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ilikecheats Rules and Regulations

1.1 is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for 18 year olds and older. Everything must be aimed at this age and older. Explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, porn and so forth is not allowed.

1.2 Do not mini-mod, We would like to encourage and thank our members to use the Report button, without adding their own criticism. Examples of this include – “Lock this thread,warn this user, ban this user”…etc

1.3 All publicly displayed messages are only limited to English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles and other forms of public display unless posted in the Foreign Language Section or told otherwise by an admin/moderator.

1.4 When posting a new topic; please don’t put the topic title as something such as “HELP ME” – Instead, a better topic would be “Help me with BF2” – It looks better, and more people will respond to it that way.

1.5 Maximum number of characters for signatures must not exceed 2200, Contain any explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, or porn. Avatars must not exceed 150×150 Pixels, or 92000 bytes.

1.6 Do not create a new thread on a topic that is currently already in discussion. Regardless of if you “feel” you deserve to have your own thread, the existing thread should be used unless a Admin or Mod instructs otherwise

1.7 The Staff reserve the right to lock and or delete any posts or threads which they deem irrelevant or frivolous at their own discretion.

1.8 Please use the SEARCH feature of the forums before posting threads that relate errors, problems, questions, and almost ANYTHING. Chances are someone has already asked the question and received an answer. Please search before starting a new thread.

2.1 Advertising, posting or private messaging (PM) links to products offered by our competitors or anything non-related to is not allowed. You will be banned for this. This includes promoting other software and other websites.

2.2 We do not tolerate spam. In short, do not post small or useless posts that are not relevant.

2.3 Do not send private messages (PM’s) to other users promoting your software, websites, or any other site or product.

2.4 Do not PM a moderator or admin numerous times saying the same thing to try and speed up an answer/problem. We receive the PM’s you get, there is no need to keep sending it.

3.1 Do not post or PM anything offensive, abusive, obscene, hateful, discriminating or harmful.

3.2 Follow basic netiquette rules. For example, DO NOT ever type in ALL CAPS. This applies to both topic titles and the post messages, as this is considered yelling.

3.3 After 2 Warnings – All warnings become permanent. This is to keep troublemakers from not getting the ‘penalty’ for their actions.

3.4 All warnings/bans given by Staff are final. Staff reserves the right to ignore any requests to modify a warning/ban.

4.1 Use descriptive subject lines & research your post. This reduces the chances of double-posting and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do or don’t want to read.

4.2 Do not PM any staff member repeadly for a “faster response”, or for every little ‘bump in the road’ you may encounter.

4.3 Keep the focus. Each forum has a focus on a certain topic. Questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved to the appropriate forum, closed, or simply be deleted. Please post your topic in the most appropriate forum. Users that keep doing this will be warned, then banned.

4.4 Please post in the correct forum. Your post will be deleted if it is in the inappropriate forum

4.5 DO NOT bump your topics, this causes unnecessary clutter to topics.

4.6 If you post saying one-line such as ‘lol’, ‘+1′, etc…it’s classified as SPAM and will be removed. Multiple offenses can result in: -All offender’ posts will require moderator approval, -Loss of posting rights.

4.7 Do NOT report your OWN post for any reason.

5.1 Public discussions of Staff actions are not allowed on the forum. It is also prohibited to protest an Staffs actions in titles, avatars, and signatures. If you don’t like something that a member of the Staff did, you DO NOT discuss this in the forums, you PM or email the Staff member and try your best to resolve the problem or difference in a private manner.

6.1 If you have a complaint about another member, problems with other members, etc. please try to resolve by PMing, if necessary, address an admin/moderator by Reporting their post..

6.2 If you believe an individual is repeatedly breaking the rules, please report to one of Administrators. Repeat offenders will be banned from the forum, and further action may be taken against them.

7.1 VIPs always have priority over banned members, because banned members got banned for a reason. It’s their own fault.

7.2 Banned Members will be blocked from all IM services and e-mail(s) will be ignored by staff until the ban is lifted.

7.3 Banned members may not make purchases while banned.

7.4 Staff are not required to update the banned user regarding news, or the latest hacks.

8.1 We DO NOT allow members to sell, trade, give away, swap or exchange their accounts/subscriptions. If we become aware that this has happened then the new and original account holders will both be permanently banned from the website.

8.2 It is down to the individual member to make sure that his/her ‘auto renewing’ subscription is cancelled correctly in their individual paypal accounts when they no longer wish to subscribe. We have no access to any paypal account of our members and, therefore, cannot cancel on their behalf. Please note that we DO NOT give refunds.

8.3 Any member that files a paypal dispute against their payment to us will be permanently banned from both the site and the hack loader.

Edit or removal of post

The locking or deletion of the thread

24hour ban per offense

Edit of signature or avatar if in violation of rules

Increase of the Warning Level

All posts will require moderator approval

Removal of offender’s posting rights

Suspension of the offender’s user account

Ban/Deletion of the offender’s user account

IP Ban of the offender’s user account

Other punishments felt necessary by the Admins.



Date Format – DD/MM/YY

09/19/10 [hacker98] – Added Rule 8.3 on paypal disputes.

16/11/09 [hacker98] – Added Section 8 (Your Account) including Rule 8.1 & 8.2.

12/06/09 [hacker98] – Updated section 5 to read “ Staff” to include Section moderators and coders in this description.

02/05/09 [BF2142leet] – Updated the site RULES to show the site is ok for users 18 or older.

24/04/09 [Hacker98] – Added section 1.7 and moved the previous 1.7 to 1.8.

Also added The locking or deletion of the thread in the punishments.

23/03/09 [NE0] – Added section 1.6 and 1.8

04/06/08 [Recon92] – Added section 4.6

02/05/08 [Recon92] – Added section 1.4

05/02/08 [Recon92] – Updated section 4.5

21/06/08 [Dingdong555] – Added section 4.7

27/06/08 [Dingdong555] – Updated section 1.2

02/07/08 [Recon92] – Added punishment

07/16/08 [Dingdong555] – Added section 2.4

07/19/08 [Recon92] – Added section 3.3

07/23/08 [Recon92] – Added section 3.4

07/27/08 [Recon92] – Added section 7

Once you register and join as a VIP member on the site you can find all the VIP cheat forums by clicking below.

De.Bug VIP Forums

Black Ops 2 VIP Forums

Trinitron VIP Forums

Your subscription has expired, purchasing another month will solve this problem. Remember that our subscriptions run 30 days.


We do not support console systems like Playstation, Xbox 360, Etc.

You can see all the cheats we offer on our cheat page, any new cheat will be posted as soon as we have it online.

Click here for our cheat page.

In order to become a member you have to REGISTER first. Click here to register.

Now make sure you login with the user name and password you just made – Click here to login.

Once you register and login you can purchase the cheat package you want to buy – Click here to purchase now.

View all the cheat we offer by clicking here.

Go to the VIP download section and download your cheat loader, make sure you read all instructions listed on the page – Download your cheat loader now.

TAGS: download my cheats, download my hacks, download the loader, where can I download


It only takes about 3 minutes to setup and use your cheat once you become a VIP member. We have full directions in the forum and our mods and members will help you if you have any problems. Here is how the entire process works.

1) Register on the forums
2) Subscribe to the cheat you want
3) Select your VIP download forum
4) Download your loader for the cheat
5) Login using your forum name
6) Start the game!

Once you register and join as a VIP member on the site you can find all the VIP cheat forums by clicking below.

De.Bug VIP Forums
Black Ops 2 VIP Forums
Trinitron VIP Forums


We follow a few guidelines to help get your cheat working, if all else fails we will issue you a refund. These are the steps we take.
1) Give you instant access to download cheats after you purchase a VIP package.
2) If you can’t get your cheat setup you ask for help in our private VIP forum.
3) Our mods and members will attempt to help you fix any issues.
4) If you still can’t get your cheat loader working one of our mods will TeamView you and attempt to fix the issue.

Once we have tried all these different options we will give you a refund if we still can’t help you get your cheat working. We currently only have about 1% of our member base that has an issue running the cheat due to their PC setup or operating system.


If the cheat is offline from a ban we will give you extra time on your subscription while we recode the cheat. In other words you never lose any of your VIP time. Actually if the cheat is down for just a few hours we will give you a 24 hour (free day) so your actually getting more cheat time added.

No, we currently have about 3% of our member base reporting bans for the year.

If your banned we do NOT give refunds but we do link you to off site discount shops where you can buy new keys for lower prices. Currently we have about a 3% detection rate for all users and bans reported on the website. Other cheat sites have a 75% detection rate or even higher. We do have a 100% no refund policy for anyone using our cheats or downloading our loader, this policy is posted all over our website and on the sales page.

There is no website in the world that has 100% undetected cheats, so yes you can get banned, that’s the risk you take when using cheats. The only way to have a 100% undetected cheat is to code a cheat yourself with all your own code and never release it to anyone else.

Any cheats released to the public in free forums or VIP forums can be detected, anyone telling you any different is not telling you the truth. In order to make a 100% undetected cheat you have to have code that anti cheat companies can’t get. Meaning you may have to code cheats yourself.


You can view the entire staff by looking at our staff page here – ilikecheats Staff Page

Contact us using our Contact Page click here.

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    Can i use rust hack on private server

    if i can how?

    run private rush.exe like a run rush on steam?

  2. mitch says:

    I currently have the rust hacks. When will duping be added? Or if ITs available, how do i do it

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