons are made weighing the game against established titles (which in my opinion is rank folly but thatís just my take on things).

This is exactly what transpired at last yearís prestigious E3 event, where Ubisoft gave the gaming world a tantalizing glimpse of its online open-world third-person shooter role-playing survival game titled ëThe Division 2.

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Comparisons were made analyzing its open world and third-person shooter elements to some industry heavyweights (I wonít specifically mention the names but yíall know which ones they ought to be) with some critics even claiming that brief snippet of the gameplay was underwhelming. Based on yet another piece from Tom Clancy, The Division 2 is still in the beta testing phase, which means this is just a draft copy sort of speaks. The developers still have a lot of wiggle room to make adjustments and amendments based on the feedback theyíd definitely receive from gamers who have thoroughly indulged in the beta testing.
Hereís my take on what I thought The Division 2 beta was like.

First off, the question that immediately popped up in my mind was a game having so many different flavors? The developers would certainly have their hands full with keeping everything well blended and cohesive. Ubisoft and its associates in development Red Strom Entertainment deserve kudos for doing exactly that.

The beta looks impressive but certainly not immune to some hiccups along the way, but thatís for a later part in this review. Letís kick things off by scrutinizing the plot of the game.

The plot of the game puts players smack in the middle of a severe crisis in the big apple. The United States governmental infrastructure has collapsed following a smallpox pandemic which has been purposely spread using banknotes.


Naturally, with the government gone all hell has broken loose with basic amenities such as food and water being unavailable for masses. The players will be part of the ìThe Division 2 a sleeper cell of agents who have been endowed exclusive rights by the big kahuna in the white house himself. The purpose of The Division 2 is to do anything and everything in their power to counter the threats and restore order to society.

The Division 2 will be aided in their heroic and messiah-like endeavors by the remnants of government departments like the fire department, police, rescue workers and New Yorkís own Joint Task Force. Of course, there are sinister and malevolent forces at work against The Division 2 as well.

These include prisoners that have made a break in the ensuing chaos, bandits, a rogue military unit whose motto is ëshoot first ask questions later. A group of former sanitation workers who have a severe case of OCD when it comes to purging the disease from the city. Needless to say, the methods being employed by the cleaners are not exactly ethical and their moral compass isnít exactly pointing to the south.


Amongst all this chaos and anarchy, the players will have their hands full rescuing the city, bringing order, eliminate the virus as well as contend with the unknown force which unleashed this plague in the first place.

Sounds interesting yet? Read on me, bucko! From the very first scene when players will wake up from being unconscious abroad a chopper accompanied by a buddy (who has pretty beaten up himself poor soul), the game is a thrill-filled wet dream of an adrenaline junkie (pardon the language). But, I will stop my exposition of the plot here, as any further elaboration would definitely amount to doling out spoilers and I certainly donít want to ruin it for everybody. So letís proceed to the gameplay section post haste!

The city of New York is a wild, extremely dangerous and chaotic place, so definitely, players would need a hefty arsenal for their protection. Being a third-person shooter, the staple combination of carrying three weapons is applicable here too. Players can move a primary, secondary, and sidearm.


In addition to these, an assortment of other accessories like sticky bombs, grenades, and smart mines are also available. The controls are fluid/ responsive and the developers have given players plenty of room to try them out before shoving them off to the proverbial deep end of the pool. Players will be stationed initially at what appears to be an army encampment.

It becomes replete with purveyors that have everything from ammo to character mods and weapons for sale. Thereís a notice board for missions plus players will be kept updated of their surroundings by situation reports.

In addition to the graphics (which we shall discuss later on), another triumphant and extremely enjoyable factor of The Division 2 is the way the environment responds to the damage done.

All praises for the developers on incorporating extremely lifelike visuals and sound effects, which come into play as you fire a gun, or the way chunks fly from a concrete wall under a hail of gunfire. The amount of realism that has been rendered on screen is clearly indicative of the meticulous attention and labor that has gone into crafting this game.


Character Customization
Character customization feels a bit shallow, but itís quite understandable, as it is only the beta version. There are some settings to be tinkered with, which determine the looks of your onscreen avatar, but these are not very comprehensive.

When players are satisfied with a look, they are prompted to finalize it, and it appears throughout the beta. I sincerely hope that Ubisoft throws in more customization options because my onscreen avatar turned out to be more of a detached hermit-ish person than a badass division agent I was hoping it to be.

Establishing the Base and other Chores
The military encampment although functional in the aspects described above still needs some elbow grease to get it in tip-top condition. Players will be tasked with getting three crucial wings (very relevant to the situation) up and running. These arms include:

a) Medical Wing
b) Tech Wing
c) Security Wing


Each of these wings also needs a key figure to make them operational. The medical wing would require the services of a virologist, the tech wing would need an ex-military man with the infrastructural know-how of the city, and lastly, the security wing would require the head of New Yorkís JTF. These personalities, once found, will make missions and side quests available. Also, all the future missions will be oriented in the same category as these wings.

Typically, expectations are low for a new IP, and Ubisoft did its best to show why The Division was going to be impressive. Then, instead of keeping the game looking as amazing as its debut, it quietly under impressed until its wildly remarkable release. Ubisoft was also brilliant in releasing the first title when Destiny had nothing else going on for it. The content lull of Destiny brought an influx of players desperate for a looter shooter game with substance.

Even though the campaign for The Division had its ups and downs with not-so-exciting filler content, it was still leagues above its rivals. The Division put together a surprising run that no doubt saw its sequel release, The Division 2, but did the second title live up to the original? Is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 worth it? When you use our game hacks it makes TD2 worth every minute.

RPG Elements
There are no predefined character classes as such. Ubisoft wants you to mold your character to suit whatever gaming style you prefer. This naturally translates to the remarkable flexibility of being able to manipulate charactersí stats and perks on the go.

There are weapons of varying levels and stats to be collected, body armor to be dawned, teammates to be healed and awesome gadgets to be tinkered with and perfected.

Remember the purveyors selling mods we mentioned earlier? Well, the mods can be applied to weapons to make them more lethal, more accurate and even skills can be learned by actually using higher-level weapons with more deadly precision.

Even the weapon stats can be altered and tweaked during missions; thatís the amount of flexibility the game provides and which really appealed to me. Most games only permit such changes to take place before initiation of a mission but itís an entirely different ball game here.


Outstanding real-life-like graphics have become a hallmark of Ubisoft. The Division 2 is no different in this respect. The developers have expertly captured and portrayed the state of New York in the chaos.

Thereís an eerie feeling when you encounter correctly rendered landmarks of the big apple, which have seen better days. Thereís chaos everywhere, thereíre piles of garbage, abandoned homes and vehicles, and the omnipresent danger of running into enemy forces.
This is well complemented by a dynamic weather system that accurately and quite beautifully controls the ambiance. Thereís always a feeling of uneasiness, as players would leave the confines of the encampment and head out to the city. The game really shines here creating a sense of being on edge and apprehension.

Dark Zones
Dark Zones are walled up parts of the city that once contained the government buildings. In their haste to evacuate, the Government employees have left a treasure trove of weapons, mods, and other goodies there, which are waiting to be collected.


But beware! The dark zones are deadly and grim situations, where you might encounter high-level enemies. The rewards of traversing dark areas are great, but so is the risk involved. Proceed at your own peril (or when you are significantly leveled up).

Now, let’s scrutinize briefly the pros and cons of the game. The cons first:

With a competition of this magnitude and awesomeness, I was hard-pressed to find any flaws. I did find certain aspects which werenít to my liking (feel free to disagree), so I am jotting them down here. These donít necessarily qualify as immersion-breaking or game-changing cons though.

1) The beta is pretty devoid of enemies and the enemy variety and can be classified as mundane. Even the Dark Zones shouldíve had a more challenging and well-stocked barrage of foes to slay, but again being a draft copy we shall let it slide.
2) The cover system can be tweaked further to make it more responsive and a bit more reactive.
Thatís it for the cons I am afraid! Letís jump straight to first impressions, as a verdict wonít be relevant here.

First Impressions
Remember, the expectations soaring to the skies part mentioned earlier? Well, I can confidently say that this brief beta copy has thoroughly fulfilled that. The Devils (lovingly called of course) kept me and other gamers waiting for a whole year (ok a few months short of a year), but the wait was really worth it.

The game has absolutely everything going in its favor so far. Broad, expansive, and very accurately detailed rendition of the New York City undergoing a catastrophe! Excellent gameplay, which feels quite meaty in all respects, Dark Zone was a particular delight, as I relished in shooting down NPCís and making off with their loot (morbid side satisfied).

Oh, did I mention the multiplayer? Oops, my bad! The multiplayer is incredibly fun, which can be indulged in quite addictively with a bunch of pals at your side. Be sure to balance things out at your party by selecting and bestowing members with different abilities. I am going to go out on a limb here, and assume (based on the popularity of the game) that PvP will be a high fun too, as it becomes densely populated soon.

If multiplayer is not your thing (as you are an introvert!), then fret not, as thereís plenty of content in the single-player campaigns too. The thing that really sets The Division 2 apart from other games or should I say its predecessors is that (or at least the demo is), itís devoid of the annoying loading screens.

The Division 2 starts where its predecessor ended, not skipping a beat. However, there were some noticeable gameplay improvements off the bat. The apparent change is the focus more on the single-player aspect of the game compared. The first game didn’t feel very fulfilling as far as solo play was concerned. However, if you did want to jump into a matchmaking game with other players, it’s not as convoluted as the first game regardless of whether you’re playing with random Agents or friends.

If you were hoping to have enemies soak up bullets with no regard for their own lives, you’d be upset at The Division 2. You’d be confused because the artificial intelligence in the game is surprisingly competent. The AI has a bit more intelligence in combat, making the combat in the game somewhat enjoyable. No more running and gunning as there has to be some semblance of a strategy employed now.

As a player, you are free to roam the length and breadth of the world without having to run into an area that prompts the dreaded loading screen. The transition from regular areas to Dark Zone is seamless, and you can even stare into other cordoned off areas through railings.

All in all, The Division 2 seems set to raise the bar high for upcoming titles. I can hardly wait for the grown-up version of the game to hit the shelves in the latter half of this year. Fingers crossed in anticipation.

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